9-nine- 9️⃣ (Visual Novel Book Club, offshoot) // Reading 9-nine-そらいろそらうたそらのおと (Episode 2)

I wouldn’t say no to that. It’s certainly a fun thing to keep in mind and seems to be one of the sort of common denominators as far as tracking goes. I definitely like it more than say page counts in books. For similar reasons I’ve been going kind of nuts with that spreadsheet both as an experiment for myself, but also so anyone can look into it themselves if they want to repartition things in the future.

Speaking of the spreadsheet, I finished 4/28. It’s ~12,197 characters by my count and is pretty safe to stop in most places. The first 2/3 of the chapter has some longer scenes in it, but that’s about all that’s noteworthy. If we want to take a break closer to the 10k mark row 25 is a pretty soft spot where characters quite literally say goodbye to each other at a cozy ~10,025 characters for the day. However, there are other safe spots (see below)

spoiler summary for the day +screenshots

7.7k - Kakeru, Sora, and Kujou chat in the apartment
7.8k - Sora goes home
8.8k - Kakeru & Kujou chat a bit more about a plan to go to Cafe Nine Ball
10k - Kakeru leaves Nine Ball with Kujou to call it a day
Rest of chapter - Kakeru does stuff at home

Pretty much everything is connected, but not in the same way 4/20 was with all of the major events and reveals. There’s going to be a bit of anticipation if people stop at say 7.7/8.8k, but nothing big. Here’s some final screens:

7.7k last screen in the apartment

7.8k sora leaves

8.8k kujou and kakeru chat a bit

10k kakeru and kujou split up

end of 4/28


I would definitely appreciate having the character counts per chapters in the OP here, like adding another column to the table would be great. Thanks!

Because it would let me know the work load each week. Considering I’m behind, it’ll help when I get around to catching up. (I hope I can still catch up :sweat: The Bustafellows weekly portions are quite long it turns out, which is good for the length but it means it’ll take longer to catch up than I thought…)


Alrighty, adding them then :wink: . I said I don’t care but secretly I actually do like to see how far we’ve come :eyes: . The thing with statistics I feel is that sometimes they can be very beneficial if used properly but some other times they can be detrimental to one’s study if you get hung up on efficiency or going super granular with it so I tend to just take the minimum I need to assist my study. Similar thing on Anki, I’m mostly concerned with retention rates and one or two additional things and that’s it. I thought I should consult with the club before adding anything. Anyways I’m just rambling :joy: .

Edit: OP is updated with the info.

With all the potential endpoints from your spoiler summary that’s certainly handy. I think even the full day could work this time because turns out that even with the longer week we just had we’re still within the 10 - 12.5k range. The weekly average for Week 3 was 11.8k, and for this week if we finish 4/28 it would be 11.9k. It’s slightly high but it’s within limits, we can keep it there or bring it down a little. The additional amount we did on Week 3 we lacked on Week 1 so it balanced out in the end. However that’s purely weekly average, in the end it depends if we want to use that measure or if we don’t want any week to go neither over 12.5k or below 10k, which I don’t mind in either case. Personally if we aim at keeping the average within the range we established I think we’re good, but if anyone has a different preference please feel free to suggest it. And as always, there’s the possibility of inserting a break week whenever we want or need.

Edit: The thread for the new week is ready, just waiting on confirmation for the endpoint and will post afterwards.


I think only looking at weekly average can get a bit wonky, since it doesn’t take into account the workload week to week. Also important to remember, if we use weekly average as a guiding post, then the weekly average we should aim for (overall) is the average between 10k and 12.5k, since we had half saying 10k was preferred and half saying 12.5k preferred.

Meaning, our weekly average should be around 11’250. Meaning our current average skews high. So if we keep having weeks closer to 12.5 or higher, then our weekly average will keep climbing and leaving those who said 10k per week would be better in the dust.

Something else to consider, perhaps not counting the first week’s count in the average might be appropriate since it was chosen partly to be low because it was the first week. Edit: Considering it is low by 200 characters, it is basically within the 10k-12.5k so ignoring it seems silly. I should have looked at the count before posting this message. :sweat_smile:

Not to say, next week can’t be ~12k. But it is something to keep in mind. Also, in general, it will help people falling behind, if the count goes low the week after a high count.

For me personally, the lower the weekly counts are, the more likely I am that I’ll have a chance to catch up. Because if I get to catching up with BU$TAFELLOWS only to realize I’m so far behind on 9-nine that it will finish before I think I have a chance of catching up, then I’m not sure when I’d read 9-nine. D:


In that case since we have an easy week to organise this time with many potential endpoints let’s bring it down a little. The only issue is that we don’t really know if we will get another short week next, and have to go over 12.5k again to balance it. The opposite is true as well, it’s just the conditions we have to work with unfortunately, that’s why I thought working with the weekly average could be useful (within reasonable limits, we don’t want 3k or 20k weeks :smile: ).

About the polls for the average, we had people voting who never made an appearance afterwards and most of us voted for both, only that you voted in favour of 10k and Azusa voted for 12.5k. Which doesn’t mean it makes it any different nor what you say is wrong at all, it’s just that at this point in time I would rather ask you personally what you thought.

All of this is helpful, so thanks! It’s a bit hard to balance the normal pace of the club without disrupting it while still allowing people to catch up. Add to that my inexperience with it.

If we don’t take into account Week 1 for the average, my suggestion would be to cut it short with the 7.8k screenshot, have a short week on purpose and bring the average down to 11,1k to try to make future weeks more consistent. It also seems like a point that no new conversations take place yet, and a good chance for people to catch up easier. It would also act as a hard reset for the pace.

If we add Week 1 for the average, my suggestion would be the 10k screenshot with what seems to be another end of conversation, bringing the average to 11.3k.

Out of the two, I think I prefer the first one just to fix every open spot we have at the moment. I will use that as the tentative endpoint for the new thread, but any other suggestion is as always very welcome.


The thread for Week 4 is up!


Oh trust me, if you ever end up leading a book or manga club, you’ll learn it is easier in dividing up the pace, but still feel nerve wrecking and dictatorial at times. xD

However, I am learning with BU$TAFELLOWS that leading a VN club is worse, especially mine, since right now we’re just doing two weeks per chapter and I’m crossing my fingers no chapter will suddenly be super short or crazy long. I just finished chapter 1 and that felt pretty long, but I’ve also had to divide up my reading for that across a month basically. :sweat_smile:

Especially since I’m behind, I have to trust in everyone else reading to say if the pace feels off for some reason. ^^

I think it is gonna be all about balancing the length of weeks against each other as much as possible, and throw your hands up in surrender when the VN refuses to cooperate. :joy:

Might also be that eventually there won’t be a good place to split, and that is just how it is sometimes. At that point, it is up to each participant to choose if they stop as soon as they hit the point picked as the stopping point, or if they keep reading and get a bit ahead on next week.

It happens, we’re all adults and can pick a way to deal with it that works for us. So don’t stress too much about it. :slight_smile:


For this one in particular, at least for what I felt from the first weeks with Daisoujou and these last couple of weeks with me, it’s actually proving to be very manageable. I suppose it’s a case by case thing and it greatly depends on the VN, but I’m very satisfied with aiming for a character range, to be completely honest. It’s also a massive help that @ccookf is researching in advance <3 , that makes it much much easier for me at least. It’s also a fun little game, looking for the convenient spot of the week :stuck_out_tongue: , you always end up finding one.

Nesting on a summary since I'm going a bit off-topic

This is all going to be coming from me personally as a reader and not as a club organiser (which I don’t see myself as, being completely honest, as of this very moment I see this club as a regency where everyone contributes to make it work together :joy: ). The thing for me, if you don’t mind me exposing my raw opinions on the whole book club thing, is that low commitment weeks just don’t seem to be fun for me. A low workload week can kill the mood for me in the same way a very high workload week can. I know that many people like to participate on book clubs and read many things at the same time, have a little of many things to discuss at the same time. I think for me I’m the opposite, I prefer to take a bigger bite of fewer things. That’s why I tend to view each book club as an individual entity instead of a supplement to other book clubs, meaning that in my mind they should have a reasonable weekly workload that makes it engaging for its members to participate in conversation and anticipate each week. The book club in my mind should make it challenging enough to not bore its participants in the process, and should be enough as the sole weekly assignment you have, if you so wish. Now of course, people are completely free to take up other clubs if they still have the energy for more. But in my mind, I see the clubs as individual priorities that should adapt its contents to the level of its participants, regardless of those participants taking part in other clubs, meaning that participants should under normal circumstances adapt to the club and not the other way.

In terms of difficulty, what I just mentioned is easy to achieve with the other book clubs, because you can simply pick the one you find is challenging enough to keep you active for a week. If the easy one is too easy, you jump to the intermediate. If the intermediate one is too easy, you jump to the advanced one. But in terms of VNs, with the participation as low as it is, we can’t do that because we would have empty clubs. Balancing everything to make it engaging enough so as to keep everyone happy and keep them from dropping out becomes really, really challenging, especially if everyone shares different conceptions of the book clubs. So relying on different tools like occasional polls on pace, difficulty and the like might even be essential.

It’s also a highly subjective thing, sharing one club for any potential difficulty, what is hard for me is easy for another person, and their comfortable workload is going to look a lot different than mine. I think it’s fair to assume, based on the regulars of this club, that the reading we aim for falls somewhere around the intermediate or the advance book clubs in comparison. I don’t know, it’s just a guess. The reading quantity we aim for is probably going to be already high. One good thing about VNs is that there’s a lot of repetitive language, and the voice acting certainly helps a lot. Personally I don’t feel them as hard as a pure novel, so far with the ones I’ve played or that have been nominated.

I’ve mentioned before some other time that this is the only club I participate in, and the same is true for a couple others if I’m not mistaken. That’s a personal choice of course and everyone can take up as many clubs as they feel prepared for. However, personally I feel for me the pace we had with Loopers is already outdated, and prefer to have a higher workload to keep me engaged.

None of these opinions will influence any of the choices I get to decide for the club, as I mentioned initially these are just my very own personal preferences as a reader, so don’t worry about me trying to push the club that way because none of that will happen, I always consult with the rest. Would I love to have permanent 12,5k weeks? Oh for sure I would, but the club has to cater for the necessities of its participants, which is currently 10k to 12.5k characters each week as we have voted. And while this is true, it also needs to make sure that it moves forward relentlessly under normal circumstances, meaning that, as much as I would love for everyone to never fall back or drop out, it’s probably not a good idea to keep it from moving forward with its usual pace. I see it as a double commitment: the club should work for its participants, giving breaks when people need and making it easier for everyone to manage their own private lives, and the participants should also work for the club, committing to a weekly pace they’re comfortable with to keep everything moving forward.

Why am I writing all of this, you may ask. To be fair I kinda lost track of what I was thinking initially because it’s been too long :joy: :joy: lmao forgive me. I guess it was a long cry expressing that managing things to keep the ones that are caught up engaged while making it easy for the ones catching up is a much harder thing than it looks, perhaps. Not that it’s currently the case particularly, it’s no issue that we suddenly have an 8k character week, it’s fine. The 14.5k week wasn’t met with much resistance, either. I guess what I’d love to do is stop the club for three whole weeks and have everyone catch up fully and then come back to a super active thread with a lot of people reading again, but I know it’s not realistic because people have their lives, and it’s also not fair for the other part because it would kill the club. I’m also not dissatisfied with the current participation, I mean it’s just a few of us but I’m happy nonetheless to read this with other people, especially knowing each other for a bit already. I mean I guess I expected more participation in this one as per the polls, everyone did. It’s also unfortunate that you or Daisoujou are unable to participate right now, which makes me a very tiny bit guilty for continuing with the normal pace or increasing it like last week, because while the rest of us are happy to read as much as we’re reading, it’s also the same amount that is added to your catch-up pile, potentially reaching a point of no return and inconveniencing everyone in the process. Nobody’s fault, but still feels a bit sour. That is probably the major challenge, to keep moving forward regardless with as much participation as we can, otherwise there’s no club.

How is Bustafellows faring in terms of participation and drop out rates?

Some comments on how it is for me

I’m glad someone else thinks about this as much as I do. :joy: Even if we come from different places (only participating in one club vs someone engaged in multiple (and liking it)).

For me, Loopers was/is a very high pace, depending on chapter to a degree. I logged probably 4+ hours per chapter of the ones I’ve read so far, and those are the shorter chapters on average. Without yomichan to make lookups instantaneous, it really takes me quite a bit longer to read 10k characters. And since I’ve still only read 40% of Loopers and now 1 chapter of Bustafellows, the domain vocabulary for VNs are still far from my grasp.

With the demand on my focus that VNs take to read, I really don’t want a high workload because I just don’t have that much focused time available. And when life got in the way, I got several weeks behind. :sweat_smile: (Ala Bustafellows. For Loopers, I just had a complete reading slump that lasted for almost two months, so that one doesn’t quite count.)


Going by participation polls we started with 13 on chapter 1 and have 10 for both chapter 2 and chapter 3, we’re now starting week 6 (second half of chapter 3), so I think that is pretty amazing.

I have no idea of our pace though. Chapter 1 for me felt really long because I read it over 5 weeks and I was looking for the end so I kept finding good places it could have stopped, but didn’t. :joy:

So I don’t think it is that long, but one member reported 7,5 hours of reading while another said about half that, so range of reading speed is pretty big. (I’m guessing I’m at the high end of that bracket although I don’t time myself, but I put it 30-60 mins most sessions, I’d guess, and I had quite a few…)

I’m hoping to get a better sense with chapter 2. But I have no idea what the pace is without any character counts to compare with. And since I don’t ever time my reading (makes it feel too much like work and less like fun).

Maybe the timing is generous in just the right amount to allow slower readers to still go along, and our fast readers are willing to wait for the next part to begin so far. (As far as they’ve said, and while we have some other book club veterans, I don’t think all the faster ones are.) :woman_shrugging:

In any case, I’m glad.

As for engagement in the threads, chapter one had a lot extra, but then it also had a lot of logistics/settings/controls stuff, so no surprise. Chapter 3 that started last week is fairly quiet, but I’m finding that to be fairly common. Posting in threads seems to drop off even more than actual reading (aka people will still be reading, but not really posting). Also, there is one more week so… ^^


I can’t speak to raw character counts, but in terms of days in the story world’s timeline we’re almost halfway to a mandatory bad end. Progressing from there is going to involve some shenanigans since the choices occur throughout the story, most of them in the prologue which I suspect will involve a lot of “skip to unread” or “skip to next choice”. We did consider either continuing with the episodes or possibly relegating them to a spinoff and I think that might be a time to consider implementing an Advanced VN Book Club that can cater more to the speedy members. I’m probably the slowest reader of the active posters and even now I’ve been considering digging into another WN on the side.

I was taking a look at the guide for running book clubs earlier to see if they might have advice on handling pacing (uneven chapters are normally pretty common in books too :-/), but it didn’t feel like there was anything else there. Details in the fold, but really yall handled it already. It just feels like a series of tough decisions that suck to make. At the least I know I’m too much of a scardey cat to do it.

running a book club tips we kind of already knew

Run the club by consensus

When a decision has to be made, typically it is the club organizer’s responsibility to run a majority-rules poll, and the group consensus wins. If the poll does not offer a clear solution it often falls upon the organizer to make a decision or to reframe the question. Stay open to suggestions, solicit feedback, and run the club by consensus wherever possible.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with Discourse polling tools. Some often overlooked points regarding polls:

  • Ensure that “show who voted” is enabled (unless there’s a specific reason not to)
  • Multi-selection vs single selection (decide which is appropriate for the situation)
  • Show results after voting (or always visible, depending on the situation)
  • Polls cannot be modified or deleted after 5 minutes (so they will live in your post forever)
  • Discourse limits poll options to 20.


I recommend following these tips in order to create the most effective schedule for your club.

  • The schedule does not need to be fully-determined at the time of the home thread post. Consider soliciting feedback and running polls before finalizing the schedule.
  • Schedules can be fluid. If club members are finding the pace too fast or slow, consider altering the schedule accordingly.
  • Add columns to the schedule for alternate version page numbers. This can include e-book percentages and/or kindle locations. For versions of the book you don’t own, feel free to ask other club members to help you find corresponding breakpoint pages.
  • Keep the pace generally consistent week-to-week, but strive to end weekly sections at logical breakpoints (e.g. chapters, major paragraph breaks).
  • If your schedule does not stop at obvious chapter breaks, add a column for end phrases (i.e. the last few words of a week’s section). This can be especially helpful for e-book readers.
  • Consider starting at a slower pace to give people the chance to adjust to a new style or difficulty level. This can help people manage their time and build confidence, and may help prevent early drop-offs in participation.
  • As you create each weekly post, add a link to that post in the schedule on the home thread.

I think it helps a lot that Bustafellows has an episodic format. We call them chapters, but they even have a teaser for the next episode and are self-contained bits of plot like watching a weekly TV show. At least they were for the first two chapters. It’s very easy to treat as a side gig for me because of that.


Yup, that seems to be looking pretty decent ^^ . We had 17 people who voted they would read with the club, but in the end we turned out to be much, much fewer than that so far. There’s always some drops along the way but I’ll be honest I didn’t expect so many just week 1 :sweat_smile: . Even Loopers felt like it had more participation. It’s still fun with the people we have, regardless.

At some point it might be useful to think why that was, if lack of interest, too much workload or something else. Hard to judge if we don’t have many people reading week 1, though, so it’s mostly accounts from us :joy: not a very wide and unbiased spectrum.

Yeah it will likely come to that with 9-nine- at least. Unless I suddenly stop liking it I will probably want to keep reading it. An advanced VN club would work if people from there also take part in the regular one. It could also allow, as you say, the ones of us who want to read more to do so. Not a bad shot, but not without its risks I suppose. I would still like for the regular one to keep moving at a pace that keeps everything engaging, though :joy: . If it takes too long it becomes at risk of becoming boring, like that (Loopers mild spoilers) full month of slice-of-life where nothing moved we had in Loopers.

It’s also curious to me how differently book clubs seem to be organised in this site. Most places I’ve seen doing book clubs (which I admit are not a lot) aim for a much more aggressive pace. If I’m not mistaken, TheMoeWay discord VN club goes for one VN a month, and also the Japan Foundation of my city goes for one whole book every month as well. Different places will have their own culture regarding how they do things, but I’m impressed about the massive difference from one place to another. There are many entry options to choose from, but on the other hand the higher ceiling seems rather lacking. Not saying it’s necessarily bad, each site has its particularities, and perhaps its a matter of outrunning the usefulness of the site at some point in our studies. No one place can cater for all, that’s for sure. But it would certainly be super nice if once you reach advanced you still had many options to choose from. Though once the culture of a place has established it’s very hard to change it (not that there’s any need to force it to change, either, if it works for its intended public). I’m also not in an advanced level yet, either, I still get a lot out of the WaniKani community. I just wish I could read more sometimes.

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An advanced VN club would be interesting but honestly not sure if it makes too much sense with our current participation numbers. Our participants fell a decent amount after the first month or two of Loopers and we’re already down to our core in 9-nine (not sure if I actually saw anyone new post in any of the 9-nine threads). Basically my fear is that we’d be running two VN clubs at the same time but with the same members in each, just one would be read at a faster pace.

They’re kind of intense. I think they have 3 different VNs each month (one for beginner, intermediate, and advanced). They do go through VNs quickly but they’re also reading well over 10k characters a day generally. I also never see them discuss the VN, just their final thoughts so its a bit boring in that aspect.

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Yup, my thoughts exactly :joy: .

Ah I see, thanks for the correction. I don’t participate in the discord but I’ve used it a couple times for resources, especially when clipboard inserter died on Firefox. I noticed they had several clubs, one of them the VN one, but nothing more. Still though it’s insane that they get so much reading done, the ones that do. Perhaps even too much, a middle ground would also be good :smile: .

off topic

I took a glance at the moe way discord and while I do think what they do is admirable, it’s also kind of dependent on participating on that learning path. If I made a gross generalization, their emphasis on things is more like taking an extensive reading oriented approach. Get the basics and focus on mass immersion.

The strength (and weakness) of WK is that it’s a site catered for beginners with activities hosted by relative beginners as far as the process goes. So while some of the moe way discord discussion was present, the format itself was more of random thoughts and questions things which feels in contrast to how our weekly threads are more of a learning reinforcement. We can safely ask grammar questions and clarify/discuss plot events in smaller bits so it’s pretty hard to get lost here. At least in the threads I’ve looked at.

To be honest, I think the moe way is probably a more efficient way of doing things… but part of the popularity in things like WK is in making things easier at the expense of efficiency. I’m really just rambling here, but it’s interesting to see the different approaches to things. Nobody is really wrong from my point of view, it’s just different.

I’d agree the pace looks intense, though. I did some super jank napkin math and what they were tackling in a month would probably be a week of casual reading for me in my native language. Even if it’s kind of doable I’m not sure I’d want to for non-sequential works. At 20 words/day going into my SRS (a pace that would make durtling the scenic route upset) I’d only get around 600 cards before they switch to the next novel with a different author/writing style. At that point it seems counterproductive to move on to new material without even having the time to get new cards to WK master or equivalent. All of the reinforcement from reading would go out the drain.

As for the double club thing, I was thinking more that the regular side still has bustafellows to fall back on after we finish here, so our strangely active core could move on as the not-beginner-group. It would help more to know why participation on this side was lower to guide these kinds of decisions, but at the end of the day it seems kind of sad that the bulk of our participation seems to come from people who have read ahead/finished or actively outpace our current setup. As far as I’m concerned we really only committed ourselves to Episode 1 @ 10-12.5k/week or best attempt. If we’re lucky we’ll get some better feedback or more people will join by the end, but if we hit that ending and nothing changes I do think we should start prioritizing ourselves over unseen members (come say hi ya’ll, I’ll try not to bite)

Off topic on advanced book clubs

Well, I disagree that there aren’t truly advanced book clubs here, they are just not part of any of the main organized book clubs, but instead those started spontaneously. Pretty sure some of those have a pretty high pace and/or set a “read at your own pace” but comment here style. I see them starting all the time in the Read Every Day thread. I think the latest one I noticed was a large group reading チュベローズで待ってる AGE22 and its sequel. No idea at what speed, but I saw several people finish the first book in a week or something like that. So the faster clubs exist, they just tend to happen when multiple people happen to say “I want to read that too”, and then decide to kinda read together. Very casual, and tends to be more with those people who can read a lot quicker than me (or have more time, probably a combination of both).

9-nine's lack of new members

As to 9-nine-, I can’t tell. I think starting right around the holidays (even if at the tail end) can be a curse and a blessing. For some, they’ll use it to get started; for others, it gets lost in the noise of everything else they want to start or all the things they need to catch up on after the holidays. But that is just what my brain suggested off the top of my head. Probably several more possible explanations.

In a way, that is kinda my own problem, holidays compounded by a long distance trip of almost 2 weeks which was preceded by a lot of extra time-sensitive work. So I lost something like 3-4 weeks where I didn’t have any concentration left by the time work finished.

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Yeah definitely! I’m just rambling as well :joy: . Just thought it was an interesting (and probably unnecessary for me to start) discussion to take part in ^^ .

Oh for sure, I didn’t mean to imply that there are no advanced clubs in WaniKani. People around here read way ahead of me and are much, much more proficient than I am in terms of difficulty and language knowledge. I only meant it in terms of pace, that the overall assigned weekly reading of the clubs is much lower than what I’ve seen in other places doing a similar thing, for what I’ve seen.

I guess it would be interesting to combine the pace that those spontaneous clubs seem to have with the weekly discussions. I think it’s just a matter of the general public of WK, which again is not a bad thing, as ccookf also mentioned, it’s configured in a way that’s more oriented to beginners and people who can’t (or don’t want to) dedicate a lot of time to language learning but still want to keep improving, so a slower but steady pace makes a lot of sense (it also makes sense when you’re doing WaniKani SRS at the same time, it’s very time-consuming). And regardless of that intended public, there are still many of us who go over that and join multiple book clubs in your case, or alternatively want to read more of one thing (and do individually) in mine. There’s a decent amount of more advanced users around, with many who don’t do WaniKani anymore. It just seems to me that one (regular, serialised) club alone is not enough for someone looking for a bigger challenge and looking to push their studies more, past the beginner phase, and I kinda would love a club that could be standalone for most of the reading you do in a single week, with a higher pace. Not as a replacement, but as an alternative option.

Again, no real complaints with the current status quo, it’s all just my preference in reading and in no way do I represent a significant part of WaniKani. Book clubs are still pretty nice, I just wish that if you wanted to read more you had some other option other than joining 4 clubs at the same time which I see many regulars do. Most of my reading is done by myself and posting in the read every day thread (though not currently, I’m not posting frequently as of right now), but it would be so nice if that reading would be shared, just like I enjoy doing it a lot with the VN club in this case. I can always read by myself, but it’s always more fun to join other people who want to read as much as you do. I’m just wondering if that could be achieved here in the WaniKani community or it’s just simply not the platform for it.

I’m not particularly bothered by this so all is just interesting conversation in good faith to me and will continue to use the community like I have until now, cause honestly the threads I frequent are pretty cool to me even if most of the study I do is alone, aside from this club. Hopefully nothing of what I mentioned gave you a bad impression of me wanting to force change things or anything, I just mention them as mere curiosity and also to see if any of it is shared by someone else :slight_smile: . I guess I just want more people who want to read at a higher pace to discuss with. I’m also not generally interested in reading actual books on a schedule, so that’s unfortunate, otherwise those spontaneous clubs sound very appealing. Perhaps the advanced VN club is actually not a bad shot, but I’m just really worried about what it would mean for the regular one, and I would rather not sacrifice this one in the process, participation being as low as it is right now for 9-nine-. If the participation is the same for the next VN, it’s also not a bad idea to see what the regulars want to do at that point, if no new faces appear. The pace can always be adjusted at any time.

On a second look the Advanced Club seems more aligned to what I’m mentioning with the higher pace, at least their current pick.

Last edit I swear: It also depends on what you expect to take out of the things you consume. For me in particular, I like to work diligently on the things I consume and let them be the guide of my study, and while being interested in them and finding them fun is certainly essential, the opportunity for them to make me grow is what I’m after. With that in mind, it makes sense that I’m looking to extend the time I spend with them as much as possible, as a way to focus my weekly study. I’m noticing serious improvements since I started diligently playing VNs almost everyday and pushing those new Anki words.


Is that considered fast for VNs? Recently I counted characters for the first time, while reading Tsui no Stella, and it turned out to be around 9k per hour, but honestly I don’t feel “fast” :confused: When I googled “Japanese reading speed” the numbers given as “average” or “normal” were much higher - although those were for normal texts. I guess with VN it can be slower if not because of the reading speed itself, then because of things like listening to all voices.


I meant it was comparatively fast compared to our club since we generally do that amount in a week instead of a day. There are a decent number of people on the Moe Server that read around 15-20k characters per hour though and I think that is basically native-level fluency at that point. If you’re reading that fast, you can’t stop and listen to all the voices (when I read in English, I tend to read fast as well and never stop for the voices). I think if you’re letting all the voices play out before advancing to the next line, you’d be around 10-12k characters an hour at high-level fluency (of course it’d depend on how many voice lines are in the VN etc but just a rough estimate based on people I’ve talked to. My speed is nowhere near that personally).


Ah I see. Yeah, that would more or less line up with the numbers I saw.

However, for me the voices are great part of enjoyment - I always listen to them no matter whether I read in Japanese or in English :slight_smile:


@rikaiwisdom Week 5 numbers and stuff

4/29 comes out to 10,220 characters. There were about 4,404 characters left in 4/28.

possible stopping points + end screens (spoilers)
Description Character Count (4/29) +4.4k (4/28) Ending Screenshot
School 4,066 8,470
Cafe exterior 4,617 9,021
Cafe flashback 7,190 11,594
Cafe interior 8,765 13,169
End of day 10,220 14,624

I wasn’t super diligent about paying attention to the scene cuts this time, rather you could break up the whole day into four segments: morning walk, school, cafe, home. Which is more logical, but unfortunately the character counts won’t play super nice.

spoiler filled explanation

The day continues previous events of discussing the investigation of the artifact users. The group sets a meetup with one at the cafe after school (ends around the black screen labled ‘cafe flashback above’ and ends up meeting up with the other one after that (through the end of ‘cafe interior’). As you’ve probably noticed that’s essentially two scenes in one locale. Which makes it hard to split, but also runs over budget to finish the entire cafe section of the day. Stopping at the end of the school day ends up on the lower end of the budget, about 8.4k for the week. There’s a bit more that could be added up to the cafe exterior, but it’s just a minor preamble before they go in so I feel like it’s more logical to lump with the cafe segment. Unfortunately, the whole day is surprisingly plot packed which includes the bedroom scene in the end. There are moments where it feels ok to just pause, but it doesn’t exactly line up with the way I’ve been tracking scenes. Especially the cafe scenes, there’s a lull in the dialogue between the two interactions, but it wasn’t exactly on the breakpoint I set so I’m not particularly confident in that one.