[2023] 多読/extensive reading challenge

In the end, I am not really sure what qualifies (or fails to qualify) as R18, tbh.

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Wellll, the TL page is very pink, if you catch my drift.
Wait, I think that color is called “peach” actually.

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If you don’t click 設定する before reloading it won’t work. I’m able to load lots of suggestive covers now that I will decline to screenshot. :sweat_smile:
If that doesn’t work well…I’m sure there are other sources online. :joy:


Yeah I said I never bought audiobooks, but I didn’t mean that literally, and I have a handful of books on there I got using credits. But yeah, a 4 hour long audio book isn’t worth 15 dollars to me, especially when LNs have more value to me to begin with and they’re like 5 bucks at most. I recently came across a very large portion of their catalog for free, however, and wanted to help people in a similar situation who have questionable morals.

Makes sense about adding it anyways, though. Thinking about it, my bookmeter really isn’t at all reflective of what I’ve read anyways and has more social purpose. I have manga mixed in on mine which I don’t really count as books for stats purposes and it has none of the visual novels or web novels ive read so its not accurate really. Might as well add it just so people know I’ve consumed it one way or another in case they wanna talk about it.

Now, between audio books, 月ノ美兎, anime, vns, and regular books I’m really spoiled for choice. At this point its hard to pick what to do lol. Its a great problem to have though, honestly.


Too much to consume. I think its time I go sage mode for a little bit. Too distracted lately. Need to refocus. As far as books my bookmeter will remain updated.

I’ll see you guys next week. Or maybe a few weeks. Godspeed.


What’s strange is Booklive has absolutely no qualms presenting and selling R18 stuff abroad as far as I can tell.
Being abroad, I had just assumed Bookwalker was more selective, and preferred it generally in part because of that - the walls of “peach” as you say on Booklive could be annoying to wade through while looking for free stuff… I guess it was just covert region locking giving that impression?


Relatable :joy: . With my latest manga and book purchases my Japanese book shelf is actually close to full. There is a chance I’ll read all of it within the next 10 years.

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Are you interested in reading along with the next Intermediate Book Club pick? Then cast your vote :grin:


I learnt a couple of weeks ago that a bunch of manga was pulled from the shelves of Kinokuniya here in Sydney back in 2020 (pending review by the ratings board) because a political party in South Australia protested that it’s child pornography, and I gotta say…

I’m not at all surprised.



I have my settings set so that R15 is fine but R18 is hidden. There’s still plenty of peach, but it’s less aggressive to the eye.
It is weird that those two websites, which are pretty identical otherwise, would have different policies with respect to selling stuff abroad :sweat_smile:


You’re not surprised those politicians would say that or you’re not surprised that those books were blocked / being reviewed?

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Honestly, I’m not surprised by anything politicians do, except for when they accidentally do something genuinely selfless or actually bipartisan (here in NSW, their current hobby is hand-wringing over the fact that the monstrosity of a casino they allowed to be built on land set aside for a public park has been engaged in systematic money-laundering - imagine that, an industry that derives 100% of its income through stealing money from its patrons has, in fact, been stealing money from its patrons… and the government too, because it turns out they’re also under-reporting their taxes), but in this case, I meant the latter.

I can buy magazines off the magazine rack at any convenience store in Japan that’d get me arrested for posession of child pornography here in Australia.


Ha that’s what I figured. I saw No Game No Life on that list and I was like “yeah that makes sense”.

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Is it because of the cover, or does that includes the plot? I nope’d out of reading it the moment I saw said cover, so I don’t know anything about it… but the article @Belthazar posted seems to mention the contents?
I’m only mildly curious, it’s fine if no one has an answer

I watched the anime years ago and don’t remember all the details, but there was at least one graphic bathing scene involving the younger sister.

I was wondering this already, but do these rating boards actually read the books? Or just look at the half dozen or so pictures in them? If they actually had to read the books I feel kind of bad for them. :sweat_smile:


I imagine they’d have to read the whole thing, otherwise you could avoid getting too high a rating by just making the first chapter comparatively sedate.

I know the British Board of Film Classification must watch the entirety of all films they classify - the film Paint Drying, a ten-hour-long production of, well, paint drying, was released as a protest against censorship specifically to force them to watch the whole thing.


It has a 9.1/10 on IMDb. Must be good!


Weeeeell, I received a 10% off coupon from Book Off. So I went ahead and bought vol 1-10 of ダンジョン飯 and 1-5 of とんがり帽子 (they had more but volume 6 was missing :frowning:)
So things are lined up for the new plan?

I tried to read vol 3 of 獣の奏者. I read the first 100 pages in a single day and thought it would be okay. Wrong. On day 2, I reached the second part, changing characters. And I don’t really care about them. Since then, I’ve been forcing myself to read at least 2 pages per day, which is sometimes all I can manage. That part is only 30 pages long (and I only have like 10 left…) but it’s been the biggest road block so far :sweat_smile: I read about 40% of 後宮妃の管理人 2 in the past few days too, but it’s been boring as well… Time for a change of pace, I guess.


Well, I already binged all the とんがり帽子 volumes I had. So, huh, not the best investment. But I enjoyed the read. I feel like the story is moving faster than I expected from just volume 1.
I’ll probably check Book Off again tomorrow, just I case I can find volume 6+ :upside_down_face:

Edit: Of course not. And volumes 7 and 8 (which I didn’t pick at the time since 6 was missing) are now gone too. Bah.


Hi, I have an off topic question :slight_smile: The name NicoleRauch … It’s a long shot I know, but … . Does Schwaikheim ring a bell? Just guessing you could be someone from my hometown.