403 on files.wanikani.com


I get a 403 forbidden when getting SVG on https://files.wanikani.com/boa9z7l6qd96aao45ed2nmlklof2 in python. It used to work. Did something changed in the API ? I tried to forward Bearer token but the issue persists.


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I forget where it was mentioned, but they are removing the unstyled svgs

Thanks for your response. I used to download files and convert them to ASCII format in order to view them on my command line interface. Unfortunately, I now need to find an alternate solution. It’s a pity, as it was functioning well.

The styled svgs should still be available

Indeed. My code was using the 32x32px png image. Using the SVG image works. I need to convert them to PNG beforehand. I will try cairo svg2png function.