[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

My Amazon order arrived! (hope this doesn’t show up in the thread as an absolutely massive image…)

Pretty much all old favourite authors, since my reading pace has slowed down a lot over the last year or so and I wanted to give it a bit of a kick with things I know I’ll enjoy and not find too difficult. There’s a book for an upcoming book club in there too…

Favourite cover art style is the samurai novels at the bottom.


Which book/club?


Bottom right – 八つ墓村 is the next full-length novel in the schedule for the 金田一耕助 Series Reading Club.


So, some time ago, I mentioned reading the free extended preview of a TL novel by accident, reaching this part

Well, you see, through an extraordinary turn of events entirely out my control (the actual book being heavily discounted), the full book got in my possession some time ago. By pure chance (what were the odds on that one), I am also reading it now.

Well, I have to say, it has been a surprisingly good read! The romance has been good, definitely on par with (and sometimes better than) the 女性向け light novels I have been reading. The main difference being that, where the most risqué light novel would have a single line giving some flavor of “he did things to me that cannot be mentioned in polite society and I loved every second of it”, we have instead literary masterpieces such as




Those are actual quotes, by the way, and they appear two sentences apart.
Well, some would say that those two sentences (and others that follow) are pretty much the key of the whole scene. One of those sentence is pretty hilarious too, based on word choices, but I’m already edging dangerously close to breaking forum rules, so I won’t share it.

Anyway, what I found great was that the main character is expressing enthusiastic consent to err such thing happening (enthusiastic consent is great!) all the while still having a believable motif for not getting in a relationship with the character, thus allowing a plot to happen.
I mean, I’m saying plot, but it’s still light novel level.

So, overall, I have to admit I am having a good time (in the light novel range of brain dead). However, I guess I’m contractually incapable of recommending this book. If you don’t want smut, there are better alternatives. If you do want smut, there are also better alternatives (according to the reviewers complaining it was too few and far between). I guess it’s only working for me because I’m always frustrated when, in a light novel, characters get into a situation where something would happen in real life, but there’s always an improbable plot device interrupting them. No such thing here, which is satisfying, I guess. I am also fine with the “and then we had a good time together” handwaving, though, so there’s generally no need to get into the details. Well, can’t say I didn’t try.

I’m still not done with the book (I’m at 80% now), but barring any exceptionally interesting cliffhanger, I probably won’t keep going with this series :sweat_smile: (famous last words)


That sounds like my most recent visits to the local Japanese store. I went there to buy cup noodles. Returned with cup noodles and 3 books from the blue SF series.


I made a big book order a week ago or so and it arrived today. To not spam the picture everywhere, it can be found in my study log here: MissDagger's (Final?/Ultimate) Study Log - #41 by MissDagger

Wanted to thank @Naphthalene for sharing about the hotel manga. The texture on the cover for that is so luxurious feeling, compared to normal. I felt like I had a real quality product in my hands. Probably won’t read it soon, because I have a long list of next reads currently, but I look forward to reading it in the future.


Well, I just heard about it from @rodan in this thread, so I really can’t take any credit :sweat_smile:

I can relate pretty hard to that (with respect to volume 2 in my case)


… Well, there was a cliffhanger. It was not exceptional, but it was still on my mind while I was trying to read something else yesterday. I ended up reading the preview of the next volume but it solves nothing. sigh
Well, I’ll see how I feel about it in a few days. There’s also the option to read the なろう version.


RDG2 はじめてのお化粧


The second book was also pretty good! It again focuses on Izumiko’s character development, especially her interactions with others with all the ups and downs you’d expect.

The “action” part mostly happens in the 3rd chapter (of 4) and we learn more about the supernatural powers other students possess – although it’s still kinda vague. It wasn’t overly climactic, but I liked how it was resolved.

The last part is about Izumiko trying to find a way to express herself – and (kinda) failing. It’s a bit heartbreaking to see that she just can’t bring herself to dance when others are watching.

I hope the next volume will be about her being able to break her shell because it’s been kinda painful (albeit realistic) to see how much she struggles.

But I will wait a bit before reading book 3. I enjoyed the first two books, but don’t feel like reading the next one right away.

Currently reading:
吉田の日々赤裸々。 『ファイナルファンタジーXIV』はなぜ新生できたのか (reading a chapter every now and then)
角野栄子の毎日いろいろ (it’s super short, might finish it today)
美しい村 (prequel to 風立ちぬ; also short, but densely written)

As for the next long book, I will probably start 香君 下 soon (before I forget the names of all the characters) and tackle my first Murakami novel, ノルウェーの森.

I’m taking part in the Tadoku challenge this month, so I expect I’ll read a bit more than usually. But work’s also keeping me busy, so I won’t be able to dedicate excessive amounts to reading. That being said, I hope my backlog will be considerably smaller at the end of the month.

I did buy a bunch of books in May, so I do have a bit of a backlog right now. My goal for the year was to read more books than buy new ones – but since I’ve already read ~18 books, I might still make it. At the very least I’m not losing track yet.

May haul

My bookmeter has 28 entries for 積読本 and 読んでる本 combined. Let’s see if I can get it below 20 until the end of August!


