[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

I’ve actually only read book 1; the rest are on my backlog until I finish a couple of other commitments. Currently finishing up 雷の季節の終わりに and then I’m going to read 私の幸せな結婚. Definitely looking forward to getting back to it though!


How do you like it so far?


Well, I played and lost. I actually bought volume 7, but took 4 days to read it :joy:
Mostly, the plot (?) is much slower and comedy-centered, with the main character doing something ridiculous(ly overpowered), the orphans she is taking care of noticing, and her coming up with a weird explanation for what happened. Then quick cut to point of view of the kids (who know her true nature from the start) wondering why she is making up those excuses, and whether she is seriously trying to hide anything or not. They basically believe they are being tested but they don’t understand if the correct answer is to show they know (intelligence test) or to follow blindly her ordersexplanations and pretend they don’t (loyalty test).
The correct answer is that the main character is dumb.

Anyway, maybe things will happen in the next volume, but it’s coming out in October.

Edit: having a peek at the 小説家になろう and the next volume is still in the process of being written.


Finished くま クマ 熊 ベアー 2 and I didn’t like it, like at all.
I was away from my PC and reliable internet connection for two weeks, so I decided to read it because I knew that I could read it without looking up words.
Well, I do appreciate easy to read writing, but here it is in a completely different league. The writing is so dull and boring, the resemblance of a plot is so stupid, and I really hate this “literary onanism” where the main character is super overpowered and solves any issue just because they are “so cool”.
I have the third book as well, but I doubt I’ll ever read it.
The valuable lesson I learned from this experience is that I need to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to books. Not only because that is more beneficial from the learning point of view, but also from enjoying point of view.

I also read some free manga I accumulated over a year of using BookWalker.

  • ふらいんぐうぃっち (1, 2)
    Enjoyed it quite a bit. The style reminded me of よつばと!
  • あせとせっけん (1)
    Standard romantic manga with a weird premise. I liked the first volume, there was a moment where I felt worried, but it resolved fine.
    It has explicit scenes (by my standards at least).
  • 極主夫道 (1)
    This is a fun one, but you need to have some background knowledge about yakuza to enjoy it. I watched let’s plays of 龍が如く0, 極, 極2 and 5. I think that helped me a lot.
  • イジらないで、長瀞さん (1, 2)
    Well, this one is a bit controversial.
    I personally liked it a lot as a comedy. The visual part is also of high quality. It also has very good font which was very important since I read it from my phone.
    What I am not sure about is the “teasing” part. Sometimes it crosses the line in my opinion, but then again, that is intentional and a premise for the comical part.
    It has a lot of innuendos and semi-explicit scenes.
  • 彼女、お借りします (1)
    Didn’t like it. The actions of the characters are absolutely illogical and I already see where it is going (harem). I’m not a fan of this type of comedy.
  • 聖☆おにいさん (1)
    Turned out to be too difficult for me, so I didn’t go past first chapter. :cry:
  • 宝石の国 (1)
    Read about a half of the volume and came to the conclusion that I’m better off watching the anime version. It is difficult to distinguish some characters without color.

I can see that. I got the first three volumes for free, but whenever I look at previews I always think “the art is so boring compared to the anime”. I think I’ll just keep hoping for more anime adaptions. I am really curious to see how the story continues, but not enough to read the manga with its dull visuals, especially given how vibrant and fluid the animation was in the anime.


Thank you for saying this - exactly my sentiment!

That’s why I set up the Akutagawa Prize Reading Challenge - maybe you did not see it as you were away for some time? Would be nice if you could find some inspiration there for picking a quality book.


It had a rough start, I’m not gonna lie. It felt like it took a while to get to a point where it was consistently interesting. It basically spends the first two chapters setting up a lot of characters and plot threads whose importance is not immediately obvious, and the result was that I was both slightly bored and slightly anxious that I was getting lost. Now that I’m past that point, I’m enjoying it.

(By the way, by “finishing up” I don’t mean that I’m close to the end :sweat_smile: I’m taking it pretty slow)


Ooh :eyes:
I think I know exactly what scene/moment had you worried… I was too. I had picked up volume 2 for free too so I read on (about half a year after volume 1), and have read 8/10 volumes at this point. It turned into this super wholesome 癒やし系. :slight_smile:


in one of the fights in the first 5 volume, she gets tired and that was a legendery monster fight

(volume 3) She gets tired before as well, when she fights the army of monsters by herself. (Although, it’s mostly making the golems that was hard)

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That’s cool to hear. I’ve heard it’s good but I know literally nothing about it besides the title. I’ve got a few volumes stocked up, so maybe I’ll give it a try in the near future.


