A burn bell with a deep ring that lasts longer

Is there a burn bell with a deep ring instead of a high pitch ring?

an example would be the first few seconds of this video

Are you talking about my Burn Bell script? If you find a suitable mp3 I can add it to the script

I was wondering how long WaniKani had had bells…


Do you really want to hear this solemn sound for all 9060 items?
I hope (for your coworkers) that you are not doing wanikani at work :wink:

Wtf…wtf…wtf…?..wtf… … … .

don’t worry about it my friends
I have figured out how to change the bell burn myself with my little knowledge of looking at the code and reading where it says bell burn sound and replacing the code with my own base 64 code of audio
I changed it to a typical video game burn sound
the reason is that I have tinnitus so I am very sensitive to high pitch noises
this will be a good upgrade for me

I used the last burn in this audio for my personal bell burn