900 days with Japanese Folklore - level 60 in Summer 2026

Levelled up to level 36! Luis is pulling ahead of me, ekg has a huge lead and Neo is going full speed and will probably overtake me at some point, so I’m guessing at this stage I’m going to come 4th :slight_smile:


I, too, have preemptively conceded to the speedmaster :sweat_smile: amazing dedication @NeoArcturus


Never mind the workload, I just don’t have the accuracy to go that fast lol.


Such an exciting race :grin:

Keep vrooming you all! :racing_car:


What about ssotoen? He’s almost at level 60.

I’m doing my best :grin:


I just entered four digits :grin:

I can’t describe how awesome that feels!


826 days until June 12, 2026. 8483 items left. 10 items per day. 848 days at the current speed.

I will not reach level 60 first, but everyone who reaches level 60 beats all those who don’t make it. Those of you who are able to run full speed - I have no idea how you do it, and I’m very impressed!

I will keep my current speed, not going faster, and hope that I won’t go too fast and drown under a mountain of reviews further on. Slowly but surely, onwards and upwards.


Very true! Slow and steady wins the race - always! (I might not be the best person to say that lmao, but it’s still true)

This is how I got into it:

  1. Sign up to WK and instantly start doing your lessons and reviews because you’re super motivated
  2. Being annoyed by how slow WK is
  3. Starting to get into forums and be impressed by @jprspereira level 60 post
  4. Deciding to beat @jprspereira’s time to get to level 60
  5. Annonce that you’ll speedrun WaniKani at the fastest possible time in every second thread so that there is no escape anymore
  6. Continue doing reviews X times a day (crying is allowed sometimes, though I’ve never done that so far)

How I will probably continue:

  1. Keep a consistent schedule until level 43 (the first fast level), then just go mad speed demon mode
  2. Avoid burnout by starting to drink a lot of water
  3. Getting a last motivation push at level 50 because you realise that everything will be over in 5 weeks
  4. Hit level 60 and enjoy some cake
  5. Realize that you still have a lot of reviews
  6. Reviews start to get to normal amounts again after a few weeks

It’s @koichi’s fault that I’m speedrunning WK :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, sounds familiar! My last attempt was:
7) not able to do reviews for a couple of days, resulting in a mountain of pending reviews
8) use scripts to do the reviews needed to level up but not the rest
9) do more lessons with reviews pending
10) burn out and quit

Please be wiser than me and slow down if you have to! And if you’re able to keep going until level 60 then I’ll get you the best and biggest (virtual) cake I can find!


How did you get that image in your dashboard?

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I use this script:

[userscript] Level-Up Celebrator! - WaniKani / API And Third-Party Apps - WaniKani Community

By default you already have a picture set in it, but you can replace it with something custom. :slight_smile:


Finally after one week of review, I could clear more than 400 review items.
More lessons to tackle though, but will take it slowly.


Reached level 4 today :slightly_smiling_face:


Level 8 let’s go! (those 37 days on level 7 will haunt me forever, but what can I do)

Also making flash cards for Chinese… that’s going to take a while, but I plan to make this deck shared once I’m done with it. There aren’t many CN - RU decks available so I hope it will be helpful to someone.


i seem to be stuck in stripes :sob: :purple_square: :blue_square: :purple_square: :blue_square:


Reached Lvl 40!
In a 270 day streak at full speed 🫨
Not burned out yet but it has been a close call sometimes :melting_face:
Fast levels approaching :cold_face: (nervous).


My graph is a bit… less consistent:

But in other news, hit level 37!

(My level 36 update is going to be a little odd I guess :stuck_out_tongue: )


Finally hit level 7 today. :partying_face: Let’s see if I can pick up the pace a bit.


What’s up, my dudes? I’ve leveled up twice since my last post here!

Note: Level 16 didn’t take me one hour more than usual. I guess it is displaying it as 7d 1h because I leveled up after 4:30 pm, but I usually level up before 4:30 pm.


I am amazed at your accuracy allowing that level of reliability lol. For me I get too many items being bounced back from apprentice 4 to 3 etc, which if it happens just 5 times in one level would be enough to delay level up by 2 days. Are you doing more to learn the kanji in each level beyond just seeing them in Wanikani and answering quizzes?