[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

It’s probably at least in part because Bookmeter is linked to Amazon.

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Oh thank you, I just realized I apparently picked the kindle versions of the book. I dont think theres a way to change a previously read book though.

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You can remove entries from Bookmeter if you want. If that’s what you mean.


Yes I would like to remove the kindle version and add the physical version but I couldnt figure out how to remove one, and I dont want two versions to mess up my pages read.
Edit: Figured it out now! thanks

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I read a little bit of a sample of 狼と香辛料 last night. I was reading it on my phone, so I don’t really have a good sense for how many pages it was, but probably somewhere in the 2-4 page range. The writing flowed nicely and overall it was pretty easy to follow. I did notice two grammar points that I didn’t recognize just in those few pages, but the vocabulary was surprisingly easy. I only looked up a few words and I was able to understand pretty much everything going on (I think).

I want to stay focused on finishing the first 空ろの箱と零のマリア book (50% done now), but once that’s finished I’ll probably go back and read the whole sample for 狼と香辛料. I’ll post an update then.


So, I’d stopped, primarily because I went back to work and spent all my free time playing 逆転裁判 again <3

But I finished it now. It ended feeling kindof ho-hum for me. I liked the book overall, but I wouldn’t say it was a good book. I try to make the distinction between things that are good and things that I like :laughing:

Dunno if I’ll read the next one or not


Ooohhh, been trying to do that for a while and I can’t find it… how can you remove books from your list?
I swear this happens to me on every website :roll_eyes::joy:

So you click on your book, by going to whichever section it is in and clicking on it, like from 読んだ本. Then you click the small X to the right of the page of your book you clicked on.

See the small x, under the facebook icon


I see. That is so easy :joy: I’m pretty sure I somehow convinced myself that would just close some sort of window instead :woman_facepalming: thanks for helping me out :slight_smile:


No problem, its was the same with me, I still get overwhelmed by Japanese websites so it took me a while to find it lol.


I’ve done it a couple of times but I always forget how inbetween and have to hunt all over for it. :sweat_smile:


Manga: one-volume buffer on goal pace. Starting to feel antsy about reading マダム・ジョーカー too quickly–I need another series to hit a really good part and suck me in before I blow through what’s left and face the gaping void.

Novel: 22% into ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖. I’m enjoying it so far, and the reading pulls me along easily, but it is also kind of giving me 氷菓 flashbacks? Not that I disliked 氷菓 so much that any reminder is anathema, but it is hard to get my heart to fully commit to this book when it remembers how I just felt meh at the end of 氷菓. (Not really spoilers but just in case I will blur: Small mysteries that most people would either not care about, find baffling but let go, or want to solve but not be able to, except there is this one person who can solve them through observation and intuition, etc! Note: everything else feels different so far, and [so far] I would say in a good way, so I’m not giving up, just … warily noting.) Another very small worry is whether it’s episodic–I’m not really in the mood for that. … On the other hand, the reading is going quickly enough and I’m enjoying it enough that I can just commit to the first one and decide on the next one later. Plan.


And then the void looks back at you.

In unrelated yet kinda related news, I’m so glad the library is open again and I can get an infinite supply of books to fill said void.

Oooooh I can assure you, this book’s ending is nothing like the end of 氷菓.

Fun fact (that I mentioned previously in this thread actually): the first book was supposed to be a standalone, and can definitely be read as such, so read without fear!
After that, I’d say it’s possible to stop at the end of almost any book, except volume 4, if I remember correctly (it’s a bit too cliffhangery).


I am also grateful that there are more books to fill the void.

Thank you for the information! I will do my best to read without fear. :smiley:


This month, my usual reading time has been gutted in half by work, so I got really confused when I saw my bookmeter stats:
スクリーンショット 2020-05-31 21.40.56

Virtually no difference with last month!
Looking deeper into it, here’s what I found:

  • one book was read over time with a book club, so it’s not really like I read it this month.
  • three books are ebooks. Now, that’s interesting, since I haven’t been reading ebooks during my usual reading time, but whenever I had 5 minutes free here and there throughout the day. That’s crazy, now that I think about it. Before that, I would usually aimlessly browse the forum look at compelling Japanese learning resources :eyes: Anyway, those ebooks saved my stats.

That being said, I don’t know what will happen from now on. They are indeed convenient but I still like physical books better…


I haven’t been making a good push on this, so I am here to reassert this goal. To make it more concrete, I will say: I want to read at least one chapter of each of these manga today; I want to finish one volume of one of these by tomorrow; if the volume finished doesn’t complete a series, I also want to finish a series by the end of the day Friday.

Oh, let’s do check boxes, because otherwise I will forget again.

6/2 goal (one chapter):
ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 (am toward the beginning of volume 14 of 14)
毒姫 (am toward the beginning of volume 4 of 5)
プラネテス (am toward the beginning of volume 2 of 4)
飛べない魔女 (am toward the beginning of volume 3 of 3)

6/3 goal (one volume)

6/5 goal (one series)


Your checkboxes are much more useful than mine. Here’s mine:
Read if I feel like it
Read if I feel like it
Read if I feel like it


Those are excellent goals.


Well, I finally finished 鹿の王 1 and you were right about that! The style of the author is definitely recognizable. It has also the advantage of featuring adult protagonists, including one who is (technically?) a father. Also ユナ is adorable; I loved the berry incident.
Still, it took some mental power to go through the book. I flew through the first part in one sitting, I was riveted to my seat, I was involved and bam, change of character. Also, how about we learn about the history of the people of said characters? Why not. Also political tensions. Woohoo… I don’t care, give me back the superhuman survivor. Eventually it got good when they started tracking the character from the first part, when suddenly change of characters. How about we learn about raising deers, now? That sounds like good fun. Actually, that’s sincere. I would not do that for a living, but that kind of connection to nature sounds very appealing, especially right now, but I digress.

Anyway, it was a very good book, and I loved it (despite the frustration I just vented). I will definitely buy the rest of the series. And a trip to BookOff sound imminent, considering I have now finished all my non-book club physical books. (I did go overboard, buying ahem 10 ebooks in the past few days, but let’s not think too much about that)


Glad to hear you liked the book! And yes, I totally feel your complaints, and that will not go away - at times I’m digging through a chapter, everything is very exciting, and then we get to learn more about politics, which is somehow a drag. (Or maybe it is just harder to understand for me and thus feels more like a drag.) Also, the political tensions are unfortunately rather important to the whole story, so you will learn more about them as you go… And I found the relation to the situation right now really surreal, especially the event in the salt mine and what happens in the first part of book 2.
I really like all the protagonists, initially I was a big fan of our superhuman survivor, but then I was enchanted by Doctor Sherlock Holmes :slight_smile: Now it’s a good balance between the two. Also, of course, the girl! I had a good laugh when she started talking, because reading dialect is nothing compared to that :joy_cat: When she just started talking I did not understand anything, but later it got better.