40+ Anime & Games: Applyng your WaniKani

I’m starting to branch out from my WaniKani to apply my Kanji in the real world. After I hit Level 45 and finished Rosetta Stone, I finally felt comfortable enough to do it, but I think after Level 40 anyone would really benefit from leaving the WaniKani nest, but not sooner if your goals are a high level of reading and writing proficiency as are mine and don’t care so much about conversation beyond the very most basic. In my opinion, you want a strong foundation to really benefit.

I found this app called 漢字検定 by Gakko Net Inc. that I really like. I had acquired one before that recommended by a Japanese “friend”, but it has a time clock so it’s not really best for me at this point as I need time to really think and I like to translate the phrases as I go as well. I’m not really there yet when it comes to rapid fire translations. I can read it fast, but I can’t understand it right away yet.

I also found a TV show on Netflix that’s a lot of fun. Watch Great Pretender | Netflix Official Site
It’s called The Pretender. It has a nice mix of American English, kanji and katakana that I found amusing. Alot of the phrases you will see on there you are familiar with already. And you will feel clever everytine you get the jokes on english-japanese word play because of their simplicity.

If any of you guys have some further suggestions… please post them here. Anime with less action…more speech recall… that sort of thing… applying your WaniKani and Japanese Kanji games that are used by tweens to study.


There’s a cute Netflix anime called Rilakuma that I like - its quite slice-of-life and easy to understand. Plus there’s only one main character, and she lives with non-speaking teddy bears, so that helps limit the amount of fast dialogue.

Otherwise I do quite well with Spotify! I like Tomo’s Let’s Talk in Japanese

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