[2022] 多読/extensive reading challenge

So, I looked, I think, through every “book tracker” on play market and I haven’t found an app that I’m looking for.

Does anyone know if there is an app that’s like a loop habit one, or any other for habits, but I can add the amount of pages I read that day for books? I have no idea how to find something like that, I’m out of ideas :sweat:
Or any habit app with not just a checklist would suffice too!

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I haven’t actually watched the movie (I know, it’s blasphemy and I should really do that :sweat_smile:), so for me it’ll be completely new.

So I guess Your Name it is, right after I finish my current read. I’m excited now, especially since you’re saying the writing flows really nicely :grin:

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So, today I finished the book I was reading, にゃんにゃん探偵団 . I had started to read it with the bookclub last summer, but it was too hard for me back then, so I dropped out after a while. Now it was actually rather easy to read :slight_smile: I mean, I still didn’t know quite a number of words, but all those なんだ and って and ものだ and stuff did not bother me at all any more.

Now on to the second volume of that series - I was forced to buy it some time ago because bookwalker threatened to invalidate my precious points, and I could not let that happen of course :wink: I plan to read it this week so that can finish it in time for the new bookclubs that start from next week.


20 points to Gryffindor for calling it the 漏れ鍋 instead of ザリーキーコールドロン


Have you tried Goodreads? It’s only for books but you can update your currently read book as pages or percentage. It keeps a history of your reading updates as well. However it lacks a lot in the statistics area.

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I just found this out. For people who don’t want to download a habits app but still want to somehow record the days they read:

On the “ホーム” tab of bookmeter you can record the days you read by clicking on the calendar date.
If you click on 「カレンダーで見る」 you can also record days retroactively as well.


I noticed that as well. And because they record the pages for the books one finished, I was expecting that one could also enter the pages read of the books in progress. I suspected my Japanese to be too weak to figure this out (I do maybe only understand half of the stuff on the page) but from what you‘re saying I guess it is not possible at all. Would be a nice extension though.


Yeah I tried to see if I could input pages but I couldn’t find any option if there is one. I wonder if the app has any features like that. I would look into it but it seems like it’s only on the Japanese version of the Play Store.

I’m glad they automatically do an average though. It would technically work out the same anyways, right?


I downloaded the apk for it and I couldn’t find anything like that. It doesn’t even have calendar and that’s what I was looking for. Maybe I’m blind, but I’m pretty sure:D

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The app doesn’t have the calendar, I’ve also been looking for it cause I really like that feature of the site. :frowning:

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That’s a shame, honestly :C It’s the only thing I downloaded the app for, so I deleted it pretty quickly:D

I also started reading Yakusoku no Neverland and I love it :eyes: I think I’m gonna stop reading One piece for now, three mangas at the same time is a bit too much for me:DD


I downloaded the iOS app but I could not find a calendar in it either.

Yes, of course. On the other hand, for me books often take a long time to read, and so it feels like it would be nice to somehow track the progress over time. But then again, I asked myself whether I would actually update it regularly, and I’m not so sure about that :rofl: So probably the automatic page counter is all I need anyways.


Same here :joy: Google doc would be nice in that case, buuut I probably won’t update it regularly:D


Okay, I got a bookmeter account too since everyone else already has one :grin:
At the rate im going i can finish your name in a week, so two weeks in total… that’s crazy, I think I’ve only read one other book that fast, ever, in my life :joy:


How many volumes have you read? I thought the first chapter was great, but the rest of volume one was boring. I only read it because I had the ebook version for free. I didn’t like it enough to bother reading more.

I actually read only the first chapter, so I have no idea how good/bad it is after that. It’s just a little above my level in terms of vocab and so on, so it’s a good practice nevertheless:3 I hope it’ll be good but I’ll see:D
I didn’t really like the first half of the chapter due to my slow speed, but that’s my fault:D


Finished my first book since joining this challenge and I have to say this is a great motivator! I have a seemingly endless number of places where I record my reading (habits app, Goodreads, Bookmeter, Mangare, here) and it gets a little overwhelming. But I really enjoy this thread the most, just because we all get to nerd out, not only on books, but on Japanese! I don’t have a lot of people in my life who care about either one, let alone both. So I really appreciate this community.

I’m really glad to have you all. : )

Back to books, I was caught between really wanting to continue reading the next book in the 守り人 series and branching out into some modern day famous Japanese books, so I decided to read both at the same time. Usually I read 2 books concurrently in English anyways, so it’s on par for the course. We’ll see how this goes…


I also finished Yotsuba’s volume 3 in just two days \o/. From not understanding what すげー means and how it works, to reading at okay speed without looking up every single word \o/

Feels so good, really. And I’m super happy that this thread exists, it made me read daily, which I’ve never dond in a long time, if ever :yellow_heart:


I don’t know how to edit the main table, but here’s my info:

Username Yearly goal Daily page goal Current book Current page
vrishchika 0/15 N/A ハピネス 241

I’m liking this book so far. It’s about a group of moms living in a swanky high-rise in Tokyo who act like they’re friends, but are really not. The main character, Arisa, is hiding the fact that she’s divorced and had a child with her first husband, whose parents basically forced her to give up parental rights. Her current husband is away on a business trip and emailed her saying he wants a divorce, and now Arisa is terrified that she will lose her daughter, Kana, in a second divorce.

Arisa has a friend, Yoko, who lives in a different apartment building that’s not as bougie, but Arisa got her into the fancy mom group. One of the bougie moms, Hiromi, is this perfect gorgeous rich former flight attendant who speaks perfect English but has no idea her husband is banging Yoko and they are in love. Furthermore, Arisa got a strange phone call from a woman, asking for her husband, so now she knows he’s been cheating on her. Her in-laws are trying to force her to get a job because they don’t want to help her STBX out with crazy alimony; however, Arisa is not about that life and just goes out drinking with Yoko instead. All this crazy drama is building up and I think it’s all about to hit the fan.


I would also like to express my gratitude to this thread and it’s creator @Naphthalene
I have never been reading this much and today marks the day when I for the first time managed to finish a manga in one day :raised_hands::confetti_ball: