[2021] 多読/extensive reading challenge

You could make one! I was also thinking about doing something like that about a year or so ago. Actually, I just reread part of the thread for fun and found said post. It’s been a while!
Anyway I see my former idea was just about anime somehow, but including things like drama, podcasts, youtube videos, etc, would make a lot of sense. It’s indeed nice to see everyone’s reviews :slight_smile:


I could! I mostly prefer to lurk, though, and don’t like making threads. Also, it doesn’t seem like that many people watch dramas? :face_with_monocle: I would still be interested in the other stuff, but personally I mostly would like to see what dramas people are watching and what they think of them. :yellow_heart:

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:thinking: :question:

I’d be happy to have a thread to talk about tokusatsu in! If there were such a place…


It’s apparently read たもんたけん, but that poster is great. :joy:

I don’t know much about tokusatsu dramas, but I feel like I’d enjoy reading your words about them. :blush:


So, I just started playing the game and I’ve been dying repeatedly because I’m trying really hard to get some demons into my party. Is it completely (or somewhat partially) random? It is frustrating :frowning:
Maybe I should look up a guide.


I just clicked to read what you actually wrote and OH MY GOD THAT’S A LOT

Looks fun tho


Oh yeah, it’s a pain in the butt! And would be especially so with trial and error.
I forget how much is in that manual page, but one (I think spoiler-free) tip is it only works on certain monsters, and that manual has some screenshots of a party with 仲魔 in it sometimes… (so try targeting those first).

That combined with some NPC tips here and there in the dungeon miiiiight be enough to trial and error.

The other annoying thing though is that as far as I can tell, yeah the actually convincing them is random. What they ask you for when you はなす seems random, and whether they accept it when you give it seems random to me too. I didn’t find that there were ever any real consequences except in the expended money, MAG, and healing items, so I ended up just saying yes to any of their prompts and hoping for the best.

I think buffing the luck skill helps (although the guide said to go for vitality first since it apparently can make a big impact on your HP in the endgame) and maybe level?? but it didn’t seem all that noticeable…

I also hate that when they refuse and run away, you don’t get any XP or resources from the encounter! Annoying!

More spoilery tip (discernible from clues and trial and error, or the guide):

The monsters you can convince are these four types: 魔獣, 獣人, 地霊, 妖精. I think it shows the type briefly when you kill them.

Misc. related note (I got this from the guide, it would be hard to notice without being really observant):

These are also the only monsters with a chance to drop ほう玉

Hope that sort of helps! Happy to hear you’re giving it a(nother) shot! I’ll definitely be curious to hear your experiences with it, positive or negative!

It’s true… (the secret is I’m just posting my personal notes and I’ve been taking those about books and whatnot for several years so the volume swelled over time…)

EDIT TO ADD ANOTHER 仲魔 TIP: I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think you need there to be only 1 member in the enemy party. So if there’s multiple whittle them down first (which itself can be tricky sometimes since you can’t focus attacks on an individual)


Oh, I just realized that it’s the 真・女神転生 for SNES that I have!

Also, I’m happy to see that I’m much more comfortable reading kana only text. That’s a huge improvement compared to the last time I played an oldie game (about 6 years ago :sweat_smile:)

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The whole た"れか and なかし"ま thing kinda kills me

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Sorry, I won’t be able to help there! Maybe I’ll get to it in another few years :sweat_smile:

And I agree - it’s really cool to realize all-kana isn’t as much of a problem as it was! I remember I recorded my first attempts at Final Fantasy 1 in a let’s play format to help myself focus… I suspect if I tried to listen to myself struggle through it now it would be a mild form of torture.

In other news – I read a couple more manga periodicals!

Emboldened by my enjoyment of ハルタ, I realized I could probably read the kid’s manga periodical I bought around when I started learning the language.
When my dad briefly lived in Japan years and years ago, he sent me a similar tome of manga as a souvenir since I loved comic books as a kid, and I always thought it was cool even though I never thought to seriously read it. Since I don’t have access to that anymore, I bought this as a sort of stand-in. It ended up collecting dust in a similar fashion because of the “it turns out stuff for kids is really hard to read” effect.
But hey now I can read it!

Thoughts about コロコロコミック #478 (the Feb. 2018 issue)

This magazine is meant for young boys, and woweeeeee is it ever over-stimulating! Production-wise, it is wall-to-wall ads, stickers, raffles, competitions, toys, tie-ins, inserts, pull-out calendars, freebies, download codes, incentives, give-aways, limited time offers, word games, etc. etc. etc. Like old comic book ads but… louder. Trying to read every word in the book would make my brain hurt even in English.

The actual manga contents heavily reflect the target audience as well, as they’re all one of these types:

It seems like 80% of the comics in here are either direct tie-ins to other media, especially Nintendo (there’s a Mario comic, a Kirby comic, a Splatoon 2 comic, a Pokemon comic), or are obviously designed around selling toy or card game merchandise, to the point it’s hard to tell which came first. I would have assumed Beyblade, for example, was a fad that fizzled out sometime in the 2000s, but I guess I’m completely wrong because there’s a Beyblade comic in here. I’m not up on my Beyblade jargon so it was borderline incomprehensible.
Even in the series that aren’t direct tie-ins, there are tie-ins. One of the gag comics this issue is centered entirely around the main character wanting very much to buy and play Splatoon 2.
The reader survey seemed very curious about what grade I was in, how much new year’s gift money I received, and how badly I wanted to buy which video games and why.

