[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

I love the cover art for とんがり帽子アトリエ. Is the story good too?

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I suppose I’d describe the story so far as “intriguing” more than “good”. All the seeds are there for a really great story, but not enough has happened in the first three volumes to say how it’ll turn out quality-wise.

On the positive side, the artwork inside the manga is as amazing as the covers are. Really consistent, high quality drawings.


Today I am thinking about defragmentation of my reading (to borrow from @NicoleRauch), and also about only reading things I really enjoy. The first part I already know I struggle with, but I am surprisingly bad at the second as well. :sweat_smile: I don’t like leaving things partly read. Lately I’ve been better at stopping (or as I tell myself, pausing) manga that don’t grab me, because I can finish a volume and consider that a stopping point, at least. I can put them in my 積読 pile and say that if the mood strikes, I’ll come back to them later. But I’m still not very good at it, and what about non-series novels? (And even series novels–I’m going to read the whole volume just to get to a stopping point?)

I was thinking about this last night because I forced myself through a few pages of 彼氏彼女の事情 and then sank into ふしぎの国のバード with such joy… if I gave up the things that I don’t truly enjoy (consistently), wouldn’t the additional time mean I could find more things that make me as happy as 7SEEDS, マダム・ジョーカー, or ふしぎの国のバード*? What if everything I read made me that happy??

(* I haven’t even finished the first volume yet so I don’t know if it will be good long-term.)

Reading in Japanese takes a lot more time for me than reading in English. I should probably be pickier about what I give my time to. But there are also things that I only mildly enjoy at first and come to love later… I don’t know.


That’s funny, I have an opposite problem: I can’t force myself to read consitently because manga/novels don’t grab me much. Add this to poor reading speed and I end up reading only a few times a week.

I’ve estimated that it takes me about an hour to read 10 pages of コンビニ人間. I can go faster if I don’t look up everything (I guess 多読 would call for skipping non essential vocab lookups but I am usually curious to understand the meaning to the best of my ability).

I am trying to just allocate certain time per day for reading and not set a page goal for myself. Reading for 1 hour dauly is in any case better than not reading at all.


It sounds like it makes sense to set a time goal instead of a pages goal–actually, I do that too! Setting a pages goal makes me feel constricted, like, why can’t I read faster and why did I set the goal to this anyway, but a time goal feels more manageable, for me~


In case anybody missed this, and you are not overloaded enough with book clubs yet :rofl: : The Advanced Book Club is polling for the next book :tada:

Sorry for the spam though …


Random talking about manga time(or at least about the ones I liked the most of those I’ve read recently).

I read the fourth volume of 不可解な僕のすべてを and that’s still good… and apparently maybe already ending soon according to the afterword??
Very spoilery comments:

I guess I kind of can see it, but it also seems like a lot more stuff could be told about the characters outside Mogumo’s family, though I guess the author may want to end on a high point instead of dragging things out? As for the actual volume, it was very… emotional. Mogumo and Sakura’s father is also definitely not a nice person, though I guess that should have been obvious in hindsight with how Mogumo probably had their reasons for moving out(and also seems to be the person in their family doing best overall, with how harsh the father was against Sakura, and with how against the hair cutting thing he seemed to be, and also with Sakura both having eating problems and having to do basically all the housework)

I also read the seven currently released volumes of 私の百合はお仕事です! and quite liked those… except that I’m not really sure where the story actually is going with the latest volume, but I guess I’ll still at least want to read the next one to find out :slight_smile: Spoilery comment: To be honest I do kind of wonder what the author is going for with dragging out the Yano/Hime thing so much though… I liked it in the sixth volume, but then not much happened with it in the seventh volume even though it by far was the main focus… so hopefully it’ll be resolved in the next volume?

The afterword of volume 7 was also the first time I’ve seen Covid mentioned in a manga, as a random side note.


I read the first two volumes, but I got the impression that the story/relationship would never progress, so I dropped it.

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Really didn’t end up liking this book. Maybe if my overall reading ability was higher and I could cruise through a bit more smoothly…I dunno, the character moments were enjoyable but I just couldn’t get invested in the economics stuff. It reminds me of how Moby Dick is a veritable treatise on the practice of whaling, but with little bits of story scattered throughout in order to convince people to read it.

Gonna take a break from rushing novels for a bit. 本好き needs catching up on and I’ve got other things I could really have been doing with that extra hour per day.


Honestly, I think it has more to do with the difficulty and writing style than the content. 本好き contains entire chapters on cooking and sewing, both of which I know little to nothing about and have no interest in. And yet those chapters were still very enjoyable because of the writing style and character interactions.


I think you’re probably right. The idea of economic intrigue tickles my fancy (possibly because it’s just such a unique angle), but execution is everything for such a niche topic.


Managed again to cut my book club commitments down by one! After going along with the book club pace for the first six volumes, I read the last seven volumes of アオハライド in three days.

Now I’m down to two novels and six manga, and I think I said two and five were my goal, so I just need to finish the first volume of One Piece and I will be good!

However, in my surrender to アオハライド I haven’t been reading other things much, so I remain a few weeks behind on 魔女の宅急便 and haven’t started any other book club reading for this week. (I usually have 3-5 done on the first day, so this is new~) We’ll see if I can get those done before another manga (or two) I’m close to finishing sucks me in.


For once, I’m up to date with my book clubs, so I thought I’d start reading something… but I just can’t get the ending of 本好きの下剋上 1 out of my head I nEed tO KnOW whAt haPPEns NexT, which is getting in the way of my focus.
Easy solution, you say, just grab the next book and read that instead!
Yeah, well

And it’s barely any cheaper in bookoff too! What is going on?

Anyway, what should I do next :scream:

  • Wait for a discount
  • Cough up the jpys

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Haha, apparently I’m the only cheapskate :see_no_evil:


I imagine the higher price is because we’re getting a digital copy of a larger dimension book. You know, larger dimension ebooks… or something. :roll_eyes:

Serious question: why don’t you get the book from the library or Book Off?


But book off is the same price! 1001 yen actually.
And my library isn’t carrying it :sob:

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I’m going to read the free preview for now and hope I hit the discount jackpot tomorrow (every day, BookLive gives you a random discount (between 10 and 50%) on books from a random category). Today, I have 15% on up to 10 books from the business category… Hopefully I get the mythical 50% on light novels tomorrow :sob:


That’s so weird! I suppose there’s resell value at least.

The ebook is slightly cheaper for me since I don’t have to pay tax. But strangely my pre-tax price is 940 yen, not 950.

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Oh, I just remembered that the first 7 books are on Kindle Unlimited. Maybe time for you to check that out.

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Well, the physical version is 1320 jpy apparently, so it’s still cheaper than that. I wonder if the price of ebooks are aligned with Book Off online :stuck_out_tongue: