[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

For me, it’s more an average thing. I read ~150 pages yesterday, but didn’t read anything except for Kino during the first two weeks of the months.
Still, bookmeter tells me I read 15 pages per day on average, which becomes 17 if I factor Kino in.
Close enough to my goal, even though my reading was all over the place.


Ahem. As I am currently in Japan, I went on a shopping spree through the neighbouring Bookoff’s. (And a bookstore.)


Maybe I overdid it a little :wink:

At least now I have enough reading material for the next five years or so.


My consistency also needs work still. Since the VN doesn’t measure in pages, I use a habit tracker app, set with the idea that I should be reading at least 5 times a week. Since starting mid February, I’ve only completed that goal 59% of the time.

I try to convince myself it’s also due to my pretty low skill level. There is still plenty of grammar learning that I need to do, and it can be a struggle for me to spend two hours learning new grammar stuff and do some proper reading on the same day.

And among that 59%, I feel like I really didn’t read long enough at times. I believe some other people also mentioned it; there are days where reading Japanese for just 10 minutes basically puts me to sleep. I guess my brain doesn’t always feel up to the work-out. :sweat_smile:

My progress through the game is slow, but happening. It’s fun to be doing this alongside the learning of some crucial grammar stuff, because I got to see my comprehension of what I read rise very markedly. Motivating! So although my reading can’t really be qualified as extensive in terms of amount, I’m still finding it enjoyable and highly educational!

Here’s to finishing case 2 before June!


Very ambitious! :smiley: given that your reading speed will surely continue to increase as you go along, you might well finish withing 2 years… If you can resist adding more to the stack, haha. :sweat_smile:

Just gotta remind ourselves of that and not stop reading.

As always, everyone’s progress is very motivating. :slight_smile:

Personally, I feel I’ve been editing the reading wiki a bit too much lately. The last couple days I did it twice at least. It has this funny effect on me… I edit because I think I’m done for the day, but then I want to read some more after logging my progress.

I’m not complaining, btw.


Haha, you haven’t seen my Bookwalker shelf yet :joy_cat:

These are only the books I want to read that are not available on Bookwalker, so I wanted to get them in Japan because it’s way cheaper without the shipping, plus I get to read a bit before buying, so I can judge whether it makes kinda sense AT ALL to try reading that book.


Have you seen the movie しあわせのパン? Is that why you chose it?

:joy_cat: You got me there - that book was actually an accident…

I was looking for books from an author called 三島 由紀夫 (みしま ゆきお), and so in the 三島 section I saw this book, which is written by 三島 有紀子 (みしま ゆうきこ), so I thought “ok, 三島 and a three-kanji-first name, fair enough” – Well, not really… :scream:

Plus, the title reminded me of my Japanese host mother who loves bread so I thought it can’t be entirely wrong :laughing:

Have you watched the movie? Can you recommend the story?

As I recall it, it was one of those very sweet, gentle arthouse kind of movies where everything looks absolutely beautiful (I kept thinking “how can they live in a house with so little in it?”) but the plot is almost left to your imagination. :smile:

On the plus side, no guns. :joy:


Ahem, I shall make you feel better by showing you my haul (I went back in march/April time):

I thought I’d have my reading sorted for a while and then ended up having to order haruhi in last week anyway :joy:


Wow! :smiley:

Couldn’t help but notice those big books on the bottom, they kind of stand out. :stuck_out_tongue: Did you chose ヤクザライフ for a reason, or just for the topic /title? I have to admit I’ve been wanting to read up on Yakuza.

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Very nice :slight_smile:

Another 1Q84 fan, as I see! One day, we will end up running a book club on that one…

And you also bought the cats book - did you find a used copy? I searched hi and lo and found a gazillion copies of 億男 but no cats, so I ended up buying a new one (the only new book in my collection).


If you tried book off, popular books are kept separate from the other. That almost made me miss コンビニ人間 :slight_smile:


Hmmm, I see… Thanks for the pointer! So next time I will try to expand my Bookoff-fu and look for the popular books section :slight_smile:

And it will probably take me another 5 years to understand how the manga are arranged :joy_cat:


I definitely recommend going with a friend who knows :joy:


Sign me up! Maybe I’ll finally get past chapter three…


I honestly don’t even have a clue what it’s about. For all I know it could be a children’s story anthology :joy:
I randomly stumbled across it somewhere in jimboucho and really liked the cover. Tried to read the back but kept getting distracted by ftiends. Eventually just ended up buying g it xD

I shall tell you once ive gotten aro u d to re adding the blurb :wink:

hopefully. Been meaning to read it, but I’m not sure if I can get through it on my own / without a schedule to keep me going

Yet another question I don’t know the answer to (I’m not doing well today :joy:).
I found it in a local bookshop to our hotel. They had both new and used books (I think), so I’m honestly not sure which category that belonged to, can’t even remember what I payed xD


It took me almost all of the two (insert swear word here) weeks to figure out how this whole book ordering system works. So confusing :dizzy_face:

I’d probably also read it if that happened.

That’s true for nearly every book in existence, but still. The only thing keeping me from reading everything related to all the book clubs and miscellaneous discussion threads except the easiest ones is time and money… and time is becoming less and less of a problem as I gradually become able to read faster


I’ll be looking forward to it. :smiley:

Looking at all those pictures again, makes me want to buy all the books. :smiley:

:point_up: been meaning to read a Murakami anyway. Considering he doesn’t like ebooks, I shall prepare accordingly, so I can be ready when the time comes. :+1:


Yeah, only half of Murakami‘s books are on BookWalker, sadly. (But the good news is, Bookoff is packed with 1Q84 copies :slight_smile: )

This year, I managed to understand the „Japanese authors“ section which is simply ordered alphabetically by author. But manga are a different beast: They are ordered by things like genre and publisher and such…
Also, I need to understand the special book sections better :slight_smile:

Last year I was asked to bring a bunch of manga for a friend, and I kept asking the shop assistants :joy_cat: