[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

I haven’t read much since July, but I’ll get back to it eventually. Since the story arcs are relatively self-contained, jumping back in after a break fortunately doesn’t seem to be a problem. Glad you enjoyed the first volume!

@seanblue Yup, I’ve finished 香君 – and loved the 2nd volume at least as much (maybe more)! I wrote a few paragraphs here.


Ah, thanks for the link. I even searched this thread and still somehow missed it!

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Well, I finished this…and holy FUCK that was insane. Only one thing left to do

General thoughts

This series just keeps getting worse. It truly makes my skin fucking crawl reading these last couple volumes, but its so hard to put down. Its just so terribly perverse that I question the mental state of the person who wrote this.

Literally every single chapter in this book had some weird fucked up “game” or some bombshell that was dropped. If it were some erobook, I mean some of this stuff might be excusable, but this is a normal book thats on bookstore shelves man. I really want to describe some of the stuff they did, but theres really no way to without breaking TOS in some regard I feel like.

At the very end, this book made it seem like things were coming to a close and had 丸く収まったd, but then that last fucking scene just…NOPE LOL. The book had the chance to honestly just end if it kept pace for like 20 more pages, but noooooo. It decided to have what was potentially the most fucked up scene in the entire series. Like it literally just emotionally destroyed every single character except MC in a single scene, including the two main girls. Like literally, they just physically left. Then the epilogue takes place years later where MC is a university student who keeps away from women except there recently has been a rumor that he got a girlfriend. Her name? Tachibana Miyuki. The little sister of the long blackhaired girl on the cover.

Oh yeah, not to mention he fucking did some lewd shit with her too. But, yknow what, thats not even worth writing about here lol. Dude wasn’t lying about being tanizaki lol. Honestly, this might be the first series I have read where I was literally hoping the main character would be murdered. One of the girls said that if he didn’t choose her she would kill him and…honestly…I would have been pretty down for that.


I finally finished the first volume of Red Data Girl. It was good overall. A bit more challenging than expected, and not always the “fun” kind of challenging. That is, part of the challenge was from lack of kanji usage. Being able to recognize words when written in kana is certainly a useful skill, but the usefulness doesn’t make it any less annoying to deal with. I look forward to reading something that uses kanji more normally after this. :sweat_smile:

Also, there's some pretty intense classical Japanese...

@Naphthalene or @KazeTachinu, do you have any idea how to interpret this from the ending?



あづさゆみ引きみゆるへみ ずは


I think I figured out most of line 1. All pretty standard old kana usages.

Line 2 has some classical Japanese. I guess じ could be ないだろう (never seen that before though, so can’t really be sure). The つ at the end could just be past tense I guess, except that doesn’t help since I still don’t know what あたり見る is.

Lines 3 and 4 I honestly have no clue. I don’t think I know a single word or even what to look up in terms of grammar.

I found this, which pretty much confirms my understanding of both the grammar and meaning of lines one and two (except the end I still don’t quite get). But even giving the “modern” Japanese for the last two lines, I have no idea how to get from one to the other. :sweat_smile:


Yes, the 万葉集 is also beyond my pay grade. There are some more resources online explaining the grammar, though I cannot find the one for the second poem anymore.
By the way, 梓弓引きみ緩へみ appears a few time in the collection (it’s a 枕詞).

I guess I should learn some Classical Japanese some day.


Does that mean it has no meaning? I can’t tell if the meaning for 枕詞 is simply that it’s a fixed preface (with no additional implications) or if it also indicates that has no inherent meaning / importance.

Ha, yeah. I know baby Classical Japanese, so like the most “complicated” thing I know is し for the past tense of verbs.


No, it has a literal meaning (in this case, the bow being drawn and released repeatedly) but it’s also used as a way to signal an idea/concept (kinda like a meme in modern culture). If I understood correctly, this one is about going back and forth on something/hesitating.


Now that I’ve read the intro post properly, I feel like I should join this challenge. It seems like my goal of reading 50 vol of manga is pretty in line with others’ goals.


Somehow today buying more Japanese books seems much more attractive than reading more Japanese books… Fortunately for my meagre stocks of willpower, I can’t put in another amazon order until at least after the advanced book club vote is done.


Japanese literature: Hello, yes we have amazing works, both contemporary and classic, that explore the deep intricacies of japanese society and culture. We highly recommend works by Natsーー,wait no… what are you reading?

Me: Haha yes meme reference in porn game lets go


They announced this game recently


I’m not sure what thread to put this in, but @pm215 I believe you’ve also read a decent number of 赤川次郎 books? I made a bingo card for his stories: 赤川次郎 Bingo Card


Hilarious! Makes me want to read a dozen 赤川次郎 books just to play the game. :rofl:


日向千尋は仕事が続かない has cleaned my soul after reading this. Very unwholesome start, but very wholesome end. Fan fucking tastic voice actress too. Perhaps one of the first times I would actually just wait and listen to the entire voice line rather than skipping and just going at my own speed.

Bonus pic of final scene


I read this one first. It was okay. Not super funny and some of the choices of story/direction were weird. E.g. the main character is so obsessed with the girl she’s trying to impress by “being bad” that it borders on creepy/stalking. Not to mention, she’s not very good at being bad (but not even in a funny way), so it tends to focus more on her obsession than the being bad part. Also, it’s mostly just her trying to be bad, not a whole group as the first few pages hinted at.

Volume 2 is coming out soon, but I’ll probably pass.


Just read the first chapter of 京極 夏彦’s 今昔百鬼拾遺 鬼, and so far I’m liking it a lot. It seems like it’s shaping up to be “private amateur investigators look into a serial killing”. Like all his books, there’s a youkai theme to it. The book was a bit vague about when it was set, so it was only halfway through the chapter when it referenced something happening at the time when Japan was in an uproar over the visit of Marilyn Monroe that I twigged that it’s set in the 1950s :slight_smile:

Language is slightly on the trickier side, but it’s only 250 pages. I’d be tempted to suggest it for the advanced book club except I want to read it now!

The author writes とても as 迚も, but does at least furigana it. This is also the first book I’ve read in ages that re-furiganas character names at the first use in each chapter, not just first use in the whole book. I wonder if that’s a legacy from it having been first published online?

Also, this is the first book I recall seeing where the cover art has credits for model, stylist, hair and makeup…


I’m just going to cross post here as well to keep some sort of activity on the forum.

I finished RDG3 レッドデータガール 夏休みの過ごしかた | L34 yesterday, and I can say I really enjoy the story so far. As I have been told, the overarching plot is pretty slow, mostly because the main character knows nothing and people who know either refuse to answer, say they’ll answer later™, or tell her to ask someone that she can never meet due to plot convenience.

We still got some insights about what the school is about and the pairing system. Based on everything we have been told so far, it’s obvious that 泉水子 is supposed to be the main and 深行 is the partner… but since she stands out so little (and he is suspiciously good at everything else than spiritual stuff) it’s hilarious that everyone is thinking the opposite. It’s funny to see people trying to assess 深行’s strength, and being confused by the negative result. Conversely, people even took 泉水子 for a 式神 at first rather than a real human.

I like the series a lot, despite not being in the target age range. I’m planning to grab the remaining volumes from the library today.


I read a proper book awhile back called 今夜世界からこの恋が消えても and thought it was fantastic and even recommended it to a couple people on here.

Today in class, a student was asking about how to say 感動する in English because she wanted to use it for a movie she watched. I asked what movie and she said 今夜世界からこの恋が消えても lol. Apparently it got a movie.

When I said “ah yeah I read the book for that” I literally had students book it across the room and join the conversation like “WHAT”. Apparently they were big fans too. A sequel came out recently and it’s been on my to read list for a bit, but now I guess I gotta give it some priority.

Man, I gotta finish up oneyuu, am in the middle of komari 5, told a buddy I’d read ngnl with him when he finished overlord which he is about to do, and now this lol. Busy busy, smh.


Well, I finished all three endings of 如月真綾の誘惑 and I figured I would write my thoughts here a bit before lights out time.

Once in a blue moon, you come across a special work that will remain with you in one way or another for potentially the remainder of your life.

A work that paints characters and their relationships so vibrantly and vividly that it changes your perceptions on the limits of writing and fictional characters. So multidimensional that it really makes them almost feel real.

A work that is able to resonate with you and your past experiences. With writing so strong that its able to strike even the deepest chord within your soul. Partway through, you don’t know if you are the one reading the book, or if the one is reading you. A work that can feel so personal that you feel almost seen through to the core by the eyes of the author.

A work that leaves you in shambles by the end. A work so good at sucking you into the world and making you invested in the characters and story that it has significant impact on you personally. Thus, once the world has come to its close, you feel a deep sense of emptiness within you. A void that nothing seems quite able to fill.

如月真綾の誘惑 did an incredibly superb job at achieving literally none of that. It was fucking garbage. And that really means something coming from me.

Now, you might be wondering, “well what did you expect?”.

Nothing. I literally expected nothing and it still managed to not meet my expectations. The instructions for how to use shampoo on the back of my head and shoulders bottle in my bathroom has more plot than this VN had. The main girl can only be described as “yabai” and the main character can only be described as male genitalia. So what do you get when you combine those two and make them siblings? You get 3 people who are headed straight to hell: those two mental health case studies and me for reading it.

Honestly, its not all bad though. The one redeeming feature of this playthrough came from my text hooker. Immediately after getting the bad end, I went back to the first decision which would set me on the path to getting (one of the?) good ends. As a result, it had the final bad end text and then first good end text back to back and they were surprisingly coherent haha.


Overall I would give it a solid 1/10 from a writing perspective and an 8/10 from a lewdness perspective.


Haha nice intro though!

Now one question remains: Have you ever come across a book that matches your initial description? Be it in Japanese or any other language. Would like to know more about it :smiley: