75 years since 広島爆破

Every year I watch the live broadcast from the 広島 peace memorial. I am especially touched by the statements read by 6th graders each year. As you look through the audience, you see people who were there that day, and you wonder what is going through their minds. Soon, there won’t be any survivors left.

As a believer in peace, this ceremony is my grounding for the whole year.

Studying here at WK, we are in a unique situation that world communication has made possible, but yet has still to deliver for most people or the world. We study and communicate here because of a shared interest in Japanese language and culture, with virtually no recognition or awareness or national boundaries. Here, we are equal as humans.

Someday, maybe even right now, our governments will be asking us to do not very nice things to each other.

But when we exist as equal humans, the folly of this request is palpable.

It is my belief that the more humans that communicate as we do here, the better the chance that humanity has. As a world, we can identify the forces that divide us, and work together to solve the problems that threaten the Earth, and all of us. We can create a world where all individual humans have an opportunity to pursue happiness.

If anyone has any words and gifs of encouraging hope for humanity, please post them here. :slight_smile:

Peace to all of you.


Thanks for posting this. I wanted to share this article from the NYT, talking about how novels and fiction in general are an important mechanism for remembrance as the survivors age.

I hope you can click though to the unlocked english version too, but if not let me know, I’m happy to share it separately.


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