2023 Tobira Study group interest check

I’m planning on going through Tobira in preparation for taking the JLPT N3 this December and was wondering if anyone wants to study it together! @Marifly hosted Tobira study groups in 2020 and 2021 and there are threads on each chapter but they’re unfortunately locked now so this could be a good place to chat instead.

I covered the first 10/15 chapters in my third year of undergrad Japanese classes years ago and am planning on re-starting it in April. I’m hoping it’ll be a more engaging supplement to my Shin Kanzen Master books, and the Tobira readings are good for learning more about Japan in general. So if anyone wants to join me let me know!


Proposed Schedule:
2 weeks / chapter, with a break/catch-up week after every 5 chapters
It would go from Mar 27 - Nov 5, ending a month before the Dec JLPT date

Chapter 1: Mar 27 - Apr 9
Chapter 2: Apr 10 - 23
Chapter 3: Apr 24 - May 7
Chapter 4: May 8 - 21
Chapter 5: May 22 - June 4

break week: June 5 - 11

Chapter 6: June 12 - 25
Chapter 7: June 26 - July 9
Chapter 8: July 10 - 23
Chapter 9: July 24 - Aug 6
Chapter 10: Aug 7 - 20

break week: Aug 21 - 27

Chapter 11: Aug 28 - Sept 10
Chapter 12: Sept 11 - 24
Chapter 13: Sept 25 - Oct 8
Chapter 14: Oct 9 - 22
Chapter 15: Oct 23 - Nov 5


I just started Tobira and am reading it at about the same pace (2 weeks per chapter), so I’ll be like four chapters ahead of the group by the time you start, but I’ll probably at least check in on the thread from time to time!

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That’s an interesting idea, I plan on starting Tobira later this month, so I might pop in here when you start :sunglasses:

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I would be completely intrested! Count me in!

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I have a bad habit of starting things and never finishing them. I had read the first 3 chapters before I went through a slight burnout. I’d love to get back on and try to finish it.

Count me in, but don’t count on me :joy:

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Glad to see some interest! I pulled the schedule back a week since I wanted to leave a solid month of dedicated JLPT studying after it.

glad the same pace is working for you too! I can’t remember how fast they covered this in the classes I took but 2 weeks/chapter feels fair given how dense they can be

Can’t wait to start later this month :grin:


I’m interested in this! I’m not entirely sure where I left my tobira book but I’ll find it! Have not been through it yet!

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I’m interested in this! Just need to get my books together. I also like the proposed schedule, two weeks is usually the time it takes me to get through a chapter to my satisfaction.

It will most definitely be above my level, but I don’t mind too much. Shoot for the moon and all that.

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I’ve had it sitting in my bookshelf for a loooong time. I’m not all that big on textbook learning, but should really give it a go to fill in some weak spots in my learning. I’ll probably join in if my work schedule and stuff stays as it is at the moment ^^

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I’d like to join, although my forum participation can be spotty. I’ll at least try to start with you!

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Hey guys! We’re just a week from our start date - does anyone have an idea on how to go through the individual chapters? This is what the general break-down looks like:

  • Intro (2 pages)
  • 読み物 (text + vocab + exercises)
  • 会話文 (texts + vocab + exercises)
  • 文法 (grammar points + exercises in workbook or online)
  • 漢字表 (1 page list + exercises in workbook or online)
  • 言語ノート (1 page)

We could do something like:

Week 1:

  • Intro + 読み物
  • 1/2 文法
  • 1/2 漢字 exercises

Week 2:

  • 会話文 + 言語ノート
  • 2/2 文法
  • 2/2 漢字 exercises

thoughts? :thinking:

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Are you going to do the Tobira Grammar Power and Tobira Power Up Your Kanji as well? Because that’s another significant chunk of work.

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I personally won’t be since WK is sufficient for my kanji needs right now and my grammar workbook is buried in an old box somewhere. I don’t remember exactly what they look like but I imagine kanji stuff and the grammar points + exercises can be split over the course of the 2 weeks? If you have those books and want to set a pace that would be great!

The workbooks are not even necessary, because you can just do it all online. And looking at it, the first week has 14 grammar exercises (+2 advanced ones) so doing one each day fits nicely into the shedule.

The Kanji exercises are a bit more than that, because the first chapter has some Kanji review. That’s 24 Kanji exercises. They also look like good reading practice, so personally I will try to do them.

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this would have helped me so much when I first took japanese classes!

In that case I think roughly splitting them in half and doing the first half of the grammar and kanji exercises in the first week and the rest in the second week would work well

I was planning on jumping back into Tobira tomorrow morning, so very timely! I’ve gone as far as Chapter 2 by myself, so very accomplished :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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