3-1/2 months from Lvl 12 to Lvl 13

So, I bought the half-price for a year option around the beginning of 2018 and thought I’d get pretty far, but only made it to Level 12.

We had two kids; one in 2019 and one in 2020. I stopped Wanikani when my year was up but not Japanese. I mostly switched to listening during walks and while driving.

I finally bought the Lifetime membership this past Christmas 2022 and had 1688 reviews waiting! I contemplated started over, but instead opted for looking at all of my burned items, putting the ones I didn’t know for sure back in the wild, and then rolling up my sleeves doing 70 or so reviews per day, nothing major, but consistent.

I also kept doing any lessons that would pop up because I figured with over a 1000 reviews how could new lessons hurt?

The way I made it through was doing my reviews by Descending SRS level so it seemed that the reviews were always easy even when they weren’t. Also, I pretended I only had 50 in Apprentice. So, if I actually had 520 in Apprentice, I would work my reviews down to 470 and consider my reviews done for the day (or for that session).

Now that I’m at Level 13, I also changed my lesson order to Vocab, Rad, Kanji so I don’t advance to the next level with a bunch of Vocab lessons still needing to be done.

I’m hoping now that I’m fairly caught up, I’ll progress through one level per month. I wonder if that’s possible with a 50 apprentice limit and an average (not astonishingly good or bad) accuracy rate.

I’d also like to add that I think Wanikani under-promises and over-delivers. I’ve heard lots of times that this system will just teach you Kanji, nothing else. I’m probably rarer than most users in that my listening is actually stronger than my reading. I feel the two have aided and strengthened each other during the past 3-1/2 months. My listening skills have helped me make good guesses on Kanji readings and the Wanikani reinforcement has definitely improved my reading and the drilled vocabulary has also worked it’s way into my regular conversations.


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