A bit upset with Memrise

I didn’t figure out where to do it on the web, but I could do it on the iOS app with that Genki course you linked. On the web I can type in my answer above the kana “keyboard” option they give but I don’t see how/where I turned that on. On the app there’s a small keyboard icon on the upper right next to the points for your session. Clicking that had me on my English keyboard at first, but then I just switched to the Japanese one and it allows typing in the answers rather than choosing from their preset hiragana choices.

Here’s what I get after I tap that keyboard next to the points at the top and switch to the Japanese keyboard on my phone during a lesson:

Also, I think you can customize how many words you get in a batch if you go into your profile, hit the gear, then choose learning and sound settings. If that was the issue with seeing too many items at once anyway. You can choose how many words per learning session and how many per review session there.


That’s not actually true. The mobile app you can use your own phone’s keyboard as well as the kana they provide. And the website version also provides a small selection of kana. So you can do both with either mobile or the website.

The biggest thing that annoys me with Memrise is that it won’t show you the English translation for sentence reviews on the website, only mobile. But on mobile the way they have you learn words is ridiculous. They break it down into like 3 different sessions just to learn one word. But on the website it just takes one session.

So my routine has become: Use the website version to learn words\sentences, use mobile for sentence reviews. So inefficient.

Well, you’ll note the IIRC, this was from several years ago, and I was so turned off by the app I never went back.

If they made it possible, or at least made it clear that that is something you can do, then that’s a step in the right direction.

But I will still say that, with the site, even as of several months ago when I was using Memrise on the site a lot, I got no “small selection of kana” items.

Generally, I don’t use Memrise at all anymore, I just popped in to check this since I remembered being able to type things. On the site, right now in this Genki I course, this is what I see for options to type or choose this small selection of hiragana:

That was in the listening quiz. I turned off listening quiz, hit the “More” option under the course and selected classic review:

I would hope there would be a way to turn that off for folks that don’t want it, I don’t remember it like this before either, but I popped into a Core 1000 course real quick too and it had this same thing and I couldn’t find a setting in my profile that would do this in the web version. (I’ll admit I didn’t look too hard though, it’s bedtime for me.)

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I have a Complete Genki Vocabulary Anki deck I put together a while back if you would like to give that a try.


I recently also placed an updated version @ Kitsun.io you may find interesting. The site is in beta at the moment, but it is already proving to be a nice alternative to Anki.

Below is a sample of a card from my Kitsun.io Genki deck.


Hopefully you find it useful!


That’s cool!

Is this your own website? If so, I just registered with the same username I use here (InternetsTad).

Can you shoot me an invite?

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Nope, it was created by @neicul very recently! Accounts are being activated in waves every week at the moment, I believe.

@hinekidori is just addicted to creating decks for it :wink:


So the Anki version is no longer receiving updates, is that right? I’ve been signed up for Kitsun.io but I’m simply not in a position to do nothing until an invite might appear. The Genki deck is certainly very robust in terms of content, and clearly shows a lot of love and care in its construction. I’ve been working on tweaking the presentation/styles to suit personal preferences. In particular, I’m looking to get a well behaved input editor since the 2.6 version doesn’t handle shifting the caret (or insertion point) around. Was also keen on moving the JS dependencies into separate files which appears to be a thing based on WK Anki Demo.

Maybe I’ll have to import the Genki cards into that deck to inherit the style et al from there as a starting point.

I’ve pretty much converted to Kitsun.io, so yes my Anki updates will no longer be happening for the foreseeable future. But if you have any questions, I will answer what I can.

In regards to the JS dependencies you load your scripts into the media folder and source them from there. It’s pretty nice and cleans up the code within the card a lot. Especially since I was using a CSS animation library for my cards and the WanaKana script for Japanese input. Having both those loaded into every card was really inefficient.

I also used the following Anki Addon.


Much appreciated. I got the sense from skimming the forums here and Anki plug-ins that JS Boost might help. Nice to have actual confirmation there.

I pulled this from the modified version: G-AnkiWKmod So I understand it may be different from the primary version you authored.

document.getElementById('typeans').addEventListener("keyup", parseRep);

var corr = document.getElementById('correctAnswer');
str = corr.innerHTML;
var correctParse = str.replace(/\s|\-|\~|\~/g, '');
var correctAnswer = correctParse;

var kanjisr = document.getElementById('kanjise');
var kanjise = kanjisr.innerHTML;

var replacement = kanjise;

var getalt = document.getElementById('altread');
var altmean = getalt.innerHTML;

if(altmean == null){
  var array = []

} else{
  altmean += ", "
  altmean += correctAnswer;
  var array = altmean.split(", ");

function parseRep() {
  var input = document.getElementById('typeans').value;
  if ((array.indexOf(input) > -1) &&  (!(input== "" ))) {
    document.getElementById("typeans").value = replacement;


Regarding this script.

  • It will transform an answer to kanjii once it detects a match on the kana
  • The code dealing with alternate meanings seems incomplete

For my use case I removed this entire block. Transforming kana to kanjii is not a desirable feature for me at this time. Maybe the alternate meaning functionality was completed in the main 2.6 deck you posted, and not this fork?

Overall the content is fantastic! I removed all the animations, they have a “neat” factor at first and the novelty quickly drops to zero, and they become tiresome. I’m a firm believer in less is more for animation. 500, 750, 1000 ms of animation is small in the absolute sense, but relative to the speed of a review it begins to feel longer and longer and it doesn’t add value. Animated elements that respond by gently pulsing or vie for attention by undulating can be very effective. I would point to the way animation is used in Google’s Inbox app: very subtle enhancements, often to minor aspects of the interface. I’m not saying the animations were obnoxious, but they do seem like someone is “having fun” using animation because it’s cool. (And it is cool, to be sure. I have spent months self studying 2D animation frameworks in the past.) So looking at the gif preview above I think that would be great if it were an “end of session summary” but not at as I go through every card.

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