3 Years later, finally completed all lessons

Hello All,

It’s taken a few years. I’ve finally reached level 60, passed the first stage of all the kanji, and completed all the lessons. There’s still a lot for me to do now, learning more Japanese grammar, vocab, the odd kanji still missing, and burning the rest of the items, but I’ve finally reached the big end milestone.

This is just kind of a short post, I did a longer write up on my blog, but I figure I should put something here just to say:

Thank You and ありがとう to WaniKani for being really helpful in guiding me through my learning!


Congrats - it is seeing successes like yours that encourages ‘recently-starteds’ (such as me) to persevere, knowing that I’m here for the long haul and that it is indeed do-able…


Congratulations on reaching level 60!

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My experience is taking is slow and steady is better than rushing. Building a stable routing makes it easier. Best of luck!


Congratulations :partying_face:


Congrats on this huuuge achievement~!

Also thanks to your blog post I just realized my computer isn’t showing me the Japanese correctly! It’s showing me CHINESE aaahhhhhh D:

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