[2023] 多読/extensive reading challenge

No, there’re only three volumes printed. But it was originally a web manga. The mangaka seems to be going and their own pace.

You can see the web version on Pixiv: https://www.google.com/amp/s/comic.pixiv.net/amp/works/3559


Six months check in as well.
So far 26/12 books… I guess I had the reverse goal of not reading too much so that I can focus on other things (mostly listening and grammar). I think that resolution held all of January :sweat_smile: I have a current secret goal of 50, so I’m on track for that though.

I didn’t keep track of how many manga I read, but I read at least 19 last month, as well as Yuru camp 1, 3 volumes of sailor moon, 3 volumes of Jojo, so >26 total. Ah wait, 2 volumes of flying witch as well, so 28 I guess.


What series (singular or plural) was that for?

Also, I feel like I need to track the manga I read or my Book Meter would be a lonely lonely place.


ハレルヤオーバードライブ: 15 volumes
弟の夫: 4 volumes

I did like both, but not sure I would recommend them.
I already mentioned about the first one in this thread.
In the second one, the story revolves around the interactions between a single father, his daughter, and the husband of his little brother (hence the title). Said husband is a Canadian, visiting after the death of the brother. The story is mostly about mourning and acceptance.


6 month check in
I’m almost finished my goals for this year of 24 books and 12 manga. Most of the books I’ve read are children’s books and graded readers. I hope I can read a real novel this year!


Make that 27/12, as I have just finished the 11th volume of DanMachi.

Not much to talk about this time beyond the usual. Basically no fan service, which was appreciated. The plot was not bad, with ヘスティア and friends on one side trying to send the ゼノス (monsters with human level of intellect) back to the dungeon, while basically everyone else are trying to kill them (the monsters for being monsters and ヘスティア and co. for being traitors to humanity). There was a romance comedy scene right in the middle when アイズ is tracking ベル’s movements (she can’t attack as he hasn’t done anything yet but everyone and their dog know that he will do something stupid heroic). ベル, thanks to his “six sense” telling him when he is being observed is painfully aware of her presence, but still has to meet with co-conspirators… who are all beautiful women because that’s almost exclusively the only type of character who hangs out with ヘスティアファミリア. For some reason, they all end up saying things that can be taken the wrong way. Well, except アイシャ, since she was just sexually harassing him as usual. So it’s technically not a misunderstanding. Anyway, hilarity is supposed to ensue? Not sure. The author just shrugged it off and went back to the action.
The action was pretty intense. It was nice to have a confrontation at the tactical level, where it’s fine to lose a fight (and boy did they lose, the ロキファミリア has a bunch of level 6s, while they had one level 5 and two level 4s (the level 5 not doing any direct fighting so that their ファミリア can remain officially out of the conflict). The main character is level 3, so he isn’t even registering on the chart… he still ends up being the MVP because, well, plot.
I just thought of a couple of things that have been annoying me as well, but I’ll keep that for when @afunian @Ditto20 and others (@Belerith I guess?) get there. Come on team!
Well, I guess I did end up to talk a lot anyway :sweat_smile: Despite mostly focusing on the negative part, that was probably my favorite book in the series overall (so far).
Now moving on to the next volume all the bookclubs I have neglected this week.


Nah, don’t wait up for me. :wink:
I’m prioritizing some other books I borrowed and the other book clubs I’m already a part of and that’ll be starting soon~ I don’t have the time to make good use of the 2month Unlimited Promotion that’s happening right now. :cry:

It’s seriously good to know the quality stays consistently ‘not bad’ though, haha.


Also, if anyone is interested in hoping on board, it seems we finally have enough momentum and community interest to establish an advanced reading club. It’s looking for book proposals now.

Advanced Japanese Book Club

oh great durtle in the sky, forgive my proselytizing *prostrates*


I saw ぬし used as “you” for the first time this morning when reading 狼と香辛料. And just now I saw it in a manga (此花亭奇譚) as おぬし. What an odd coincidence. :sweat_smile:


Sometimes I feel the various manga I’m reading are secretly working together to help me learn things.

Like, this week I saw 前略(ぜんりゃく) in AQUA, and then in 美少女戦士セーラームーン, I saw 前略. The latter lacked furigana, but context helped me recognize it. (I don’t know the second kanji yet.).

On the same page in 美少女戦士セーラームーン was 修業, which I had to look up just to be able to read, and then later in 三ツ星カラーズ, I saw 修業(しゅぎょう). (I don’t know the first kanji yet.)

Of course, I’ll promptly forget both of these, because they each have a kanji I don’t know yet.


Native reading SRS at work. :slight_smile:

I learned (this reading of) 主 and 汝 in a game. I feel so validated in my hobbies.


I saw 汝 in まちかどまぞく, but I only read the first chapter before stopping since it was so hard. I did remember the kanji and meaning since it’s so distinctive, but I forgot the reading.

Oh, I’ve also been seeing a lot of 沢山 lately, plus some 折角 and 流石, all in kanji. Thankfully I know all those now and it didn’t even slow me down.



To add to the ぬし list, there was a character in a manga I read some time ago (can’t even remember the title) who used ぬし for “you” and うぬ for “I”. I mostly remember because the main character was as confused as me and had that character explain what those words mean, leading to the amazing line: “(while pointing at the MC) ぬしはぬし。(While pointing at himself) うぬはうぬ。” :rofl:


The 汝 I saw was read なんじ. I wonder if there’s a difference.


I’m not 100% sure, but I think the kanji was 己 in this case :thinking: At the very least, 汝 wasn’t in there.


In the game it was used to mean ‘you’, not I, but I’ve been reading it なんじ. There was no furigana, but I’m sure I did the research the first 5 times… :thinking:

I love when the same kanji can be used for both ‘you’ and ‘I’. By now it sort of feels like it’s all of them. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, 汝 was “you” where I read it too. I misread what Naph put.

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Well, to be fair, 汝 is a possible kanji for うぬ (although it’s not frequent? Not sure; I also read it なんじ by default). うぬ can mean both you or I, same as おのれ or ぼくfor instance.


List of cognitive biases - Wikipedia Ba da ba ba da ba!


Just don’t go around saying Baader–Meinhof is alive and well, as I did after seeing 「有り難う」 in a manga soon after learning it via WaniKani. Apparently Mr. Baader and Mr. Meinhof weren’t a couple of scientists who studied frequency bias.

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