[2021] 多読/extensive reading challenge

I’m a slow reader in both Japanese and English, I just happen to have a lot of free time. I’ve read 200+ pages in English in a single day before, but I was basically reading all day.

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I thought the book was pretty shit for most of the time, but the ending saved it pretty hard. Was a great 終盤

To each their own I guess! I liked it from start to finish and found it to be gripping the whole time.


I read かくりよの宿飯 10 a few days ago, but didn’t really have time to comment about it until now.
Boy, it was a ride. All the things set into motion by the last arc just came crashing together and was great, but at the same time, I started thinking “wait, that really feels like a finale, but it can’t be, right? There’s a volume 11!”. But then 2/3 through the book everything is pretty much solved. Then the last chapter gave me the 3 years later kind of after-credit scene and that got me really confused.
I mean, it was great, probably the most satisfying entry in the series, with a lot of callback to everything that happened, showing the growth of the characters throughout the series.
But I kept thinking, what about volume 11?!?
Then I read the afterwords and the author mentioned that the series was over, but they still had some ideas for stuff happening to the characters, just without much of the weight of the recent arcs. The author mentioned not knowing how it would be implemented, but I know, since I’m from (their) future.
It was written as volume 11, which is in fact a collection of short stories in a much more laid back setup (since most tension was resolved). I read the first story (out of 12) and it was quite a nice vibe! Very slice-of-life. I’m probably going to take my time reading that book, since it might be the actual last one, sadly (wikipedia says the series is still going on, but it has been known to be wrong).


I read 伯爵と妖精 23 and 24. These two volumes were both very exciting. Things just keep getting worse and worse and I love it. :grin: I didn’t expect to finish 24 last night but couldn’t stop reading, and then afterward I had the terrible realization that I didn’t yet have 25 and wouldn’t be able to acquire it for at least a day, which to me at that moment felt like ages. Thus stymied, today I ended up reading in English… but just now I safely bought 25 and am ready to adventure on. :sailboat:


Oh, speaking of which, the library is back in (regular) business so I just grabbed volumes 3 and 4 a couple days ago. Almost no time to read though :frowning:


Ooh, 3 and 4, nice! I hope you get some more time to read soon.

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I read 青騎士 第2A号

This second (half) issue was more rocky for me. There was one evening where I felt disengaged in a way that reminded me of when I was reading random manga from the library and they weren’t clicking, which made me worry that the magazine would turn out to coalesce in a direction that doesn’t quite line up with what I’m looking for (since miraculously avoiding that disinterested feeling is a lot of why I like Harta so much).
… But then I really enjoyed what I read the next evening. So the jury’s definitely still out! Perhaps I just wasn’t in the right mood that night, or the stuff in 2B will click with me more (I do notice that most of the stuff I picked out to mention last time are in 2B).

A few memorable things from 2A:
鋼鐵の薔薇 by 久慈光久
Apparently this author was an assistant on both Berserk and Emma, and presumably those experiences will both serve them well here, because this is a Berserk-ish seinen manga set in the English War of the Roses. (looks like they’ve done similar manga for Harta before my time as well).
The art style is striking and I’m intrigued by the setting, but as a character introduction, this chapter made the protagonist seem just like every other extremely strong and angry and brooding seinen action protagonist. So I’d like to see more of a hook.

遊星からの引っ越し by 郷本
I really really liked this 読み切り about helping an alien hunt for apartments on Earth! It’s very fun, and I love the way the alien language is represented with not-quite-kanji and not-quite-hiragana.

レキヨミ by 柴田康平
An older Harta series revived for a 復活読切, this was a fun violent slapstick comedy.


I read the four volumes of しろくまカフェ I bought a few years or so ago - I think I heard about them from this forum and got them when relatively easy to read manga would have been useful to me.
That intended purpose ended up not really relevant anymore, but it’s pretty fun. I don’t have very much to say about it though!
The author sure likes to use that one “repeatedly mishearing” ダジャレ construction huh.

