637 day later ZzZzz

Hello, I’m back :sweat_smile:
I remember rushing the 7 first lvl of wanikani, and after that I took a break due to job and travel in Japan :jp::+1:

I’m sad because Whithout this break at this time I would be at a damn good lvl :roll_eyes::eyes:
But never too late!! so I hope in another 637 days I will have a good Japanese :smiley:

What is the best method to learn again all my cards? I was tempted to start a new account but I remember the first lvl was boring as fuck.

For the moment I will just manually look at each lvl what I can easily remember and not. And not try the card exam for the moment but later.


Today + 637 days = 31 Jully 2024

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Since no cards are burned yet, I would just slowly do reviews for all your cards (maybe 100 a day?), the SRS will naturally lower the level of the cards you forgot, and you can still level and burn the items you haven’t forgotten.

And remember, slow and steady wins the race. Good luck.


I reset my level from 15 a few years ago. That was a mistake. I should have slowly gone back through everything like Downtimes said. 100 a day will get you there in no time and the ones you get wrong you didn’t truly know anyways. And then you aren’t redoing all the ones you know really well as well.


I’m going to echo this! Don’t start over—343 reviews is, in the scheme of things, not that many! There are many accounts on the forums of people managing to whittle down thousands of reviews and start right back off where they left off. Concentrate on doing some reviews every day, whether that be 10, 50, or 100 or whatever number fits in your life. Don’t start any new lessons until you get to 0 reviews; it won’t do you any favors to start learning new things while you’re reviewing 343 old ones. You can do this!!! :muscle:


Don’t be sad, you went to Japan! :smiley:

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My daily average review count is around 250 so I don’t think 343 reviews will be much of an issue, especially if you spread them out over a day or 2. No need to restart from scratch again.

How do I burn a card? I’m only level 2 so I haven’t been on for more than like 4 or 5 days. Do I just constantly go over them or do I have to wait for them to pop up in the review?

Each time you review an item successfully, it will level up one rank. The highest rank is enlightened. After that, the item is burned, which means WaniKani considers it learned and will not make you review it again.


I reset my level 11 back to level 1 a few months ago after taking like… a couple year hiatus. THAT WAS A MISTAKE. I actually still remember a lot of the vocab and kanji, which I was surprised I had remembered. I just needed a little refresher. Goes to show that Wanikani works!

I would personally just go back to doing reviews, slowly but surely. Don’t get discouraged by all of your mistakes, just be sure to read the descriptions to jog your memorization techniques, they will eventually even out. Welcome back, by the way!

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そうですね…and when you have to review things your already know so well it can be a little tedious.

I’m actually going to go against everyone and say that while doing the reviews may be fine, resetting from level 7 isn’t a massive deal either. 6 levels in the grand scheme of things isn’t much at all, although if you’ve been in Japan this entire time, you probably remember almost everything up until level 7 anyway so it’s just a case of putting your head down and getting through them.

But make sure to space them out because you don’t want them all coming back to bite you when they come up for review again.

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