[2023] 多読/extensive reading challenge

This is how I feel about the series as a whole. As long as you don’t expect a lot of plot progression, it’s very enjoyable for all the other reasons you mentioned.


ダンジョン飯 is fun, but read your book club books first. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I’m up to date with everything right now (although it’s going to change as soon as I post the new threads)


After another book hunt I accidentally purchased The Method of Repulsing the Dove without knowing what it is. Watched the trailer for the movie adaptation and I’m hooked. The story looks very interesting and from what I saw, the book edition I have has furigana for “harder” words so it should be fine.

For now I’m kind of “trying out” different books to see what sticks. 時間エージェント looks interesting so far, but the low kanji frequency makes it hard to follow sometimes and I get swamped in loads of new words.


In case anybody is interested, there seems to be some movement towards reviving / repeating the 1Q84 reading group - if you’d like to be kept in the loop, please vote and/or comment here: Reading Murakami Haruki's 1Q84 (Intermediate/Advanced Book) - #146 by NicoleRauch


If anyone here enjoyed reading Death Note and likes Ooba Tsugumi’s art, I can recommend Bakuman as a very light read. I was originally planning to read it in English and skimmed through a couple of the initial chapters, but ended up buying the first volume in Japanese.


In all seriousness, I have lots of English books (paperback, and some on Kindle). There are couple of translated ones as well, but less than English. And I really still want to read them.

And I just keep buying more when I go to a department store (and usually visit a bookstore).

Of course, I can put Japanese series here too; but at my level, that might be just manga series.


I was looking at this wondering when on Earth I missed it…and that quote is from 2019 :sweat_smile:

But fwiw the read every day thread has people reporting on learning Spanish, French, and Chinese in addition to Japanese so if you need an outlet that’s a good place for it. Also plenty of people in there reading graded readers so manga (which is naturally harder) is plenty welcome. :slight_smile:

edit: actually are you already in that challenge? We have so many participants and not all post every day so I forget


I also have a マイペース(my=pace) section, so it might better to move it here (and make it monthly / 3-monthly / yearly goals).

Also, I have several Japanese e-books already bought (and one of them is ラノベ).


Speaking of which, I do miss @Radish8. They disappeared from the forum very abruptly last year; I hope they are okay :frowning:


Yes I also wondered about that already :cold_sweat: Given they often mentioned that they were under such load because of 'rona, I do hope nothing bad happened to them…



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I might think too much about the etiquette here; but reading goals are my game, so I’ll play by my rules. Read-along type of reading will be progressed in another topic. Being new might need to be a little 恥知らず.

Reading strategy probably will be different from read-long types as well. (I might learn less???)

I think yearly goals are too long; so I will attach importance to tri-monthly, and adapt accordingly. They will be Jan-Mar / Apr-Jun / Jul-Sep / Oct-Dec.

Targets (May-Jun 2022)


  • 1 per three two months shouldn’t be too far-fetched, but I’ll make it 1 per month.
    • Other than 夜カフェ vol.1 (which is actually アウアペース(our=pace), but I just put it here, anyway), I also have 時をかける少女 waiting.


  • I can’t promise 1 chapter everyday, as I am busy on some days. I’ll make it 5 per week.
    • This one is fun; but takes my time on other mangas (that I don’t want to spare). I’ll try to clear this out of the way first.
  • ゆるキャン :tent: (target: 2 volumes)
    • 1 volumes per month should give enough time to research on places and activities; as well as learning vocabularies without Furigana.
  • ジョジョ2 戦闘潮流 (target: 3 volumes)
    • I really want to make it 1 volume per month; and somehow, all of 第二部 within the end of June.


Some that I still want to read (ordered by priority of preferences).

  • それでも歩は寄せてくる - in fact, I have already bought vol.1
  • 鬼滅の刃 - somehow, it is very popular on green tea bottles in my country, and I’ve heard its fame before. Also have read it a little (on ヤンジャン app).
  • ゴールデンカムイ - Read it a little (on ヤンジャン app) and liked it.
  • ヲタクに恋は難しい - I have read more than a little; half of them are translated. Don’t want to keep it hanging.


  • I have just bought SPY x FAMILY vol.1 for free. I’ll see if I like it. Actually only free for 12 days left; but then I read right away a few hours later.

Manga-wise, I also want to read those I don’t know much / have forgotten as well.

I also want to read non-fiction. Maybe this one (which is a part of a long series, too).



I just checked, and it’s working right now. Just in case you were worried about it. You know.

Do you guys add audiobooks you listened to to your bookmeter?

On an unrelated note, audiobooks are quite expensive compared to books usually, and up until now I never bought them on account of their cost. Anyone else who is in a similar situation, feel free to contact me at Vanilla#4107 on discord. I might be able to help you.

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I can open the link you posted just fine :thinking:

However, linking R18 content is against the forum rules, so you should probably remove that link :sweat_smile:


audiobook.jp has regular sales and will randomly give me points off. I also grudgingly reactivated my audible subscription which makes all audiobooks something like $15 assuming I can wait for a credit, but also means I’m only inclined to only buy long books on there since a ~4 hr long audiobook isn’t worth $15.

I add audiobooks to Bookmeter because I’m tracking what I’ve broadly consumed for sharing socially more so than pages - I have a spreadsheet for that.

Also fwiw to the other ongoing discussion, I can’t find the TL category in Bookwalker clicking around. Maybe they’re reorging.


Oh interesting. I was getting the same page as @polv. So, just did an experiment and set my VPN to Japan and now I get this:

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I already saw this, actually; but turning on (all of them, actually), doesn’t change anything. (And I can already see BL without turning on first.)

And yes, 設定(せってい)変更(へんこう)しました。

Okay, so I guess it is region locked (which makes sense, I heard that bookwalker cannot sell R18 stuff abroad)

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