[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

What got cut out/what problematic thing are you referring to? Its been a minute since I read the web novel, but looking it up that seems to be around the time he met satella, right?.

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The problematic thing is how he dealt with the fact he broke a promise with Emilia. From the start, he knew he could not keep that promise and that she absolutely hate liars and broken promises. So far so dumb. The problem is that, when she confronts him about it, he basically goes “yeah, I know, but I love you so it’s alright”. He even use standard manipulation techniques from abusive relationships. Then the author decides that yep, that’s fine, so the fight is over and they kiss. :angry: It’s absolutely not fine though. I can’t imagine what happens to all the teenage boys reading that series thinking that that’s a good example of relationship or even romantic.

The cut part is that リューズ was supposed to know about ロス ローズ the clown’s scheme to use Subaru, and to some extent about his ability. It brought nothing to the plot and just made some stuff more complicated.


Ahhh yeah that part really annoyed the hell out of me if I’m thinking of the right one. You’re talking about the one where he leaves in the middle of the night, right? I don’t wanna say anything further and spoil you if thats not the case lol

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That’s the one.
Then people (in the Re:Zero book club) wonder why I hate his guts.

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okokok yeah when that happened I was like really dude…totally unecessary. Like to be fair, its explained later obviously why he leaves and it makes it a bit better…but overall it was terrible handling and that whole make up scene you were talking about was just bad lol. Like…結果的に the things subaru says I guess to end up making her a better and more respectable person…but like their whole dynamic was hard to watch and felt unhealthy. Mentally emilia is also supposed to be like 14 years old, right? Its like shes in this terribly stressful situation with the trial, her past situation is like the definition of stress, and there is the terribly stressful thing with puck…and the solution that magically fixes her is lying and yelling at her with an I love you sprinkled on top? Like idk mannnnnnnnnnn


Does it, though? Drawing pictures of パック might not even help for all he knows, since she’s going to be pretty conflicted about him at that point in time (well, technically the contract was not broken yet while Subaru was drawing, still, that’s very much unasked for).

Yep. And he knows it. But I’m just going to pretend it’s not a thing.

Again, I just hope there aren’t people who read that and think “ah, so that’s how I should behave in a relationship”.

Edit: that’s some fast paced profile picture changes.

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What I meant was that at least he was trying to do something for her and is just an idiot rather than off doing something else unrelated to her.

Yeahh…I was pretty hard on the emilia wagon at the start of the series, but after reading that arc I was kinda like dang shes kinda like a kid and couldn’t shake it. Theres something that happens later too thats meant to be funny…but I was really just kinda offput by and her lack of development and maturity.

Right, I imagine some of the more impressionable younger audience might take it too seriously. Its a shame too because I feel like when subaru was in the wrong before during the knight thing, emilia didn’t put up with any of his manipulative shit. Guess that was just a one time thing.

Theres so many good pictures on pixiv and I can’t pick. Whos idea was it to limit us to one profile pic?


Weeeeeell, someone had tea with シーマ (I think, I already forgot her name). It was possibly in the morning, and it could have been オットー, but I still think it was him. In which case, it was not the only thing he did that night and it almost feels like an alibi to cover his ass (but that might be me reading too much into it)

Anyway, there’s just one more volume I own, so I’ll soon be free (it’s one volume off from the end of the arc, but whatever)

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Ah yeah I do remember that now, but I won’t say anything.

So are you planning on perma dropping the series after that volume then?

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… I just got to the part (in volume 14) where it’s revealed to be the case, anyway.

Most likely. I’m not sure. I am up to date with all the light novel series I actually like, which is why I currently have time to clean up my 積読 pile. While I think it has annoying problems, I do like the overall plot of Re:Zero, so I may come back to it in the future. At the same time, there are other series I want to try, so maybe (hopefully) I’ll find something else I like.


LOL well there you go.

Yeah, thats fair. I’m kinda in the same boat where I liked it but idk if I’m going to keep on reading it. The only reason I read the last arc was because I got spoiled that satella makes an appearance and I didn’t feel like waiting for the anime to come out, but moving forward I didn’t really feel like there was much I was particularly looking forward to. Like theres a pretty big thing that happens at the end of the arc that will certainly have implications down the road…but I don’t know what those implications will be and don’t really care haha. To me, the most interesting part about re:zero is really just the history of it. Like I just wanna learn more about the witches, why satella gave him his powers, why hes there, who the hell was flugel, etc… Got a great taste of the past and witches with this arc, but I haven’t heard anything to suggest the next ones will live up to that really.

If you want some suggestions, Unnamed Memory is on my list as #1 after I get over my small tsuntsundokudoku. I have heard from two people that the series is alright, but the ending is extremely good and they regret ever doubting it. I think one of them went as far as to say a masterpiece. Its only 6 books if you think you might wanna read through to the end, but even if you just read one it would be cool to talk about with someone on here :3


Against my better judgement, I bought another stack of books that have caught my interest lately (and the volume of あさドラ! I was missing).

That being said, I don’t think they will pile up for too long as most of them are fairly short and I’m planning on reading another 8-10 books this year.


I just finished vol. 1 of ミステリと言う勿れ, which is a josei series that’s apparently gotten explosively popular recently (over a million sold per volume and the latest release was at the top of the manga charts for a while) and yet is somehow flying under the radar because well…nobody seems to cares about josei manga. It was really really good. Just two (long) chapters in the entire 単行本 and both of them are basically one-room character dramas driven by the main character’s knack for perception and his unconventional way of looking at scenarios. It’s funny and tense and has very effective character development. Highly recommended if that sounds like something you might like.

(I just have to share this panel because the sheer sass cracked me up; main character not pictured)


Is that how you say “Ok, boomer” in Japanese? :slightly_smiling_face:


ミステリと言う勿れ!! A bunch of the people I follow on bookmeter read it but I’ve been hoping to see someone else read it here. I’m so glad you liked the first volume! Please keep reading and join me here in the desperate waiting for the new one to come out… :grimacing:

One of my favorite protagonists. Gotta be careful with ととのう in the room. :eyes: :black_heart:


That picture reminds me of a normal male version of my banner lol

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For sure, I can see it!

14 volumes later…I have finished 妹さえいればいい once and for all. Wow, what a ride. Very happy to have read that series and it’ll always have a special place in my heart. I think it was fine to end without the time skip, but it was nice to get some extra closure regardless. Well done, and would recommend. Truly exceeded all expectations for a character driven story. It was never about something, just about people. It did a great job of getting you to care about those people though and I’m sad to see it end.

I also like how the author said in the afterword that when he started writing volume 1, he already knew what the final words of the series, 14 books later, would be.


Same for me, except with RE:zero. I’m freeeeeeee!
I feel like whatever is going to happen in volume 15 is pretty obvious at this point, so I’m not even tempted to buy it, nice.


Two very different takes!

On a separate note, the next volume of 〆切前に百合が捗る just came out and I started on that, and man… @Ditto20 you gotta give this a read. So freaking cute. The whole time I’m reading it I’m just over here looking like