5 Minutes, for 6 Days, 1140 reviews

2021 Week 31
Day 2


2021 Week 31
Day 3

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2021 Week 31
Day 4

An aside: I got the same achievement for my two posts on the Most Liked Thread XD

I’m beginning to think I should use Bish Bash Bosh to review the ones I got wrong… I’m barely hanging on to my schedule and this habit though

Had an in-grown toe nail removed today :upside_down_face:and realizing there’s too much I want to do and not enough time to do it all in so I have to choose the most important and urgent of them…

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I know it’s another thing to do, but if the extra investment now means it will prevent the items from becoming leeches, then the time payoff will come into effect quite quickly.

I’ve not had an ingrown toenail, but have had a nail avulsion so can possibly relate to the discomfort of constantly having the pressure of your body weight on a very sore toe - hope the surgery heals quickly and that your powers of concentration increase as the pain abates.

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I would never do Kamesame or similar until my WK (and Bunpro) reviews are 0. But that may be just me :wink: but it really runs into the risk of falling off and amassing a bigger pile again.
Keep up the reviews! :muscle:


2021 Week 31
Day 6
Hey y’all…

I took a huge bite out of my reviews because I had Frozen Turkey activate on my computer and I set it so I couldn’t access social media or YouTube or even the forums.

I didn’t really want to sleep… so I just cranked out a 100 review session.

Here are the results

The oof here is that some of these reviews are coming back for me (even though that’s how SRS works)

The great thing is that we’re sub 1000!!

Should I do Bish Bash Bosh before or after my reviews?
  • Before
  • After

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getting 100 reviews done is great, keep it up!
you really just need to push through the pile, after that it’ll be smooth sailing!


Doing BBB before your reviews will screw up the SRS, whereas doing them right after will help reinforce the correct associations and should help prevent you making the same mistakes during the next reviews.


2021 Week Day 7

This weekend I’ve been yeeting reviews left and right XD

Sub 900!!:sunrise_over_mountains::fireworks::confetti_ball::sparkler::purple_heart:
Sub 800!!:sunrise_over_mountains::purple_heart::sparkler::confetti_ball::fireworks:

Also realized that the self study mode on there is basically bish Bash bosh

I don’t know if I’m configuring it correctly so I’m reviewing recently failed… here’s a screenshot for reference

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Thank you for your reply on Bish Bash Bosh, and to @Saimin too~

Seems like there’s a clear consensus which way is better :wink:

And my toe is getting better! I went biking with family and that was wonderful

All y’all’s support cannot be understated~


2021 Week 32
Day 1

Besides the feeling that I might be grinding reviews because it’s easier than writing essays

I have hit sub 700!

If I do the math, I think I’m going like ten times faster than my initial pace the first couple of weeks?

I’m realizing that the self-study feature on Flaming Durtles IS the Bish Bash Bosh on desktop!

Here’s a question for y’all:
I know Rowena has a study log, and I’m looking for more high level Wanikani users who have study logs, where should I go looking for them?

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This is probably an incomplete list, and a lot of people on it probably are no longer active, but some of us are still active study loggers:


2021 Week 32
Day 6
We have hit 900 burns, 30 day streak, and hit the 600 reviews mark!

I guess this is what happens when I mainly use Flaming Durtles~

During the week I did the minimum, and this weekend I’ve yeeted lots of items to burned status.

Realization: that making a habit of doing lessons and reviews is what makes WK accomplishments happen, not just visualizing achieving the WK thing, just like how habits of working out, sleeping, and eating help one be healthy and fit.

Another one: I heard that night reviews aren’t good, but I’m doing them as an alternative to using social media at night… What do y’all think?


Good stuff, keep it up! Yeah, i’d do so many reviews less without Flaming Durtles (Anki mode).

I think night reviews are fine. My accuracy does go down quite a bit around 4am, but it’s not even that much, and there’s still a learning effect when you get reviews wrong. Arguably, it’s even better to fail reviews, because that means you’ll see the item more often.

(this is from a script you can run in the browser console, see topic above)


Hi everyone!

Thought I’d pop in to say I’m still alive.

The Crabigator sent me an email and I was like “… gosh dang it”

At the lowest I had like 400 reviews, but since I had only been doing like 5 reviews a day for the last week or so, it’s shot back to 600-ish reviews.

Work has become a bit overwhelming, so I’m trying to scale it down before classes begin.

Regardless, I initially never anticipated even reaching the half-way point in late August.

I tend to study Japanese when I’m stressed out, so the inverse relationship between reviewing Wanikani and overall stress levels is quite interesting :sweat_smile:




It’s winter break and glad to be back on Wanikani studying.

I’d like to introduce to y’all my latest achievement: reaching a cumulative total of 1000 burns; that’s gotta hurt lol

Until next time and happy holidays~


I don’t care how many times I see your username, I always read it as Power ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) :eyes:


Power Anti-lock Braking System, at your service :wink:

The story behind why it’s “AWBS” has nothing to do with cars though ~( ̄▽ ̄)~*



My first review session in a while…

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Hi everyone!

I wanted to post that I’m alive.

I haven’t been doing reviews and was busy with life but it’s my last year of college and I’m like… :eyes:

Anyways, I really appreciate all the support in the past and I hope to give some kind of update in the future~