3 custom buttons: typo, fast, slow

Hi there. This is my first post. I’ve been using WK for 3 months and very happy with my progress.

Anyway there is some annoying things. For me the typos are a problem, i really wish to be able to undo as the automatic typo works good but any typo is really annoying. The second thing is pace adjustment, faster or slower depending on your availiability and or mood.

I try to write fast for 2 reasons: first because this is really time consuming and second I like to be able to read fast. But when I make typo mistakes it makes me slow, because I need to concentrate on what I write instead of looking at the kanji itself to learn the graphic, meaning, reading and sound, without taking much care of the keyboard typing (which later you just correct, but overall is faster). Imagine a keyboard or word processor that does not allow for correcting typos…you would be turtle slow in writing looking at every single letter , looking at the keyboard all the time.

I know this has been asked for since 2013…Anyway great site, great community. Greetings

I know for typos, mostly everyone uses the override script to fix it. You can find it in the user scripts and extensions section of the forum which someone will most likely link you. If you have an iPhone, that functionality is also available in the iPhone app, and you can make the script work on an android phone by using Firefox as your browser to access wanikani

I’m regards to this question… What do you mean by pace? Are you talking about being able to do more lessons if you feel like going faster? Or is it something else related to how fast you can physically type? Bit confused on this one so some more explanation may help you get a better response.


are you talking about being able to do more lessons if you feel like going faster?

Yes I mean this, but particularly going slower. Faster, also could be, but I agree with WK that time is needed to settle knowledge, so not beyond that point. Or at least not to pile up too much, as its a bit overwhelming when you see piles of reviews and lessons, you know you will need many hours and you just can’t do.

I guess like it’s now, it kinda self adjust automatically, so maybe there’s no need for additional user input. I guess if you just not finish review and piles grow, at some point it pauses new contents?

Yep, you are right. Wanikani won’t give you more lessons than the level above you. You won’t be able to access level 8 lessons until you have guru’d the level 7 kanji. In order to guru the level 7 kanji, you need to actually do the level 7 lessons.

Does that make sense? So if you stop doing lessons, Wani won’t make anymore available. You can literally go as slow as you like without breaking anything :slight_smile:

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