The copies I have are cutely but unhelpfully labeled by flavor instead of number, so I think I read them in the wrong order (not that it really matters). I went Neutral → Strawberry → Melon → Mango, but I think Mango was supposed to go before Melon. I should have looked at the product code on the spine. Oh well…
I didn’t mind reading it but I probably won’t seek out Walnut flavor or try any of the other editions that are confusingly named in different ways…

In my backlog system, this finishes a group of five themed around relaxing manga, made up of: ヨコハマ買い出し紀行, 弟の夫, サトコとナダ, 映像研には手を出すな!, and しろくまカフェ.
Of those, Yokohama and Eizouken were definitely my favorites, and the ones that I think most stand up even if you aren’t specifically looking for a chill series, but they’re all pretty pleasant in their own particular way.


Just finished ひきこまり吸血姫の悶々 1

Gotta say, actually a pretty good book. Its like a fantasy military action comedy mix. Was pretty funny, the illustrations were pretty good, and the story kept me interested the whole time for the most part. Was recommended it by a friend and its definitely something I’ll read more of (6 vols out now I think).

The difficulty was pretty nice too. Its my first real chuuni fantasy and military, so I was able to get a lot of nice new words as I expected. For the first time in awhile I have a backlog of words after finishing a book (128 words) and it feels so nice. It may seem weird to want to come across words I don’t know, but to me its the best of both worlds to have a fun book and a lot of new words. Although when I say new words, really a good part of them are just words that I learned without kanji that I am going back and learning kanji for (e.g. 誑かす,匍匐、頤、黴、眦). Lot of 1級 kanji added to my srs deck from this book so I’m pretty happy with that.


The author had a falling out with the old publisher (due to the anime), so they republished the existing work while she continued the series with a different name with the new publisher.

The stories continue in Today’s Special. There was no confusion in the republished version (they added bis. for those), all the volumes are numbered as well as the chapters.

I’ve read through all of the works under the new publisher and posted about them in the autumn challenge thread before, if you’re interested.


I’ve decided that for 2022 reading goals, I’m going to go the opposite direction of 2021. 2021 was reading whatever whenever according to my whim. I still want to do a lot of that, but I also want to motivate myself to read a wider spread of things.

I’m thinking I’ll set my overall novel goal at 24, with 12 being free choice and 12 having to come from a list I make beforehand. I’m going with 16 options so that if I’m really not enjoying something I can drop it.

I listed up everything that I’ve been wanting to read for a while, plus books I have in progress, plus series I want to continue, plus authors I want to read more of. That post is here. Then I started listing up ideas for the 16 goal books.

Here is what I’ve got so far, in no order:

  1. 薬屋のひとりごと
  2. ミニスカ宇宙海賊
  3. 青桐
  4. 冷たい密室と博士たち
  5. 機動強襲型令嬢アリシア物語
  6. 君の名は
  7. 小川未明童話集
  8. Something by 宮部みゆき
  9. 獣の奏者 (4)
  10. 予知夢 (探偵ガリレオ)
  11. とらドラ (6)
  12. 死神の浮力
  13. ミステリークロック (防犯探偵・榎本)
  14. ?
  15. ?
  16. ?

I’m thinking I want to grab at least one thing from the ‘authors to read more of’ section, but I don’t know what other books by those authors are particularly good. After that I’ll have two more spots to fill.

For free reading, I’m sure I’ll finish 伯爵と妖精, and after that my plan is to get back into 本好きの下克上.

I find making and working toward goals like this to be fun. I’m hoping I can read a whole bunch of interesting things next year. :blush:


I finished volume 3 yesterday. It was nice to see more involved 妖精 plot and エドガー finally embracing fully their existence.

Considering that they got to the 妖精 world only a few pages from the end, I thought that it might continue on into the next volume… but no, that was one quick resolution.

I’m glad “ケイン”くん is sticking around. I just love seeing エドガー teasing him. I wonder if we’ll see some more of マリゴールド et al., possibly urging the “couple” to get started on the heir making.



Oh yay, I’m glad you’re glad! He is a character I enjoy a lot.

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