Fellow simple durtle :durtle_hello: Sale + coin back + recommended by Nafu (9/10 score) = sold


The July 2022 JLPT is over so it’s time to get dangerous and read more. よしよし!

First one is Bakuman vol 1. Not too hard honestly, but it’s absolutely hilarious.


Cross posting from the Natively forum:

I finished 砦の魔女 1 yesterday and it was average, I guess. The premise sounded interesting, but in the end there isn’t much tension. The only reason why the romance isn’t resolved in 30 pages is because the main character is almost pathologically bad at it.

“SurE He SAid ‘I love you’ ANd kISs me, but MayBe hE MeANt soMeTHinG ELsE”

Being “unaware” is not cutting it at that point.



This book was cool! Unexpected! It made me doubt my reading comprehension and my memory but everything unexpectedly works out in the end. I found the writing style neither good nor particularly interesting, but I have to applaud the author for coming up with such a plot. There are a lot of moments that make you go „oh come on that‘s absurd“. But I can see past that because the payoff was worth it.

The basic plot goes like this: MC plans to kill the ex-fiancé of his sister because ex-fiancé caused her to commit suicide. MC commits the murder, and then on his way back home two different plot lines start: in one plot line he runs over a passerby, panics, puts the body in his trunk and disposes of it. In the other plot line, he almost runs him over, but doesn’t kill him. The guy he almost ran over finds out where he lives, etc, and the plot develops from there. Like a parallel universe.

And that was already an interesting premise. We see the stories progress differently, different truths come to light, different theories being developed etc. It’s quite interesting to gain information in one of the plot lines and then being able to „read ahead“ in the other plot line.

But then some strange things start to happen. (this is real spoiler territory now)

Some things start to not match up anymore in the stories that were supposed to be the same. In one story line suddenly the father of one character is long-lost. Suddenly the alibi trick the MC uses differs, even though (I thought) it was established that the actual killing method for both story lines was the same. And you start to go „wait but I thought it was like this?“ And you start to doubt your own memory (this is not a book you can read over several weeks because you will forget all the details). I thought I just mixed up the different plot lines somehow.

And these little details start to become more frequent. Then in one scene close to the end of the book, some characters talk about the MC having been murdered. But the „MC“ is sitting right behind them thinking in 俺 perspective! And I was even more confused by everything.

Then the final reveal: all these murder cases and suicides happened over a time span of 30 years. The reason the details differed is because the two timelines weren’t the same MC in parallel universes, but different characters, one generation apart! In timeline A, MC 1 kills the ex-fiancé of his sister, and in timeline B, the MC is the son of the first murder victim killing his twin brother who has the same last name as their father (father = first murder victim). MC 2 married MC 1’s daughter and then gets adopted by MC 1 and thus has the same last name as MC 1.

But since most characters are only named by last name, you really really don’t notice it at first at all. Everyone is named the same, and it’s basically a big family feud between two/three families (= same last names) going on over two generations.

You don’t even notice it from the names of the police detectives: In timeline A, the two detectives are presented as the veteran Nishioka and the apprentice Izumi. And in timeline B, sometimes Izumi talks and sometimes the young detective talks (which makes you think young detective = Izumi, but it’s actually a different guy whose name is never mentioned to not give away the trick). Basically in timeline B, Izumi is 30 years older and the veteran now, with a different young apprentice by his side.

And of course, if I were to read it again, I’d notice all these little hints, e.g. in scenario A, Nishioka (the older detective) asks all the questions, while in scenario B Izumi is the one asking (because he‘s a senior now).

But there’s all these other overlapping names, which makes it impossible or very difficult to figure out that they’re talking about different people.

So yeah! The twist was super cool! It came just at the right time, when I started to think „I must’ve mixed up some things, this doesn’t make any sense…?“ „Why is everyone always called by their last name this only makes things more confusing“. And I didn’t see it coming either.

Of course the setup is very weird and absurd (おまけに the MC is in love with his sister and ends up sleeping with her. I think the story could’ve been pulled off without that detail)

If you don’t mind some flat and boring writing and a lot of dialogue with a lot of details and a lot of people out for revenge, but you love a good twist ending that makes you go „omg everything makes sense now!“, I would recommend this book.

Yesterday and today @Belerith and I roamed two Bookoff stores in Paris; their stock was not exactly large but I found some books anyways :grin:

My haul


o_O how do your book hauls look if they had stock? 13 books is quite a lot for one haul for me :smiley:
I’m not well versed in Japanese books (only have seen 火車 before) but some if it looks interesting. The 70s SF stories intrigue me. Hope it is not too dry to read but 日本人はなぜ英語ができないか seems interesting too, but I doubt it has any non-obvious answers ^^

Keep us updated how you find each of them!


Well, it was 2 hauls, if we’re being nitpicky. :wink:
You probably don’t want to see my haul, I went a bit crazy…


Awww come on, photo or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

one or two books




Also now my neck hurts.


Is the second half of Crossfire lurking underneath or was it one of those “second hand bookshop has a partial set” moments?