[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

You can watch 3月のライオン for a crash course. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty similar I think. The biggest difference I noticed is that you can place pieces back on the board after they’ve been taken. This seems to make matches longer on average than chess.


I’ve been trying to kick my subvocalization habit for a while now. It’s definitely just slowing me down at this point but it’s such a deeply ingrained habit (which I started because I wanted to reinforce readings) that it’s really hard to stop.


@Naphthalene is it possible to un-solve this topic? I don’t know why it just started happening but I’m getting this message whenever I try to reply:


Must be a new feature… Looks like it does it every time, not just the first time. So I’m going to report that to Discourse and see what they say.

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Alrighty, finished my book in a day thing. Was a success

obnoxious humble brag complaining

I’ve been reading since the time I was probably unable to pass even N5, and pretty much the whole time I’ve been reading what I want. Its really just been light novels and visual novels that are really just as difficult as those light novels. It was nice because I got enjoyment from learning and was able to have the sentences I learn from be of interest to me. Like there was a reward to comprehension. Fast forward, and I didn’t really feel like I was learning as much so that feeling of joy was gone, so I had to rely on enjoyment from the actual content. Not much of a problem because there was a lot of interesting content out there for me. Fast forward to now and its kinda at a point where I have to acknowledge that the amount I’m learning from books I want to read isn’t very much.

Like I got to where I am by challenging myself and using my time efficiently. But with that comes this mindset that if something is easy or even effortless, then its basically wasted time because I could be using that time to learn and read harder stuff. I don’t read any manga anymore for this exact reason, but I didn’t really care because I had books I wanted to read. Now its like, well even those feel too easy so what do I do.

I more or less have decided that I’d like to be comparable if not better than a native my age when it comes to reading, and Im far from that, so slowing down doesn’t feel like an option. At the same time though, it feels like to keep improving at the pace I was, I’ll need to read much harder material. And…I just can’t find much that interests me. Like I thought the monogatari series might be harder, but nope. I’ve looked around for hard novels and stuff that may interest me…but no luck.

I honestly have no doubt that if I read the stuff I want, I’ll come across pretty much everything eventually anyways, but it just doesn’t feel efficient. I know its not. So its like for the first time ever do I sacrifice reading what I want to get better at japanese faster? Its an annoying decision to have to make because I know that compared to before, I’ll feel like I lost something.

I dunno, I just felt like rambling into the void I guess. I figured on here some people might be able to relate.


If you’re looking for more challenging books, maybe you can find something in here?

As for them being interesting for you, I have obviously no idea, sorry…


I’ve looked through amazons listing of Naoki prize winners, but I don’t think I’ve checked the winners of that prize, actually. So thanks, I’ll take a look right now.

Yeah, the interest part is really what makes it tough. Usually I’m not a fan of more serious stuff, and it seems like the more difficult the writing, the more serious the subject matter when it comes to literature. Either way, I’ll have an open mind and give it a look!


Oh yeah, we have those too :slight_smile:

There are a few reviews in the Akutagawa thread already, and while I agree that you can find lots of serious stuff in literature, there seem to be a few picks with the full load of blood, sex and gore in case you’re aiming for that :wink:

See you over there! :+1:




Aye, I started getting that message on one of the Short Questions threads…

Is there an easy way to track how many manga chapters have been published for a manga? I’m trying to figure out when おとなになっても volume 5 is likely to come out, but I don’t know how to find out how many chapters have come out since volume 4…

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Not sure, but in general I just google [title] [volume] 発売日予想 or something of that effect. People tend to have already done all the maths for me.

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Still couldn’t find anything with that. Oh well.

I just tried, and the first result I got told me

「おとなになっても」の単行本5巻の発売日は、 2021年6月16日 と予想します

Which is obviously not up to date :joy: Either it’s out already, or they have no idea either.

It seems like it’s published in the magazine Kiss, which Wikipedia says is monthly and comes out every month.
So you could maybe extrapolate from that and how many chapters are in a volume (assuming a chapter shows up in each issue).

In my relatively limited experience following manga in volume + chapter form, they’re pretty quick to publish the volume after enough chapters have accumulated. With a Harta series like Dungeon Meshi (~ 7 chapters a volume, Harta misses two months), the rate of “a few months quicker than 1 per year” seems to line up.

Oh, also! You could check the dates of the volumes on bookwalker:

  1. 2019/10/11
  2. 2020/3/13
  3. 2020/8/12
  4. 2021/1/13

Kinda seems like we might be overdue with that method…

It looks like Bookwalker has Kiss available (as EKiss, which is a great name for a digital edition but it seems to be the same magazine) for possible advanced detective work.
It seems like Takako Shimura’s name is on the cover with the author listing for the most recent two issues, but I don’t spot it on some others, so perhaps it just didn’t have a new chapter for an issue or two.


They are guessing based on the previously release dates. I expected it to come out in June as well.

Yep. Like I said, I tried that as well so definitely overdue. I’ll check out the digital magazine as you suggested.


Ah! I found a mention of 連載再開の『おとなになっても』in this issue’s description:

So it stopped serialization for a few issues it seems. Ctrl-F for 志村貴子 and you should be able to find where it stopped and figure out how many months extra you may have to wait.

It seems like 3 issues lack 志村貴子 so probably the next volume will come out in September or so @seanblue


The information could be buried somewhere on her Twitter feed as well. Way too much to look through though. :sweat_smile:

For now I’m happy with your estimate. Given this information I’ll probably order more manga after とんがり帽子のアトリエ volume 9 comes out later this month.


Yeah, it’s a pain in the neck :sweat_smile: It’s always super weird to me that the digital magazines don’t always at least include the table of contents in the preview, and that they don’t include actual chapter numbers in the table of contents in the first place.

My detective work above was definitely informed by my previously trying and completely failing to figure out how many issues of eizouken had come out after the last volume and which magazine issue the first one of those was in…


The only other manga I’ve ever looked up in its magazine is ご注文はうさぎですか, and since it’s literally first in every single volume it’s really easy to keep track of!

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