9-nine- 9️⃣ (Visual Novel Book Club, offshoot) // Reading 9-nine-はるいろはるこいはるのかぜ (Episode 3)

Ill be joining late. Ive still got 2.5, maybe 4.5 more weeks in the hospital depending on how things go. I thought the stay would be a breeze, but some out there symptoms have made so I havent been able to study or do anything else the past few days. Until I can get home no reading for me and honestly I might need a week or two to get back in gear.

The plan you said is the best, imo. I wanted to go a bit over the top for an experiment, but I dont think the methods matter for the club right now.


Very fair. Sorry to hear about the symptoms; I hope everything calms down for you soon.

Still want to know what rikaiwisdom is doing, but if it falls on me to pick the endpoints, I think that’ll be fine. Apologies if my lack of planning ahead leads to us suddenly having an awkward final week or anything, haha. If I’m determining where we stop anyway, it’s kind of simplest for me to start posting the threads again, and I’m happy to not further burden them since they had to take over so suddenly. I think I’ll be fine because I feel quite reinvigorated with Japanese learning, but should it come to that, I’m viewing this club as a higher priority than 999 anyway, because that one’s a reread.

If we do it this way, I’d indeed like to at least have until next weekend at the earliest, so I can get my little head start.


I recently started reading PSP version of Suiheisen made Nan Mile? - Deep Blue Sky & Pure White Wings - | vndb so I am unable to join a VN bookclub for now, but I’m really glad that there are people willing to continue 9 -nine- :slight_smile: I will definitely be watching from the sidelines :wink:


I think I’m joining Episode 2 with you all :slight_smile: . I don’t mind posting the threads either but I’d need some days to finish last week of Episode 1 and first week of Episode 2, which I think I can do this week so 24 March could work, but I’m not exactly sure just yet since it’s double the amount twice, about 40-45k characters to read in the next few days. Should be alright, but if not you can go on with Week 1 and I’ll catch up throughout that week.

For the overall planning IMO we can do without the spreadsheet. What I did the week ccookf was absent was write down the change of scenes, end of days and so on when I was reaching the weekly character range along with their character count, but nothing more than that. When I felt I reached a fitting point I called it a day and that’s it. I wouldn’t mind someone reading ahead with me in any case, just to have another person agree or disagree with the endpoints and so on to make it a bit easier for the club, but ultimately it’s okay if it’s just me reading ahead.

Should I put up the home thread for Episode 2? I don’t plan to change much from this one tbh so it’s going to be the dirtiest copypaste with updated links and picture :joy: .


If we need an extra week to make sure everyone is caught up, I don’t mind waiting until March 31 to start if that works out better for you or anyone else.

Sure, if you don’t mind :smile: I don’t think much needs to be changed anyways in the new home thread.


Hmmm I was thinking, do we want separate threads for each episode, or do we want to turn this thread into the home thread for the entirety of the VN? I’m making the draft for episode 2 but the idea just popped in my mind, not sure how viable or messy it would be. It would kill the polls though. On the other hand it would tie everything together. Thoughts? :smile:

Edit: oh actually it doesn’t need to kill the polls. We can nest episode 1 as it is and leave it there, and have episode 2 open like this is right now. So like:

Episode 1


Episode 2

And so on, eventually have all episodes nested?


I don’t really have a strong preference either way :joy: Since they’re all “technically” different games, it might be a good idea to make separate home threads but then again, that would mean we’d have 5 different home threads by the end of the series.

This seems good to me. We could do that and just update the thread title to indicate that we’re on ep2 right now?


Whatever the case I think it needs to be made clear that episodes 2,3, and 4 are being done as an offshoot rather than by official vote. I dont really have a problem either way, rather I tend to hate book club thread clutter in general so…


Indeed, I was just thinking that jumping between their threads would get messy eventually and might get confusing for new people unfamiliar with the series. And if we have a home thread for essentially the same story then we might as well use it. But I’m not sure what the book club etiquette is exactly :upside_down_face: .

Yup we can do that. Though to be honest I don’t think we need to specify much, since pretty much everyone involved in 9-nine- already knows it’s an offshoot thing now, and then people can refer to the official main club to see what’s being read at the moment (we can specify it there and in this thread).

Could be something like:

9-nine- :nine: (Visual Novel Book Club) // Currently reading 9-nine-そらいろそらうたそらのおと (Episode 2, offshoot).

I’ll give it some time to see if Daisoujou or 2OC3 (I hope you don’t mind me shortening your username :D) have anything they’d like to add.


Yeah I really don’t have strong feelings on thread structure either! I’m fine to just keep using this one if we want; I think the way you’ve settled on makes sense. I’m also on board with waiting til March 31st if it helps you.

If you’re sure you don’t mind continuing to post the threads, it’d make things a bit easier on me with the other stuff I need to manage, but only if it’s really not too much of a burden.


Alrighty then, I’ll be editing this thread soon! Starting day will be 24 March initially but potentially 31 March at latest.

I don’t mind, really :slight_smile: . It’s a simple copypaste for the most part so I can’t really say it’s a big burden. Besides natarin will be taking care of the other VN, so just managing one is easy enough for me! One that already has an established format too.

Will anyone be reading ahead with me or should I plan the weeks myself? If it’s the latter, sorry in advance :joy: . I’m sure some of them will fall awkwardly, 許してください。


I was gonna suggest to just keep the thread together, when it comes to other off-shoots it has been done in different ways, maybe because the off-shoot have not always been done by the same person and the volume 1 thread haven’t been made a wiki, but I always found it a bit confusing to have essentially two home threads for the same series as the first volume always acts as such.

The only other thing to think about—it isn’t necessary to change though—is if it will make sense to make the weekly threads… well not weekly threads, like if the game is divided in itself in some useful way. I think making volume threads aka game threads in this case might be putting a lot of reading into one thread. And honestly it seems to be more about how many comments there are per thread and making it feel unnecessary to always have new threads. But at the same time… If you’re doing mystery stuff, it can make double sure no one gets accidentally spoiled by having different threads. And I always planned to change it for Orange, but then kept forgetting until I gave up. And I think I meant to maybe reduce B$ threads too, but honestly it won’t be that many more to keep going as I have been.

So as you see, while I’ve seen many book clubs reduce from weekly threads to chapter threads and/or volume threads, I’ve been pretty bad about it myself and if people are still reading along and commenting, what is the harm of more threads? :3

It’ll good to see you guys keep reading and see if you like future episodes better. I’ve been peeking at the non-spoiler comments for the end of the first episode. ^^ I do own the game after all and I’ll probably get to it later—meaning when I’m not so swamped by book clubs, if that ever happens, xD.

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Okay I have the home post update ready. I couldn’t put the poll in a summary without breaking it so I had to build the summary box a different way, but now it’s working as intended. There is however a chance that the poll for episode 1 will break, I haven’t edited the content of the poll itself but I’m not sure if it will survive the process of being nested in a different place, I haven’t done it before so… experiment :joy: .

The question is, how much do we care about the participation poll for episode 1 in case it breaks? :eyes:

Actually let’s do an experiment with this post, I will edit later the way I intend to edit the home post.

Edit: okay technically it doesn’t break, so we should be fine? I’m kinda scared xD


Alright all went well, the polls survived :partying_face: . Home post is updated for the entirety of the VN and new polls for Episode 2.

We just need to change the title to something we see fitting. I suggested something like this the other day:

9-nine- :nine: (Visual Novel Book Club) // Currently reading 9-nine-そらいろそらうたそらのおと (Episode 2, offshoot).

but it can be anything you like better really. Maybe we don’t even need it to be that long or advertise it very explicitly as it’s an offshoot anyways, do people join offshoot clubs that are the direct continuation of previous works?

9-nine- :nine: (Visual Novel Book Club) // Home Thread (currently offshoot)

I don’t know, just a couple ideas.


I think the first one sounds fine. Never hurts to have all the information there. You could cut “Currently” and change the r in reading to capital and get it a bit shorter that way.

Although, maybe offshoot should appear earlier, like this?

9-nine- :nine: (Visual Novel Book Club, offshoot) // Reading 9-nine-そらいろそらうたそらのおと (Episode 2)


Yeah I like that better, thanks :slight_smile: .

9-nine- :nine: (Visual Novel Book Club, offshoot) // Soon reading 9-nine-そらいろそらうたそらのおと (Episode 2)

We can cut the “soon” later, since it hasn’t technically started yet. @Daisoujou お願いします :pray: .


Ack! I better add it to Bustafellows too! *zoooooms off*


@rikaiwisdom Are we good to go for tomorrow? I think I’m going to start on the reading today, but it’s very unlikely I’ll get far enough along to help with choosing a stopping point, sorry.


Yes we should be fine :slight_smile: . I started reading Episode 2 today and plan to go for most of the content and then finish early tomorrow. The thread should be up at some point of the day.

There’s no need to rush and catch up with me necessarily so read at your leisure ^^ .


9-nine- Episode 2, Week 1 thread is up!

I’ve included a section with scene transitions and character counts just in case anyone wants a break but would like to know how long is left until the next scene. It’s not perfect and it doesn’t contain every single scene change (because I thought sometimes there was no point dividing it if it transitioned back a few dialogues after), but it contains most, so hopefully it’s useful.

Also I’ve decided that unless there’s a very awkward cliffhanger or something, I will keep going forward until the established weekly character range just to keep things moving on schedule. There were a few “better” stopping points but they were below that range so I kept going until I found another fitting one. Hopefully this is fine but if it’s not do let me know :slight_smile: .

Also now we can finally change the title from “Soon reading” to “Reading”. Last time I bug you I swear @Daisoujou :joy: . Edit: nevermind! Thanks @MrGeneric <3 .