25 dollars and Japanese to learn

I just got 25 dollars. What are the bets resources I can get in that price range? Ebook preferably

Pirate everything, pocket the money.


I sense sarcasm in your response

If you are looking to practice your reading skills, I’d get this

You can buy the first three volumes together for 9.99 USD


It can be sarcasm, but I can be a real answer as well.

Not saying pirating is good, but that’s up to the person in the end.

EDIT: Seeing that you yourself are the OP, you can buy later when you can get more money if you don’t feel pirating to be fair game (because of course it isn’t).

Pirating is fair in some cases, I would say. Like I wouldn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt pirating Photoshop or any of Adobe’s bullshit monthly subscription services.


Thanks a lot!

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I’m not seeing an option to buy the first three together


I should mention that I’m primarily going to be reading on PC. I have Calibre, which I think lets you read ibooks and stuff…

do you know if I’ll be able to access the kindle ebook on my PC?

You sure can, there’s a PC version of the Kindle reader.

EDIT: BTW you can get the entire first volume for free on the first link I gave you, if you wanna try the book before actually buying the bundle.

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You can read all kindle books on PC to my knowlege. There’s an app for that.

Also, I like Tae Kim’s book, I was able to borrow it free, but the ebook is 10 bucks. It’s short and sweet but I like the layout.

thank you. I’ll try it with Calibre too. So it’s just example sentences? Does it have an answer key?

I thought all of Tae Kim’s stuff was available on his page for free?

It is but I struggle to get through it, I don’t know what it is about his site, but if you’re happy with it best of luck to you. I might try those graded readers that @BK-201 mentioned, myself.

I’d really recommend trying the free version of the first volume so you understand how the book works. It starts with simple sentences and then builds up the more kanji you know. Every “exercise” with corresponding readings and references to most frequently used grammar resources like Genki.


Sign up for Scribd and download their Japanese books from the docs section. You can cancel before the trial subscription ends. Genki I and II are available there. Japanese Particles in Action is also on sale for $5 at the Tofugu store.


I bought particles in action last night :stuck_out_tongue: also, good advice

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can I download the ebook from Amazon as just a file? The only option it has is “Deliver to Kindle Cloud reader”