[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge


I know you mentioned having 〆切前には百合が捗る on your plan to read list and I just finished it so just in case you were wondering…

Shit was 10/10 kyun kyun af. It was nice to have something not in the high school setting, but it still was pretty cute. Deffos going to read volume 2 when/if it comes out.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but I can say that by the end The yuri did indeed hakadoru. It seemed a bit sudden, but also aware of that fact.. Theres a few directions the series could go in/things it could focus on, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

EDIT: Also 忘れえぬ魔女の物語 was good, but I think I like it best as a standalone, so I don’t know if I’m going to give volume 2 a read.


I have a question about the process of ordering from Mandarake. From their help page, it says that when you place an order the price may not be finalized (in case they need to check stock and shipping weight) and that they send an invoice afterward. In that case, are you “forced” to go through with the purchase, or do they give you the direct option to change your mind given the final price (without being dinged for canceling)? Their policy says “no cancelations and we’ll suspend your account if you cancel too much”, so I’m not sure how to take that.

So you’re saying it was 〆切前に?

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Well, one of them yeah. One of the main characters is kinda a master procrastinator and goes over like all of her deadlines.

Also something I forgot to mention about the series that I liked is that both of the girls are like the main character. It constantly switches back and forth from their perspectives. It’s not particularly rare for the perspective to switch, but this series keeps it pretty 50/50 which is very uncommon ime.

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A very sad day at the beginning of this week…I turned on my ereader just like normal (after reading with no issue the night before) and…

It resisted all my attempts to get it up and running again; somehow the screen refreshing part just suddenly failed. I was even able to connect it to my computer by plugging it in and guessing where the “Connect” button was on the screen, but that doesn’t do me any good if I can’t read anything :frowning: I have a new one on order but it’ll be a few days before it gets here.


When I ordered, they didn’t have any ‘cancel’ option on the order page after sending the invoice. I guess you might need to contact the shop to cancel, but I don’t have any experience in that.

Kind of weird if you ask me. Did they at least tell you an estimated or maximum shipping cost when placing the initial order? Or did they give no information? I’m not willing to commit to an order when they could just be like “yep that’s 10,000 yen in shipping! troll face”.

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They have estimated shipping prices on this page depending on shipment location and weight: MANDARAKE | Shipping Options

Also, you should be able to see the weight of the books on their product pages.

I went back and checked. The set I bought was 1735g and shipped to the US for 2,490 yen, so it matches with the estimated price on that page.

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I did end up buying some stuff… and one thing I did notice was if the invoice was coming later, they did not ask for a full payment method at checkout, while the shop that provided the full price immediately did ask me to enter my card number, etc. (the multiple shops aspect is the major caveat about the cheap rarer books idea…)

So they at least shouldn’t be able to actually force you to pay, and I would assume (?) they wouldn’t actually ship the thing until the invoice went through (and you paid it). (but I don’t know about the cancellation aspect yet)


Thanks for the details @harundoom and @rodan. There are a few older / out of print manga I may try buying from there eventually. But I’m not in a rush, so I’ll probably hold off for a while.


Finished 伯爵と妖精 7! With this series I want to read it at every opportunity and I forget other things exist. I went to my 読んでる本 page to mark it completed and that was when I remembered that I am reading other things as well. Therefore I am going to try to read last week’s and this week’s worth of すべてがFになる before I start 伯爵と妖精 8. It’d be nice if I could finish 日常 v1, and maybe read some on other things in progress, but I will be (hopefully) realistic and limit my goal to catching up with すべてがFになる. :sweat_smile:

Continuing keywords

1 あいつは優雅な大悪党: mythical sword and merpeople
2 あまい罠には気をつけて: fog man and kidnappings
3 プロポーズはお手やわらかに: proposals, kelpies, moonstone
4 恋人は幽霊: spirits/possession, medium, selkies
5 呪いのダイヤに愛をこめて: diamonds and goblins
6 取り換えられたプリンセス: pirates, changelings, dragons
7 涙の秘密をおしえて: banshees, death omens, betrayal

8 駆け落ちは月夜を待って: ?

If I had to choose a favorite (which I don’t, but just to think about it, okay), it would probably be #6… or #4, or #3… or #5 or #2. #1 I didn’t have a grasp on anything yet and didn’t realize how much I was enjoying it until the climax (which was glorious, which is a tendency of all these books [to me]), while #7, while I enjoyed it very much, was maybe a little too painful to be a favorite, lol. I’m hoping some of that pain pays off in #8!!


After you submit the order they will check the bookshelves and send you an email with a link to your order summary.

Here’s what they wrote

The invoice with the payment link for the available item(s) will be sent within 3 days, including the shipping and any handling fees.
If the item(s) you ordered is/are not in stock, a cancellation notice will be sent.
If you do not receive an invoice or cancellation notice after 3 days, please contact us by replying directly to this email.
Please note that if your order contains pre-order items, the invoice will be sent after all items are released.

With the exception of SAL Small Packet, you can purchase extra shipping insurance.
For more details, please refer to:
MANDARAKE | Shipping Insurance
If you wish to add insurance on your order, please let us know before you make payment so we can update your invoice.

  • Mandarake will not be responsible for any damage or the loss of uninsured shipments and undervalued packages.

Paid orders are final and will be shipped accordingly.
No alterations can be made once orders have been paid

As far as I remember you could still cancel or change the order but perhaps you’d have to send them and email because their horrible site doesn’t make anything easy.

Regarding the price for shipping you can estimate it using the box sizes. The book dimensions are usually specified on the item page. As for the weight, I found a book with similar dimensions at home and weighed it. A B6 format novel weighs around 300-350 grams.

Also keep in mind that ordering from separate stores seems to create separate orders, so I don’t think they will aggregate your orders into a single shipment. But this is something I’m not sure about myself.

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In case somebody is up for some (maybe) non-manga (maybe) non-lightnovel reading material, we currently have a poll going in the Advanced book club :slight_smile:

The authors that are currently in the top spots are Murakami Haruki and Dazai Osamu, so if you want to join in (or want to swing the vote in another direction) please feel free!

And I promise that when the latter wins, I will run a follow-up club where we read Nietzsche’s Zarathustra (I guess not in Japanese, though :rofl:).


I tried to read that in English and gave up half way through :exploding_head:

Also, completely unrelated, but I came here to mention that 里心 just showed up in my current book. It’s no 魑魅魍魎, but it’s still fun to come across.


I would of course read it in the original language :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I might as well try that. It’s not like I could understand less.
I’m super rusty but I did study German for 8 years, too.


Quick! Take a picture and resurrect all the 里心 threads!


Well, here’s the picture. You go and resurrect the threads.


I’m impressed! (Maybe others would want to join in as well? :rofl:)

In the meantime, you could practice your German and reading Nietzsche with the book’s wikipedia page which already sounds quite confusing to me, so maybe I won’t be able to hold up to my promise after all…


First sentence and I already had to look up a word (dichterisch) :rofl:
(I’m saying that, but I expected much worse actually)

Edit: reading further, okay, yeah, that’s the level of rust I expected. Pretty much need to look up a word or two in every sentence. It’s doable but not fun.