4 weeks of Wanikani, I think I will upgrade

Just in case this is useful to people thinking of starting and not sure how it will go (I was one of those people).

I wasn’t sure how this method would suit me, I hate mnemonics, I hate cute names for radicals, and I was pretty sure I already knew the first 200 kanji upside down and inside out.

Well it turns out, I knew barely any on’yomi readings at all. I never bothered learning them, when I drill myself with my flashcards (physical ones, I am old school) I put the card in the ‘learned’ pile if I know the kun’yomi reading, and if I happen to know the other one, bonus. So at first it was very frustrating typing in answers to kanji I ‘know’ and getting back a ‘sorry, we want the other reading’. So I had to learn them. And now I know them! I also never really learned how to count days properly so having to do that was a right pain but hey, it’s something I really should know. My god how I hate the number 8.
It also turns out that I have developed my own mnemonics and radical names over time (who knew), and being able to add them to the user synonyms list and notes was a big plus. Without that I think I might have quit because it’s hard to remember to put in what wanikani is calling something, when I have been thinking of it as something else for years.

It took me 4 weeks exactly to pass level 3 so the ‘free trial’ of 3 levels is a good length, it was enough time to see if I do in fact keep coming back every day. I also like the humor of the site and the fact that they seem responsive to users wants and complaints (take notes, Duolingo) and as a developer myself, this is exactly how I think all programs should be, communicative and open, and with API access. I am happy to give a company like that my money.

Here’s my 4 week humble-brag screenshot. See you again in 57 more levels I guess!


Congrats! :congratulations:

Don’t forget about the annual Lifetime Sale in December (or just pay extra now to support the Crabigator).

If you want to post sooner than that, find the latest POLL thread.

Warning: Can be incredibly addicting. May experience loss of interest in other forums. Side effects include knowing the difference between poles, polls, and POLLs.


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