3000 burned!

Hit 3000 burns today! All the threads about this are locked due to inactivity so I had to start a new one ;~;

I haven’t been sailing so smooth lately. With a second year in the pandemic and India’s disastrous second wave, while college pretends everything is normal and continues to pile us with assignments and assessments… It’s been difficult to continue with Japanese.

At some point I had to reassure myself that even though my pace is slow and I haven’t reached where most people have by the end of their second year of learning Japanese, at least I haven’t given up yet.

I made this post to celebrate my small achievement in a time where it seems like I’m stuck and have been making close to no progress. The progress has been there, even if I could not see it - otherwise I would not have reached this number.

I’ll slowly get back to doing more lessons and not just reviews - and get back to levelling up soon!

Good luck to everyone out there doing their best while trying hard to take care of themselves. The Kanji Gods still support you no matter where you are at!


Great going!

Check out:


Awesome job.

And I know it’s a matter of perspective / opinion, but I wouldn’t call this a small achievement.

To me this is a big achievement, the pandemic is getting people down, you’re still doing college and you’re also managing to burn stuff still??

A lot of adults struggle to balance way less stuff so kudos to you, keep it up!

Can’t wait to see your level 60 with everything burned thread in the future :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s an awesome achievement and milestone!

On a side note, do you live in India?


Oh, I was searching for 3000 burned, so I didn’t see this. Thank you so much for pointing it out!


Thank you! I can’t wait to finally get to level 60 too!


Thank you!
And yep, I live in India. I actually tested positive last month, myself. Thankfully, my symptoms were mild and I’ve fully recovered now and my family is also healthy. A lot of people around me are testing positive too :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh, is the situation actually as bad as comes in videos and stuff? Coz I’m moving there around next month along with my family and the situation seems scary.

Glad to hear that you got well! :blush:

It depends on where you’re moving. I live in Kolkata and it’s not so severe here, we have oxygen supply and vacancy in hospitals as well.
But cities like Delhi and Mumbai have it real bad, specially Delhi. Our daily numbers for positive cases and deaths is also high (though the death rate is better than a lot of countries so far). These cities had an oxygen crisis, but recently we’ve received aid from all over the world so hopefully the shortage isn’t as severe as it was a while ago.
Thankfully, at least most people seem to be recovering without too many complications. If your family members are unvaccinated, I would recommend you take the vaccine before coming here though. If any of them are immunocompromised or old, I’d suggest maybe wait a little longer if it’s possible. Do be careful and take precautions wherever possible.


@TheVeggieMunch if you don’t mind :+1:


Fantastic, esp considering your circumstances.

Keep going, don’t let the engineered SRS pileup here drive you beyond what works for you – the hot gold will accumulate faster than you think past the halfway point (where you stand currently). And your formal education should always be priority – I like WK (otherwise wouldn’t be Lifetime) but really it’s just a site for a bit of distraction, when you have extra time and energy…

Better to summit WK a bit behind expectations, but easily pass a Japanese proficiency exam… than boast about how fast you did it yet still need a dictionary to work out a manga or variety show, trust that :cherry_blossom:


It’s okay. I’m at almost 2 1/2 years and around 2600 burned, so you’re ahead of me. Don’t stress too much about it. Progress is progress. There’s too many posts about people who finished so quickly, but not everyone can accomplish that. You have to focus on yourself and not worry about the progress of others.


Same here haha :joy:
As Juichi says, no stress.
I even got stop my review a month so I can burn my item at a slow pace and don’t have 200+ review per day.
Better to have an healthy brain and mod than rush to do like the others :wink:
Only youre learning is important.
Take care and take care of your family !
Good luck :hibiscus:


Exactly. :grin: You have to do it the way that works best for you.
Please take care as well, especially during these tough times. Best of luck to you too. :cherry_blossom:


Hearty Congratulations @Sancho san :grin: :partying_face:

You are…


It is inhumane to experience such things during health disasters. I am glad that you are still sticking with WK Sancho san :slight_smile:


You don’t have to worry about others. As long you are moving forward one step at a time, slowly but surely… Victory shall be yours!!

Kakusjitsu ni Tsuyoku nare :slight_smile:

It is not a small achievement Sancho san. It is a HUUUUUUUUUGE achievement. Among the 100K+ all time users of WK, I would be surprised to see if more than 20-30% of them crossed this mark. It is a testament to your perseverance and progress. You are not stuck, you are moving slow. As you said in your own words" Even if you couldn’t see the progress" - It is there.

You are a…


Your health and mental wellbeing is your first priority Sancho san :slight_smile: Japanese comes after that.

Didn’t I say…


You display the indomitable spirit of WK :grin: and embody the will of Crabigator :innocent:

Thanks for sticking with us and we look forward to seeing your progress Sancho san :slight_smile:

Ganbareeee Yuujin :four_leaf_clover:

Note: Thanks for the tag @Stay_coolXD Kuuru san :slight_smile:


さすが @TheVeggieMunch 先輩 :smiley: thank you for your encouraging words couldn’t said better myself.


Me too! Good going :pizza:

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Congratulations and welcome to the club!

I like your apprentice to guru ratio, mine is nowhere as nice as yours



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