Month of March:

Arround the 20th I stopped reading. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with Japanese so I’ve been neglecting reading.
I did make my goal. I wanted to to read until page 100. I read until page 110! So that’s nice.
I feel like I’m just “doing” Japanese but not understanding it. Reading the words on the page but not getting it. You know? I could translate the whole page but that’s a lot of energy I don’t have. I translate some words but I feel like a fraud.

In summary, MEH!!!
Unsatisfactory reading month.


For 2021, my manga reading has been more a system of reading one chapter per day (only missed two days so far), rather than a goal of a set number of volumes.

By the end of the first quarter, my progress is:

Title Volumes Progress Notes
おじさまと猫 第2~3巻 1/2 Book club.
からかい上手の高木さん 第1巻 0/1 Book club.
それでも歩は寄せてくる 第1~9巻 1/9 Easy to read fast, so will be filler.
ひとりぼっちの○○生活 第1巻 1/1 Need to learn more kanji.
ふらいんぐうぃっち 第9~10巻 1/2 Book club.
よつばと! 第15巻 0/1 Book club.
アオハライド 第9~13巻 3/5 Currently reading.
アリア完全版 第2~7巻 3/6 Waiting for digital release.
セーラームーン 第9~10巻+かぐや 3/3 Series completed.
セーラーV 第1~2巻 0/2 Currently reading.
ポケモン SPECIAL 第2~5巻 1/4 Currently reading.
俺物語!! 第3~13巻 3/11 Currently reading.

I try to read one chapter per week per series, today I’m off to find out which three series to start up soon from my “to buy” list.


Omg!!! That’s inpressive. I can’t read a chapter a day even if it is in English, my first language.

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With 12 books read this last month, I can’t say that it was a bad month. Still, for the past week or so I haven’t really been feeling like reading, mostly because I’ve been introduced to a show that is a bit too high octane and pretty much everything else feels bland right now :confused:

Long, and unrelated to reading books in Japanese

Specially, the situation that really got me in was when one character, a married father with a teenage daughter, has an affair with a guy and his wife found out. To avoid consequences get some fresh air :eyes:, he invites his daughter to spend the day at a theme park, to which she begrudgingly agree. He then proceeds to bring along the guy he had an affair with, to the dismay of pretty much everyone involved.
Sadly, that show only airs a new episode every 2~3 months :sob: (and that character hasn’t even showed up in the last two episodes).

Anyway, I’ll just keep reading the books I have now. If I really can’t focus, I’ll go on yet another booklive preview reading rampage until I find something I like, I guess… :thinking:


If I push tonight I’ll probably be able to finish 伯爵と妖精 5. Since what little I read of 青桐 seemed promising, and I am behind on 君の名は, and also still in the middle of a few other books because attention span, I was thinking I’d give focus to those other things after finishing this volume, or maybe, if I can’t focus, I’ll start the next spider book (because there’s apparently something I’m looking forward to in this volume). Perhaps 30 seconds after that resolution I thought, oh, last time I finished a 伯爵と妖精 volume late at night I had to get up and turn my computer back on so I could put the next one on my reading device, so this time I’ll put 伯爵と妖精 6 on now, just in case! … Considering I started this series in large part to distract myself from wanting to push on 本好き, I would say it’s a success at distracting me from that and also everything else. :grin:


Is that hazbin hotel?
Not that it could be anything else

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It’s technically Helluva boss, but yes.
I didn’t know anything about it until the Japanese dub of Hazbin hotel got recommended to me by youtube. (I like the English version better in the end)

For everyone else: since the WK forums are 13+, I’d like to warn people that those shows are 18+, for pretty much all the reasons: violence, language, drugs, sex… so, uh, viewer beware.

But I want more of it. Can’t there be anything else at least somewhat like it? Hopefully in light novel form.

Edit: although, light novels are aimed at teenagers I think? If that’s the case, there’s an obvious problem of target age category. :thinking:

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Wasn’t it based on a web comic?
Btw whatever happened to the hotel?

The only thing that I saw that came close that was panty and stocking with garter belt(it’s a manga/anime). But it just comes close in term of sexual content and color full ness

There were a bunch of other over the top wecomics i used to read, I’ll look em up tomorrow but you’ll probably find them too juvenile…

回復術士のやり直し is a light novel…there a bunch of imprints that just publish porn…