300 in Level 4 and other month/number combination

WaniKani prioritizes remembering readings over giving vocab lists.
It’s spread out because it’s meant to help you reinforce what you’ve learned on the long run.

I assume you mean はっぴゃく? Just to stop people from getting confused further.


Because what wires together fires together. There’s a structure and a method and a reason behind it all. Learning is not some abstract magic, your brain needs to create those memories. When you practice things you already learned it helps reinforcing a specific cluster of memories that will fire together. The separation of 300 from that group helps you separate it in your brain. WK is doing you a great service that way.


Right yes, somehow I made that typo twice.

Just want to make a small comment unrelated to the main topic at hand: a small っ used at the end of an exclamation represents a glottal stop.

A little bit hard to depict in text, but it’s something like:
あ! = Ahh!
あっ! = A!

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I personally don’t recommend to do that but if you actually are tired of seeing those vocabs, feel free to create a User Synonym for those vocabs with something like “skip” or “easy” or just a letter. So everytime you see one of them, you only need to type i.e. “skip” and you get it as correct.

But seriously, having easy vocabs between your bunch of hardcore, frustrating to review, vocabs is a nice encouragement! Besides, once you get them to guru, they’ll become rare to see (1 week, 1 month, 4 month).
You are just level 4. It’ll become painful for sure!

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Thanks all for your comments. I still don’t agree about adding special readings in upper levels.

Great idea adding that letter reading for boring vocab…

You all are scaring me a lot about what’s about to come…

Let’s see.

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