[2021] 多読/extensive reading challenge

Also, I feel like reading a summary of each book would be less painful. Then you can find out what happens without having to listen to Subaru talk!

I gave up on the anime after season two for the same reasons you don’t like the LN. I also don’t particularly care what happens at this point, but if I ever get curious I’ll probably just read some summaries.

By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you… what are your favorite books / series besides 本好き?


That’s what I ended up doing, actually.

That’s kinda hard to say. I don’t know why 本好き got me so much, but I couldn’t put it down, and just kept reading whenever I had the occasion. In comparison, everything I have been reading in recent years has been kinda meh (or worse).

With that in mind, and just going one order of magnitude lower, I guess some of my favorite series have been:

  • 薬屋のひとりごと (some problematic “romance” but otherwise nice)
  • 裏世界ピクニック (I liked it a lot, but only 6 volumes published so far and it takes years between volumes)
  • ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖 (Nothing negative to say except that it was maybe a bit slow?)
  • 天冥の標 (I like it, but each book is separated by a time skip in the scale of centuries, so it’s hard to remain involved; I don’t care that you are the descendent of whatever character I liked, you are a different character)
  • かくりよの宿飯 七 あやかしお宿の勝負めし (50%+ is just cooking)
  • わたしの幸せな結婚 (it’s pretty dark at time, can’t really binge, also only 5 volumes published)

There are more stuff, like 獣の奏者, 新世界より, or 君の膵臓をたべたい, but I guess they only reached the “I liked it” level, rather than being my favorite.

Checking that list, I see that there’s a lot of light novels in there. In fact, except for 天冥の標, it’s exclusively light novels… I guess the lower requirement on brain capacity does help.

I really hope to find something that I can enjoy just as much as 本好き one day…


I always see people reading it/talking about it, but what even is 本好き? Like whats it supposed to be about and why do people like it so much? It got an anime too, right?


This one is on my wishlist on Amazon, but I’m not sure if it’s for me. Isn’t it a mystery or something?

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It’s an isekai where the main character is absolutely crazy about books and gets reincarnated in a world at the high middle ages level of technology (so books are very rare and expensive). She also has a very large range of knowledge (which amounts to overtech in that context) and is not afraid to use it to get books as common as possible. She starts at the bottom of society, but through her drive to make those very valuable items (and having the knowledge to make those), she does some social ascending.
There’s a lot more to the series, but it’s very spoilery. I was not super convinced until the end of volume 1, then it had my attention until volume 6, then I was absolutely into it until the end, although I felt it just kept getting better. Once I reached the end of published volumes, I just read the rest of the story from the webnovel. Now, I just wait for volumes to come out, buy them on day one and then complain about comment on the editorial decisions.

It did get an anime adaptation, but I heard that it wasn’t so good.

It’s a mystery series about books.


Oh wow, it looks like 〆切前に百合が捗る is over for the time being (unless the comic does really well, in which case theres a chance for a 3rd one according to the afterword). Overall, I really liked it and thought it was super cute. Honestly could see it going on for a few more books, but I think it ended in a good spot anyways. For anyone looking for a manageable yuri read, the difficulty, cuteness, and length of this one makes it a great choice imo. Would recommend.

It also has what I would consider the greatest interactions I’ve seen in a light novel in a while between characters A, B, and A’s parents:

A’s Parents: No, A, you’re still a minor and can’t date this person 6 years older than you. Thats illegal and we don’t like homosexuality
B: [puts on a suit, sunglasses, and rolls up in a lambo to A’s parents house honking the horn] How about now?
A’s parents: What…no that doesn’t make it ok
A: Well, looks like I have no choice but to murder you guys myself
B: Wait, I’m rich, lets just hire a pro to kill them
A’s parents: Please stop talking about killing us in front of us and just leave

I was dying that whole scene and it was great.


Decided to drop 蒲団 for now. It ended up being more difficult than I wanted to deal with…not impossible by any means, just not very fun to read. The Aozora Bunko text helpfully has a lot of furigana so the weird kanji usage wasn’t a problem, and the grammar is definitely not kobun level, but it just felt like a slog for some reason. This character introduction really got me:


(渠 is 彼 btw)

I’ll probably go back to it at some point but imo proactive quitting of stuff you don’t like is the key to happiness :v:

(Honestly the only reason I started reading it in the first place was because the author’s character from 文豪ストレイドッグス is relatable)

Anyway since it’s October aka the month of Halloween I decided to read another 恒川光太郎 book, and as luck would have it amazon was running a 50%-off sale on two of his books that I didn’t have yet, 南の子供が夜いくところ and 月夜の鳥渡り, so I started the latter yesterday. I’ve yet to be disappointed by this author so it should be a good time.


ahaha, he is :laughing: regarding the attitude toward the outside world, at least. not so much the “genius” part. :sweat_smile:
edit: (i know that technically his skill is mostly about controlling electronics, but he also “process information dozens of times faster than an average human”, so eh)

But this is a common problem with this trope, eh.
I think Murata might be the only author that comes to my mind where weird people don’t end up being geniuses as a package deal.

And how was the 蒲団’s plot, at least the opening part?

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