411 Days to Level 60!

Hello Everyone. I just wanted to make a quick post sharing a bit about myself and the workload stats from start to finish.

I am 44 years old with a wife and teenage son. Working weekdays 8-5 along with being on call after hours and weekends. It was a challenge to do wanikani and meet the demands of work and family. I found myself needing to get up super early every day, get as many reviews in as possible, follow up with lunch hour reviews - and then after work get in even more reviews and lessons before bed. I’d like to think it was my brain half asleep in the morning and being burnt out after work being to blame for how many reviews I got wrong. :slight_smile:

I believe I was able to do wanikani up to around lvl 25-30 before I started to cheat. I’d write down each lessons new kanji and a refer back to it until it was at the guru stage. I feel that I could never remember the kanji readings until I seen them in the vocabulary lessons. By the time I hit level 40 I started to horrifically fail burn reviews. If I knew the review was going to be a burn I would generally always go to Jisho and double check if it was right. It was quite frustrating to continuously get a burnable vocabulary wrong after never ever getting it wrong before. I really didn’t want to wait another 5 months to burn a word that I would have got wrong due my answer being an unaccepted synonym etc.
The last 10 levels were quite a challenge as well. I was getting so many wrong and for the last month I was getting 300-400 reviews a day. Even though I did my best to have my review pile at zero by the end of the night, I still ended up with a few days of 500+ reviews. I am at peace now seeing the future reviews at less that 100 a day :slight_smile: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Even with cheating on the initial kanji lessons and cheating on a ton of burns I feel that the SRS system actually works well for me. I am getting better and better at reading books and slowly following along with Japanese subtitles. I have a long way to go but have noticed a ton of improvement. Unfortunately the wanikani lessons took all my free time so I wasn’t able to properly study grammar so that will be my next step.

Thank you.
*Edit1: Seems the reviews have taken longer to trickle down then I originally thought. 10 days after level 60 and I am still 300-400 reviews each day! Need to focus on watching for shortened words and rendakus :slight_smile:


Congratulation!! :tada:


Congrats on reaching lv 60! :partying_face: Well, done with everything else going on in your life. Please enjoy this cake! ^>^




By the way, how do I get a sexy chart like yours? :eyes:

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Oh my god! Finally! Someone else! :raised_hands:

Seeing them in the vocabulary makes such a difference!

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Wanikani Time Machine & Wanikani Heatmap. I believe you can google that or find links to them on this forums 3rd party apps page.

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Congrats!! I need to see them in words to remember them too. Also have the same problem with getting the wrong synonym. Honestly, I don’t think cheating’s that bad, because in real life you usually have a chance to guess at a word a few times before it clicks (while reading) or when the person you’re talking to seems to finally understand what you’re saying, lol. Nice work!! Have fun with the grammar studies.

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That cake is not Crabigator-approved. Master at the bottom, followed by guru, then apprentice, then golden burned. Where is enlightened?