[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

I’m glad you enjoyed Utami vs Syuri, and that you were able to understand the commentary and promos! That’s awesome! My friends and I are a little behind on Stardom at the moment, so I haven’t actually watched most of the build-up to the match, though I did watch the title match itself live. I am very aware of the fact that Syuri kissed her, though, ahaha! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of their feud because it reminded me a bit of El Desperado and Hiromu.

Syuri is one of my favorite wrestlers in Stardom right now, honestly. I think she always does such a fantastic job building each feud in a really unique and compelling way. I don’t know if you know this, but she’s actually really close friends (and tag partners) with Hikaru Shida, which is how I discovered her. They teamed up in Shida’s last independent match in Japan, and I really hope they get to team again someday, in some company…

Naito isn’t one of my favorites either, though I do like him. His story is probably the second wrestling story I heard about (after the Golden Lovers), and it definitely helped get me into NJPW when I first started watching. I totally understand preferring wrestlers who are more hammy and emotional haha! Kenny got me into wrestling, period, and he certainly falls more into that category than the other!

Ah, Mayu and Starlight Kid… I’m sad for them, but at the same time, I was rooting for one of them to go to Oedo Tai, so I’m not too sad about it haha. I think it would be interesting to see Mayu hit rock bottom and have to rethink how she does things, and how Stars as a faction operates. But at the same time, the part of me that loves tag teams is always sad to see a team get torn apart like this. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens to Kid the longer she stays in Oedo Tai. I wonder if she and Mayu will ever be on the same page again.

Regarding the objectifying wrestling merch, (cut for long digression)

I’ve had similar internal conflicts, honestly. But I did end up making my first foray into buying photobooks when Mizuki and Yuka’s photobook came out at the end of last year. I couldn’t resist the Alice in Wonderland theme, or the fact that it was themed around one of my favorite tag teams, haha. Of course, once I bought one thing, that opened the floodgates a little, and I started buying portraits, too :sweat_smile:.

What it ultimately came down to for me was the fact that the portraits and photobooks were tangible reminders from these stories that meant a lot to me. I realized that I really regretted the fact that I didn’t have anything from when Misao was teaming with Sakisama, because that story meant so much to me. Wrestling storytelling moves very slowly, but it’s constantly in motion, so if you don’t hold onto specific moments, it’s so easy for them to get lost to time.

I also wanted the Magical Sugar Rabbits photobook for another reason, which I touch on a bit in this post. 2020 was a really rough year, and there were these three wrestling storylines in autumn that ended up meaning a lot to me. There were times in 2020 when I really hated wrestling, but ultimately it helped get me through an extremely difficult period, and when I think back to that time, I’d rather remember the good instead of the bad. The photobook is just so completely tied into Mizuki and Yuka’s 2020 story for me. Whenever I look at it, I think about those months, and all of those stories.

I actually desperately want to own Axiz’s third (and final?) photobook, despite the fact that I got into their tag team after they’d already broken up. For one thing, it’s incredible to me that not only did the photobook come out a mere week or two before Nakajima betrayed Go and destroyed the team, but the photobook itself subtlety foreshadowed that things were about to end by invoking images associated with the end of summer.

I think that’s what draws me to photobooks. If the photobook itself ties into storylines that meant a lot to me, I will want to own it, haha! I spent a long time considering whether or not I wanted to buy Endo’s nude photobook, as someone who isn’t even into men in general or Endo specifically, but then I realized that every time I thought about even the concept of it, it made me smile, because of the way that that book, too, was woven into Endo and Sasaki’s story at the end of 2020. The photobook almost didn’t get released (in kayfabe, at least) because Sasaki was helping Endo make it (he’s credited as the “nudity producer”), and then, well, Sasaki tried to kick Endo out of Damnation, and then Endo kicked him out instead, and the two of them fought until their title match. But ultimately, they reconciled during the match, then had a Damnation produce show soon after. The photobook was unveiled during that show, as a sign that the two of them had made up.

Long story short, I ended up buying Endo’s nude photobook. I didn’t want to risk passing it up and regretting it a few years from now.

But I do very much understand the concern of not wanting to own sleazy-feeling merchandise! It can be hard sometimes, especially with the history of women’s wrestling, and the way that women are represented in media in general, to see objectifying examples of that in wrestling, too. I have an easier time with objectifying imagery of male wrestlers, since there’s less of a widespread media trend there, but it does sometimes make me uncomfortable as an asexual person to think about just how much of wrestling is automatically sexualized, and how so many wrestlers are objectified in that manner, and there’s often seemingly an expectation for it. It’s one thing if individual wrestlers want to do it, but I don’t like the thought of them being expected or pressured into doing it.

I’m glad that my study log is inspiring you! Your posts here inspire me a lot. I actually bought my first issue of shupro recently, though it will be ages before I get to see it, because it’s getting shipped overseas with some other merch I ordered. I bought the June 9 issue, with the CyberFight Festival cover. I loved that show, and I love the fact that Jun Akiyama brought out Yoshihiko at the end, and Yoshihiko made the cover, too! A bunch of wrestlers were commenting on Yoshihiko’s inclusion on twitter, which made me happy. The DDT and TJPW rosters are both very proud of him. Maki Itoh, though, was upset that Jun brought Yoshihiko out, but Miyu did not bring Itoh out with her haha! There are several articles in that issue that look like a lot of fun, though it’ll probably be a couple years before I’m able to read them. I’m also proud of Miyu for making the cover again two weeks later, though I think I’m going to refrain from buying more issues for now!


When I went to pick that issue up, the clerk at Kinokuniya stared at the cover for a few seconds and said to herself something like “…にんぎょうだ…”
He certainly catches the eye!


Y’know, something special happens when you read a buncha shitty light novels like I do. When the bar is so low, you really let your guard down for actually good writing and just go full monkey brain mode. Then, when somehow a baka harem romcom book pulls out the solid writing, its just like…dang.

I don’t know what it is about カノうわ 4 but man its giving me those vibes hard. Like there are three girls. First 3 books kinda focused on them one by one and introduced them. And I thought it was kinda weird that there was hella cute stuff, hella romcom moments…but like no…love. Like not a single character wanted to be with another character that we could tell really.

Now, book 4 is really where things are coming together and man its freaking weird. The general subject matter is a bit more serious (I mean, they’re like 20-21 and not highschool students so that makes sense) but overall still a baka romcom. But then…randomly…for like 2 or three lines…theres just something that gives me the chills. Like it just gets real for a second. And then it goes back to being baka romcom. Like its almost like the characters know they’re in a silly book and have to put on an act, but then every once in awhile they forget they’re being watched. Even to the point where its not just their actions, but sometimes their thoughts literally just stop mid sentence when they are about to touch on a realization. These characters and their stories aren’t particularly unique or interesting in my opinion, but somehow the way they are written and interact with eachother is just honestly something I have never seen. I have no idea why, but there just feels like theres something off about them.


And many many moons later, I finally finished Sailor moon volume 3 (kanzenban edition). Feels good. I joined Redglare’s read every day summer challenge, and while I’m notoriously bad at reading every day I’ve read close to half the days in June, to compare to May 0 and April 0 and March 0 and February 0 (well maybe I read on one day over all those months but you get my point). So not every day but certainly a ton more than I have in months. :smiley:

Maybe my yearly goals can be met if I continue like this. Although I should probably pick a non-kanzenban manga series if I wanna hit 19 more this year at this reading pace. :joy:


At this rate, youll read 105 days in december which is pretty dang good in my opinion since it really defies the Gregorian calendar. Now that would be epic.

But even if you don’t do that, getting any amount of reading done is still good.


The first volume of おとなになっても is free to own (I think). The only reason I’m not sure is because it’s got this added 【電子版限定特典かきおろしマンガ付き】 at the end of the title, which the others volumes don’t mention. But I don’t see an expiration date, so I do think it’s free to own.


I believe it’s free to keep as well! I think it’s just referring to some kind of bonus one-page manga at the back. The usual time-limited tag is 【期間限定 無料お試し版】 and those get put in a separate series from the main one.

I tried to highlight it for folks here as well, and mentioned a vague memory of I think you (?) recommending it to me once in some thread.

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It’s possible I’ve recommended it before, yeah. I’ve only read the first two volumes so far, and it’s gone in a direction I wasn’t expecting. But I think it’s interesting and worth reading.

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I hereby pledge that I will do my solemn best to read 105 days in December. :joy:


For those of you who are looking for inspiration on what to read (or who just like to keep track of what they already read so far), I’ve set up a new challenge:

The Naoki Prize Reading Challenge :tada:

Happy reading (and clicking) everybody!


