3 months ago I reset

I didnt think it would take me very long to get back to level 16, 3 months later im on only level 8. I think it would be good to put average timescales that it takes people to get back to the level that they reset from. Just to help people even better understand the consequences of their actions.

Well, you have this:

Plus just remember that none of that is wasted time if you’re properly learning things that you had completely forgotten before :blush:


People go at such drastically different paces that I don’t think an average timescale would realistically help anyone. Not to mention, we already have tons of threads where people discuss how many lessons they do per day, what they keep their apprentice pile at, etc. Those would be more helpful to people than an overall average where everyone is so different.

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While I sympathize with your situation, I don’t think it’s the responsibility of the developers to do something like this. It’s sort of assumed that users resorting to a reset do so with full knowledge that it will take some time to reach the point where they were at prior to the reset. Wish you the best in your studies.

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an average time would help the average person. Even qualify if if you review x cards a day and do y new cards a day you can expect to reach level z in w months times

Thanks, I dont need sympathy though, I am very happy with my decision to reset, though I can defiantly see that some people would grossly underestimate how much time it would take to regain their levels. I dont think its much trouble at all to inform users of the potential timescales it would take to regain their current position especially given the good job they have done of warning users that their decision is irreversible. So I hope that the devs will consider this essentially trivial request.

That is why I mentioned the many threads that already exist. They discuss just that.

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The reset button is hidden in an area called the “Danger zone”, with a long disclaimer. The SRS intervals, and the rate at which you get new items, are not secret. You chose to press that button, nobody else made you do it.

I’d rather the developers spend time on something more important.

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I guess I misunderstood your initial posting; I thought that your posting was inspired by your own desire to have known before you reset. It’s good to hear that you are happy with your decision.

I just don’t see the use in needing to inform users faced with the decision to reset their progress how much time it will take potentially to get back to where they were. Due to various situational circumstances, those users feel that it’s in their best interest to reset are more concerned about getting to a point where they are getting something out of this service, right? What does an additional “it will take an average of X days before you’ll reach your current level” do to change that person’s mind?

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