[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

I just know that Naphthalene has complained that several of the LN series they read were trash in terms of writing quality (such as Kuma^4). Hence my comment. :slight_smile:


Just kidding! I know they complained and then promptly went ahead and read them regardless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

probably only so that they could complain more :woman_shrugging:

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It was good! I just grabbed vol. 2 in my recent manga haul to see if I’ll keep reading it. I’m not quite sure how to describe it besides that it’s comfy and the overarching story is probably going to focus on the process of growing up and maturing into a real adult (more than being able to drink it black or reaching a certain landmark age).

The cute 和服カフェマスター girl is a big plus as well.


Well, the first volume was 50% points back on Amazon, so I just bought it. Not sure when I’ll read it though!

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Unfortunately for me, since I bought a Japanese physical edition, I think to use the dlc with that copy I’d need a Japanese PSN account and gift cards to apply to it, because DLC is more region-locked than the games themselves for whatever reason, and I think has to be bought from the store that matches the country of origin of the disk. So maybe I’ll just watch a playthrough of it or something for less trouble…

Now that they’re doing simultaneous releases and story DLC I should probably stop buying the games that way! Since I don’t think it actually had any benefit in this case, I just knew I wanted to play it in Japanese so I did it that way without thinking. Should probably have checked the language options on the English store page for the digital edition and DLC plans and gone with that instead. Oh well!

I finished 西の魔女が死んだ.

It’s a short book (225 pages) about a young girl named Mai who stops going to middle school due to bullying and instead temporarily moves to her grandmother’s place in the countryside. The grandmother is, of course, the titular witch. The story begins with her death and then is mostly about Mai remembering the weeks she spent there and everything her grandmother taught her.

Despite the title this is not a fantasy book, but about Mai’s growth at her grandmother’s place and their shared memories. Bittersweet and heartwarming, I quite liked it.

Next up: 神さまたちの遊ぶ庭

It’s about a family moving to a ド田舎 place in Hokkaidō – a tiny community with only 10 students across all grades and no supermarket within a 30 km radius. There the family (wife, husband, 3 children) spend one year. It’s a real story taking place in 2013 and told in diary style with one chapter dedicated to each month.

I’ve only read the prologue so far, but I do like the style and am obviously enarmored with the premise – which is why I bought it in the first place. Can’t wait to learn more about the joys and hardships of 田舎ライブ.


And done! 100!

In the end I went with かくりよの宿飯 11 and くまクマ熊ベアー 11 as my last emergency two books. Things have been unexpectedly busy with family too, so I wasn’t sure I would make it, but I still did! Weee!
Never again.

At least, I only bought books I wanted to read.
In particular, I was feeling like reading more about ユナ steamrolling everything. It gets boring after a while, but it’s fun anyway… Sadly there was no action in volume 11, as volume 10 was just the end of an adventure arc. So more cooking, children book writing, and a school festival this time.

かくりよの宿飯 11, on the other hand, is the perfect example of a series that may or may not be over (continuing a conversation from the natively thread). While the author says that “now it’s probably over”, the book itself introduces a bunch of new characters and shows the beginning of a new plot…


Until next year. :grin:


Unfortunately after my last post in July things got a lot worse so goals this year have been an absolute failure.

This year I will attempt to reach the same goals ( 10 books or visual novels and 24 manga volumes) and I’m really hoping the universe won’t be coming after me this time so I can make it. Wish me luck!


Was not my intention to read a lot this year, but it happened naturally by reading about chapter per day for like 6 months. Read 30 volumes worth of manga and one children’s book with collection of short stories. Managed to finish skyward sword and I’m currently playing pokemon brilliant diamond.

For next year I want to start reading books as well. The goal will be to read 5 books and 50 manga volumes.


I finished the December Harta! It was the first issue I needed to wait for while caught up, so I was really excited to read it when it came out (but it got interrupted when I switched to churning through stuff before the end of the year).
ハルタ Vol. 90

There was one debut, which I really liked! 恋の絶望行進曲 by 富沢未知. It’s about a girl who has a crush on another girl at school and confesses - seemingly successfully, but it becomes clear the crush is taking the relationship much much less seriously than her.
The art’s really nice and this first chapter did a great job already of making me want to root for the main character on the emotional rollercoaster it’s gonna be.

Five chapters into 司書正 by 丸山薫 and I think it’s gonna grow to be a favorite.
I love how it’s pretty slowly built up a really interesting premise, and the start of what’s going to be the plot. And I love what it does with kanji for the Chinese-influenced fictional setting.

This chapter of ホテル・メッツァペウラへようこそ by 福田星良 is all about the protagonist finding a husky that got loose and heavily warming up to it, and it’s really adorable.

This chapter of 希釈王 by 須川佳 is a really fun self-contained story about three women, a goblin, a gorgon, and an elf, all separately feeling down about themselves for different reasons, with the only connection to the main story being that they hear about what a striking misfit the protagonist is and are inspired with the confidence to solve their problems. This series debuted around the same time as 司書正 and has a compleeeeeetely different vibe but I feel the same way about it in terms of slowly being more and more sold on it. Which is neat!

I learned a little spanish from あかねさす柘榴の都 by 福浪優子!

マリンの靴 by かわもと まい, a cobbler manga that seemed like it has a good heart, concluded, with the second and last volume out in February.


My very last (for real this time) update to the 2022 table includes the manga I squeezed in over the last hour or so before the new year.

Also goals tracking blog post here, postmortem here, bookmeter summary here.

Pretty charts below


To put a cap on the year,

I think at the beginning of 2021, I’d come remarkably far with this unexpected hobby, and I was at the point where I was realizing that although it was still slow and heavily dictionary-dependent, I could read anything I set my mind to. And I think I was more bursting to apply, and talk about, that development than I realized.
I think now, at the beginning of 2022, the biggest difference is that reading (and to a lesser extent even listening to!) feels integrated and matter-of-fact. I stopped reading manga in English, and over the course of the year my Japanese reading capacity grew enough to approximate (or with enthusiasm factored in, maybe even surpass) the speed and bulk I would have managed in English.
Now comprehension just feels… nearer… if that makes sense. Less academic. It happens to one degree or another automatically in a way that didn’t happen before and that reminds me of English. And I can use that to gloss or skim if I want, in a way that would have just meant not understanding anything before.

And I’m very glad to have started participating in this thread and the forum in general in 2021!
I think it’s been fantastic to have an outlet to share with people in the same boat, book clubs and hearing about things to read is always fun, I’ve been reading 不思議の国のバード with @valkow and that’s been great, and just all around I think it’s really helped me take it from a little personal hobby to a skill to be confident about. And through the thread I heard about bookwalker (and mandarake!) which has allowed me to take my 積読 habits to new heights, and have access to tons of things I wouldn’t have necessarily thought possible. Getting into ハルタ for example, wouldn’t have been nearly so easy otherwise, and that’s been a huge highlight of my year and feels especially fulfilling as an ongoing habit to look forward to, and a mark of how far Learning to Read 2: The Sequel has come for me that I have the ability to maintain that in the first place.
So I’m extremely grateful for all of that!

I think in 2022 I’ll read plenty at this point without specifically pushing for a specific goal. I’m toying with the idea of going ham on manga this year to get going regularly with the various series I paused when I switched away from English manga, and to make a dent in all these bookwalker freebies I’ve accumulated… But we’ll see how it pans out.
I think it would be good to try to make sure to get actual study in with the remaining textbook type stuff I have, and to shore-up my higher level grammar as much as possible and not get too overconfident just because I can roughly get the idea most of the time. I think if there’s a limit to how much you can internalize just reading without ever producing, I may be very close to it. So I’ll try to keep an eye on that and make sure the trajectory still feels like it’s going up.

I imported about 7000 words from the back half of the year’s lookups, bringing the hopper of new cards to about 12750, or about exactly half of the entire deck. At my steady habit of 20 new cards a day… I’m covered for a while. A prediction for the year is that I think the rate I mark new words for import will drop below the rate at which I study new cards (definitely not the case last year), heralding the (eventual!) ebb of my anki deck. But we’ll see. There’s still plenty of words, aren’t there!


super patiently waits for @Naphthalene to get the thread ready for 2022 :caught_durtling:

Happy new year :tada: :sparkles:


Ah yes, I forgot to say, I won’t have access to a reliable internet connection or a computer until the 5th. So let’s say everyone has until then for their final update of the 2021 table.


noob here

started reading よふかしのうた. It takes so long to get through every page, but I’m starting to notice things I’ve learned pop up here and there :slight_smile:


I read 13 books and 45 volumes of manga this year. I feel amazing, because before that I read 1 novel and 2 volumes of manga total ever since I started learning. I am glad that I graduated from tadoku and finally read native stuff.
I also listened to 5 audiobooks (3 novels I’ve read before and 2 Harry Potters).
For next year my plan is to produce similar numbers, maybe a bit more novels and a bit less manga.


My bestest of wishes for all of you guys going into next year! I mentioned how I am slowing down on reading and this winter break I’ve kicked reading out of my schedule entirely and have solely been focusing on listening. To keep some of that momentum going into the next year I’ll probably avoid joining in on tadoku for the start of the year to keep temptation low. My listening is improving very fast, so hopefully with a few months of focused effort I’ll get to a place I’m happy with and can move back over to reading more.

I’ll still be reading at work, but now some of my work study time will also be dedicated to pitch accent. So maybe my pace will be closer to a preserve-my-current-level pace of a book or two a month rather than me going ham again and trying to read 2 books a week like I originally planned lol.


Just listen to all the books instead. :slight_smile:

By the way, how are you studying pitch accent?

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Actually one of the things I’ve done this break was exactly that. Since my desire to improve my listening is purely for practical everyday reasons, however, I don’t think fiction audiobooks are the most effective. Not to say I won’t do it, of course…but probably in moderation.

If you actually care, I can get you links later (am in bed), but there are a couple textbook/pitch accent info guides I’ve been reading while watching dogens pitch accent series. Then, for general patterns I srs the exceptions.