A bit of fun in an otherwise boring quiz

Just had to share this question from an online Japanese quiz I had to take. The answer is 1, but oh how I wanted it to be 3


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I wonder if I have done this test before. Are you an ALT or language student?

I’d nominate your #3 answer if it said 寝る instead :laughing:


Yup, both! I’m a current ALT studying Japanese :joy: This is from the VLJ program that I’m having to take

Oooooo that would be a better one, wouldn’t it



After all, it’s a holiday :grin:

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And if you don’t wake up (or sleep) in a park on a holiday, did you really have one? :thinking:

Got that right :nerd_face:

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I was going to say I recognize that quiz format, too! I pushed myself through the intermediate, but gave up on the advanced when I realized how much I really had to do for myself :sweat_smile: also, I kept forgetting to bring headphones to work where I did a lot of my studying, so I couldn’t watch the videos.

Keep with it, and I hope you wake many people up in parks in the future!


I like the advanced but gave up as well. I wanna try again ( I usually get sleepy ). I bought earphones for school and one for travel.

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The sequel, a few quizzes later (VLJ agrees with us)
Correct answer is 2


Question is, did the shiriai wake you up or ignore you? :thinking:

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