5 Minutes, for 6 Days, 1140 reviews

Hello Everyone~

I’m PowerAWBS and I’m back on Wanikani after how many years (three or four?) ヾ(•ω•`)o

After successfully completing all backlogged reviews on Bunpro, I am bringing my experiment in habit formation and maintenance to Wanikani!

The premise of this experiment is as follows:

  • at least five minutes
  • for six days of the week
  • renewable every week

Will I make it to the end of these backlogged reviews? And when?

some context
  • Next Checkpoint: For this phase, I’m marking the checkpoint at the end of summer, aka the start of the fall semester. It’ll be the first time I’ll be stepping onto campus since the pandemic, so how much of my time will be spent on readjusting to life on campus…
  • Ideal Time Commitment: I’m looking at about an hour of language study a day. Half for new content, half for reviews.
  • Frequency: For Bunpro and or Wanikani, I’d be logging in two or three times a day, to take advantage of the SRS intervals. Worst case scenario, I’d be checking in just once a day. Either way, I intend to stick with the six days of work, one day of rest, and renewable by week setup.
my situation on Wanikani

I started Wanikani in 2015, (2210~ days ago) I only made it to Level 12 and then didn’t touch it for a couple of years.


Besides the undesirable pause between me and Level 60 goodness, I recognize that I’m missing out on a good amount of kanji and vocab.

I was also kind of using my Lifetime subscription as an excuse to postpone progress and reduce urgency :sweat_smile:

Here are some quantifiable charts on where my kanji knowledge is at right now. (Source: Wkstats.com)





There’s a lot behind why the review situation got so bad, but the short story is that more important things in life got in the way (school, relationships, self, etc.).

I continue to struggle to place the “you could’ve done something in the last two year” behind me and focus on what I can do now.

my situation on Bunpro

I started Bunpro in 2018 after hearing about it on Wanikani.

Pretty much got a lifetime subscription immediately.

Sped through a ton of N5 at the beginning and then didn’t really touch it for several months.

In the summer of 2020, I sped through N4.

Reviews were more or less spontaneous, but the times that the review habit was the strongest was February to November 2020 (I was taking Japanese classes during those two semesters).

And now (as of mid-July 2021) I’ve successfully done four weeks of Bunpro reviews!

Very happy I’ve resurrected my Bunpro intervals from their sorry state.


Looking forward to embarking on this long-awaited journey to vanquish these rotting reviews XD
And feel free to participate in the comments below~

Let’s a-go!


Welcome back!

I happened upon this quote just yesterday:

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.

I have had the same struggle, but am getting better at letting go of the regret and just cracking on with things; I hope it will get easier for you to do as you establish your WK routine and see progress.


It’s 2021 Week 29!

Deactivated vacation mode.

Thank you everyone for the likes and to @Rowena for the encouragement~



Keep up the good work!

Welcome back!
Fight fight fight


2021 Week 29
Day 3
Noticed this with the userscript… I won’t be going past Level 12 anytime soon :wink:

I’m reading @jprspereira 's Ultimate Guide to Wanikani and downloading lots of scripts as part of a change in approach from last time. Now I realize that some of Bunpro’s features are directly inspired by these Wanikani community userscripts.

I ran out of bookmarks marking all the scripts XD


Just bookmark my guide :stuck_out_tongue: The scripts are all together on chapter 7.

Looking forward to see those reviews going down :slight_smile:


2021 Week 29
Day 4

and another review session
burning kanji feels good~ I’m surprised I still know them lol

also, found an old post where I used to be shocked at Level 12… hahaha not anymore


2021 Week 29
Day 5

today was oof XD

and was configuring Flaming Durtles


Flaming Durtles is great! I use it exclusively for reviews (Anki mode) and lessons now, in an emulator.
Keep it up!

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2021 Week 29
Day 6

Aha… XD
On the bright side I’m officially sub 1100 now

Burning items does feel good~

I saw this WK post on leeches and then I remembered I should also do Kamesame eventually if I want to be able to recall kanji from memory, not just from recognition.


I got the extensions from the Ultimate Guide, not sure if I should worry about leeches… What I’ve been doing is studying what I got wrong and keeping it simple like that.

At the very minimum, I’m working on strengthening the consistency of the current five minutes, six days setup.


Great to see you in the WK forums~

Thank you so much for your support on the Bunpro forums and I appreciate your support here as well~

I’m getting the hang of it [Flaming Durtles], it’s really quite impressive and now that I’m actually getting out of the house more, it’s super useful to do reviews throughout the day!


Keep it up man! Looks like we are in the same place with slightly different issues!


Aye~ I just commented on your leeches post! We can do this! ヾ(•ω•`)o


Not until you get your queue back in order and the SRS is kicking back in. Until then, even identifying a leech will be difficult.