[2023] 多読/extensive reading challenge

Today I finished 乳と卵, which is one of my few not-light novels this year and probably the most difficult. I definitely didn’t understand everything (and decided to go with it, for the most part, rather than sitting down and trying to puzzle things out), but I enjoyed it. I’m hoping people in the coming book club have many questions so that I can retroactively understand some of the confusing things. :grin:




The author must be wrong. All Japanese girlfriends or co-workers know that that word doesn’t exist.


Haha I totally missed the 里心 memes apparently; had zero clue what that image was supposed to be about. I feel like I’ve seen it a decent amount in the wild


It’s definitely a pretty rare one, so I would be surprised if you’ve actually seen it multiple times and aren’t just mistaking it for another word. Even Nath, who has read quite a bit, has only seen it like twice I think. Jpdb.io has it in 2% of light novels/visual novels, so on average you’ll see it once every 50 books.


@Lswan @Rrwrex here you go

Reader: https://ttu-ebook.web.app/
DeDrm:Release v7.2.1 — Full Release · apprenticeharper/DeDRM_tools · GitHub
DeDrm install instructions: https://apprenticealf.wordpress.com/
Calibre: https://calibre-ebook.com/
Yomichan: Yomichan - Chrome Web Store
Detailed Yomichan setup guide: Yomichan and Mining - Animecards Site
Yomichan Dictionaries: shoui Yomichan Dictionaries Collection [learnjapanese.moe] - Google Drive
CSS styling to remove furigana:

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display: none;

I also just paste books into google docs sometimes to read, so thats an option too if you want horizontal writing. I tried to keep it short and sweet since the deets can be found in the more detailed guides online, but if you have any questions just ask. One thing I think would also be a good idea to make sure you have is the frequency dictionaries. I use the VN and Narou ones, but basically they tell you the ranking of how rare a word is from 0-100. Higher number = rarer. Makes it a lot easier to know which words are worth learning when you’re just starting out reading and getting a bit overrun with words. Koohi.cafe will also tell you how often certain words appear within a given work. Happy reading!


Oh, man. I can’t express how much I appreciate this!

I’ve grown to love using Yomichan so much when I’m able to use a browser for email and such, but I had no idea it was possible to use a browser-based epub reader like this for commercial Japanese books. You’ve just opened up a whole new world for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ありがたい doesn’t begin to cover it.


Wow. Well that’s something I am most interested in. So you mean to tell me there isn’t some kind of online search engine that can tell you how often a phrase is used and in what ways? For any language for that matter? It seems like many of these language learning apps work within a database of its own creation claiming to teach you “the 100-1,000 most common used phrases,” but it’s a one way conversation instead of being interactive. It makes me wonder… is there a way to fish the subtitle & translation database for say…Netflix, or is each movie separately stored? The reason I ask is because wouldn’t it be nice is you typed in “help me” into a program that had all these movies stored and you could see audio AND video for clips showing the different ways the phrase is used? From “help me move this television” to… “help me I’m drowning!” in original audio. So if a person was learning english, they could see organic situations where the phrase was being utilized. And you could do this with more complicated concepts like… idioms for instance, which are not readily translated. From a neurological standpoint, linking imagery, emotion, and feel to a phrase helps cement it to memory. Spatial awareness is also a key tool for memorization, even if it’s a fictional one from a fictional narrative. Hmmm…

I’ve only completed Rosetta Stone’s program (which uses zero kanji so I would have had to hack the code to overwrite with Kanji every single freaking frame which would have been more tedious labor than necessary to create a more advanced interactive program, but I did consider doing it). And then there’s my time spent on WaniKani the past 1.5 yrs now. Bunpro is the only program I’ve actually started using that teaches grammar points based on common phrases so I’ve had zero experience in reading past a sentence at a time (At measily N5 level mind you!) so this is a bit overwhelming… in a good way though. It’s a lot of what I need to be doing.

I’m curious to know what is the coding languages for this stuff? Because the conversions really speak of transferring very different styles of code here and I think that’s really the issue? With the furigana being smaller text vertically or horizontally…Am I wrong?

I could be wrong… I mean I designed websites with personnel profiles back in the 90’s before myspace & facebook even existed. (even friendster came a few years later now that I think of it).

Right now I use a Mac and you are clearly PC… I don’t see me getting through a single book in faster than a month at a time anyway so I may have some extra levels of BS I’ll need to shuffle through to get Chrome, then Yomichan, then these two readers with plugins? I mean I don’t even use Kindle. lol. I use ibooks and audiobooks.

My brother tried to get me to start using Python, but my coding skills are limited for an old goat such as myself. I’m lucky to still remember all the Keyboard shortcuts as they haven’t changed since back in the 90’s apparently.

Hmm…what do you think? I bookmarked this page and I’ll check back.

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It just depends what people make databases for. Like the narou one I think was like they just took the words from 500 narou books online. There is also one for netflix, wikipedia, novels, and whatnot all updated recently in the google drive I linked. The frequency of words depends pretty heavily on what you’re doing, so just pick the one most relevant to you. You can’t actually search through the sentences used to create the database since that would be hella illegal probably. Thats why I made the list of books I have read since thats just the best I can do.

Reading is really inevitably going to suck from a difficulty standpoint at the beginning no matter what. Hopefully you have something you want to read, because that makes things a lot nicer.

Hmm yeah, I’m not sure about how that would work with ibooks. Never used it before and it seems to be harder to mess with.

No problemo! If you start getting into making anki cards, keep in mind that yomichan has an anki pairing feature if you didn’t know that already. That way, with one click of a button you can make any word you are hovering over with yomichan into an anki card that goes straight to your deck. The guide has a link to a place that outlines how to do that too!


More like 3 or 4 times (or, more specifically, 4 instances, but I think two are from the same book), but I’ve read nearly 200 Japanese books, so the maths check out.


Oh dang, you’re definitely my 里心 senpai. Similarly, I think im on like my 48th book and just saw it for the first time, so math checks out over here too (with a sample size of 1!).

Clearly, we should just start describing total immersion by the amount of times you’ve seen 里心.


Well just going by where it shows up in JPDB, 花咲くいろは, 狼と香辛料, and 君の名は makes for at least three separate pieces of media that I would have seen it in :man_shrugging: This is another case where I wish it was possible to do a text search in my manga collection (not to mention my physical books) because I’m quite sure that number would be higher. I’m up to 249 books on bookmeter atm; granted most of that is manga but even still it’s a pretty sizable sample I feel.

(I do see ホームシック more often of course)


Dang, maybe you are just an outlier then.

Also, that reminds me. Really annoying to me how you can’t sort books and manga on bookmeter. I’ve seen a few people have separate accounts which is one workaround I guess, but its crazy that they put comics and books in one list. A lot of times I’ll click on something because it has a cool cover and wanna look more into it, then it ends up being a manga.


@Redglare Do you actually know greasybutter or did you just add him because you saw him on my list? I was looking at his profile and saw that you were following him lol

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I think I added him after I saw that you added him, yeah. Have seen him around the forum, that’s all. Do you know him? :caught_durtling:

Wait, I just realized thats @greasyButter lol. I’ve seen him around here too.

The reason I added him was because we are on a discord server together and we were talking about かのウワ and some other stuff. Honestly had no idea he was a WK user LMAO.


It’s a small world, after all :rofl:


He didn’t realize who I was either until I told him about my old profile pic :rofl:

Wacky coincidence


Uhh, mandatory army re-training for the whole week. Been a while since I did my service. Let’s see if I can get any reading done this week (or sleep, for that matter).

I weep for my Anki reviews.


Late (?) for ハメフラ 11 as well, but got to read it finally (well, mostly I was kinda reading other stuff, like かくりよの宿飯 instead but anyway).
Finally progress on all fronts! (cue wall of spoilers)
カタリナ realized that love is actually a thing that can happen to her and she has to search her feelings; she talked about that with both ジオルド and キース (also she saw マリア get invited for a date and wondered for half a second why she felt sad about that :stuck_out_tongue:); we know how much time there’s left until the end of the game; she can finally use dark magic in a useful way.
On the negative side, it was mostly a デューイ plot this time. Like last time with whatshisname, that character is not a love interest of the main character, so meh don’t care. Also, the action scenes were a bit flat.
セラ: I’m gonna mess U up. *attacks*
カタリナ: *deflects (nice!)* Actually let’s talk what are your hopes and also dreams
セラ: No… no one ever wanted to know about me before what are those feelings kyaaaa *flees*
Me: what.

Edit: now I have the song “Sera was never” stuck in my head.