I listened to a podcast the other day where two native teachers were just casually talking about reading (Noriko and Teppei). I was quite surprised where they agreed that Japanese don’t really subvocalize at all while reading. In addition, they admitted that even when reading normal books, there are a lot of words they forget the readings. Of course they can still understand it and just move on. This prompted me to think if I should aim to read faster and without subvocalizing. I don’t really do it with other languages except if I’m reading intensively. I guess that comes with time and when the text is very clear and you can anticipate what’s coming well. I can sometimes do it with Hamefura now if there are no unknown words, so maybe it’s just a matter of practice…

On the other hand subvocalizing is probably good until being very advanced, since otherwise you won’t be enforcing the readings, which help in other aspects of Japanese as well.

By the way I really recommend the podcast. I’ve been mostly listening to podcasts with only one host and this is a nice change. It starts out super beginner (which is why I originally dropped it) but pretty quickly in later episodes they just start rambling and forgetting they are even doing a podcast. Becomes a very authentic conversation where they reminisce about the past and just talk about random things.


I have a question about bookmeter summary stats:

2021年6月の読書メーター 読んだ本の数:1冊 読んだページ数:484ページ ナイス数:0ナイス ★先月に読んだ本一覧はこちら→ Aislinさんの6月読書まとめ - 読書メーター

Which ナイス it is counting, exactly? I have 0 in stats, but I did get a few in reality. :thinking:


I think it might only be counting naisus that aren’t from when you add books(so reviews, summary posts, and random stuff, but not the naisus when you’ve read a book or start reading a book or whatever). At least that’s what seems to be the case for me judging by my numbers


Nope, didn’t feel comfortable asking that from the teacher. If anything, my Japanese was very broken in my 1st lesson so I pretty much started as a beginner in terms of speaking.

Both languages I’d totally be up to learn too! I honestly love how Korean sounds, feels like people are always complaining in a funny way to me xD But then again, Mandarim is “more important” to learn, so it would be a tough choice for me to choose between them since right now I don’t have much connection to either.

One day let’s play a few games then! :slight_smile: I seriously wish there was a way to SRS the openings, because memorizing all the moves without it feels 10x more painful lol. Actually, I should just create a chess thread here on the forums.

Same to you ^^ I think I’ll take a break from languages after Japanese and Russian get to a satisfactory level. I’d rather keep the quality of the 4 I’ll know over distracting myself with more. I haven’t had much time to learn about nutrition/exercise lately either, and those were things I was very much into before.

Waking up at 2am :scream: Are your energy levels still normal? Since I’m guessing you had to change your routine by quite a lot due to your job.

Going for the challenge? :grin:

Ngl, I’ve had natives already suggesting me to do that :joy: But right now I’m refusing to betray Russian like that :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you guys share that? :OO


Here’s the desktop version :v:

1 読書管理 → まとめ
2 Pick last month (if not automatically picked)
3 Scroll down and click the yellow button. And then click post.
4 That should be it! :3

There’s also a banner alert thingie that shows up around the first every month you can click.


Lmao this is actually so true tho

Yeah I’ve still got the most energy in the whole factory :3. I keep getting told I have TOO much energy and need to slow down. Im still getting 8 hours of sleep a night or so.

Yeah I’ll go ahead and finish one of my books today and another by tomorrow, then on sunday ill just read an entire book. Honestly I may just go ahead and read another entire book on monday so I end up getting 4 done for my long weekend. I already know I can do it since I was pretty easily able to read 250+ pages last sunday and that was reading slightly harder material. Its just a matter of actually doing it.

I imagine a lot of people on here would also be interested in shogi, but I’ve honestly never looked into it. I just assume its like chess lol.


You can watch 3月のライオン for a crash course. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty similar I think. The biggest difference I noticed is that you can place pieces back on the board after they’ve been taken. This seems to make matches longer on average than chess.


I’ve been trying to kick my subvocalization habit for a while now. It’s definitely just slowing me down at this point but it’s such a deeply ingrained habit (which I started because I wanted to reinforce readings) that it’s really hard to stop.


@Naphthalene is it possible to un-solve this topic? I don’t know why it just started happening but I’m getting this message whenever I try to reply: