3 UI Questions

First of all, how do I change that avatar in the corner? I’ve had it for as long as I’ve had an account, can’t get it to change. Really tired of it.

Second, I’d like to use this dark theme, but it’s showing all these boxes for the elements onscreen that’re making it an eyesore. Might have to click the picture to see them here. (It’s called WaniKani “Breeze Dark,” available with the Stylus browser extension. Thanks @alan234!)

Third, is there a userscript to get rid of the allicrab loading icon when you do reviews? That’d be nice.

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I’ve got that aswell, just learned to ignore it lol.

If you are using Chrome, take a look here.

I’m seeing weird lines when using this style in Chrome

In your address bar type chrome://flags .
Then search for an entry called GPU Rasterization and disable that.
Solution found by @anon93264938 and @Borx.

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Awesome, thanks!

To change your avatar you need to set up a Gravatar account. When you go into your settings and then to the profile section it says so right there.

I guess I just don’t understand why I have a forum avatar that’s separate from my homepage menu button.

I’ll have a closer look at Gravatar though.

WaniKani’s old forum used that avatar from your profile, but since the forum is hosted somewhere else now you have to upload a second profile picture too I guess. You can either upload it directly or also use your Gravatar one.

That UI looks great… I didn’t know there was a dark theme, and where do those stats come from?

Look for a thread with the words “wanikani ultimate timeline” in it’s title.

I think that’s in there as a way to say “Hey, we’re loading your reviews and it takes a few seconds. Here, entertain yourself with the cabrigator \o/”.

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