Crude humor comics
As an example of the form, I’m going to describe for you the lasting image from this issue:
ケシカスくん is an eraser and the series protagonist, and the story builds to a punchline where something is partially erased for humorous effect.
ゴール!!スゴロクチャンピオン ナンバーワン!!
is erased to become:

ゴール!!フ リチ ン ナンバーワン!!

producing the image of a distressed anthropomorphic eraser being used whilst fully nude, penis waggling in the air. An image which to my regret I will not soon forget.

Plucky sports adventure
There aren’t as nearly as many of these as the other two types - unless you count “Beyblade” and “Pokemon battling” as sports, anyway.

I’m not really the target audience for any of these (my relatives didn’t give me any new year’s money, for one), but I enjoyed flipping through them anyway. And I bet I would have devoured them as a kid! I remember getting a lot of those Archie Comics digests they have (had?) at grocery stores, even though I didn’t really care at all about Archie, I just liked comics enough that something so mundane was still sort of interesting. This is waaaaay more exciting than those – even just the form factor is designed to entice, feeling like a big wonderful treasury with exciting freebies and inserts and a huge page count.

Even though so much of this is shameless commercialism targeting children, it does make me sad for its lack here in the states. Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Raina Telgemeier, etc. are, from what I understand, hugely popular, so it’s not like we don’t have successful kid’s comics… But I look at コロコロ and see the incredible extent to which that niche could be further filled (or exploited) - to say nothing of the variety of other manga publishers out there.
I guess it’s one of those industries that can only build up over the course of decades, though.

Another thing that’s really interesting to me is… do English-speaking Nintendo fans even know this many Nintendo manga series exist? So used to polished in-game Mario and only polished in-game Mario, it feels like peeking behind a curtain in an interesting way to see zany warped versions of all these Nintendo properties, presumably accessible enough to be one of the main ways kids in Japan interact with these characters.

The standout series to me in this issue were:
星のカービィ まんぷくプププ ファンタジー, where Kirby is less a cute lovable spheroid and more a ravenous, ever-hungering horror. In this episode they retold the story of Momotaro in a very fun way, with Kirby being cast as the grandma but stealing the spotlight anyway and just kind of eating everything, ruining it all.
絶体絶命 でんぢゃらすじーさん, which stretches the wild zany style to the furthest extent here by far.

I would consider buying the volumes of both of those series.
Would I buy and read more issues of the magazine itself? Weeeellll, I’m un-picky enough that it’s hard for me to say no to a question like that, but again, I’m extremely not the target audience for this. I’d happily flip through the issues at a library or something, but will not be seeking out more otherwise. It’s not on bookwalker anyway, I don’t think

Oh, I also forgot to mention there’s a Doraemon reprint in here! I like Doraemon a lot, so that would likely have gotten more attention from me if I wasn’t just going to read those in volumes.

Also emboldened by my enjoyment of ハルタ, I read another issue of ハルタ!
I really enjoyed this one a lot, even more than the last! It turns out it’s a lot easier to tell what’s going on in the middle of a series when you’ve already read a chapter!

Thoughts about ハルタ81号 (the Feb. 2021 issue)

I enjoyed seeing how all the next chapters differed from my first impression, but a couple standouts were:
煙と蜜 showcased a really lovely tour through Taisho-era Nagoya. I’m clearly on the situation now, also (old-timey huge age gap arranged betrothal between a man and a young girl) and while it very much remains to be seen how the series handles that and how comfortable I am with it, I guess A Bride’s Story has a similar angle mixed with sumptuous historical fiction charm, so I suppose I can handle it here too.

アンリの靴 had a fun storyline about an office worker standing up to her boss via the medium of shoes.

ホテル・メッツァペウラへようこそ drew me in with the introduction of a mysterious attractive stranger who arrives at the remote hotel during a snowstorm, causing the proprietor to worry he may be here to commit suicide.

Also, I loved this issue’s edition of ダンジョン飯! That nearly goes without saying, but I especially loved this one. Last issue set up an unclear situation - this one is all about explaining “here’s what happened in that unclear situation” and the explanation is really, really cool.
Something I consistently love about this series is that it always portrays enthusiasm and thought and care directed towards a special interest as a heroic virtue that wins the day. And that enthusiasm and thought and care is also applied to protagonists’ friendships, and hopeful friendships. And when characters make mistakes, it’s consistent why they personally would make that mistake (even when it’s a really dumb move).
It’s really good is what I’m saying. Again though, don’t start here. especially because this chapter would be basically incomprehensible without reading the previous chapter.

An especially fun thing they do this issue is this:
A winter parade of 6 short stories from 6 debuting artists. It’s a really fun set! I love that idea, and each of them shows an interesting style in their own right. I wish them all the best. Not being in a public-facing creative industry, I can’t really imagine what debuting like this would feel like.

I’m tempted to continue my thread from last time and post impressions from series that are new in this issue but… that felt like it took 500 years to put together (I really underestimated in my head the amount of comics in these things), so I won’t, sorry!

I’m looking forward to reading more! I also picked up the 青騎士 spinoff magazine… :eyes:

OH also I forgot to mention - this has the fourth installment of 九井諒子’s sketchbook series, Daydream Hour!!
As far as I know, these haven’t been collected yet, so I’m really thrilled to get to see it! Her art is so good!!!


I started 本好きの下剋上 volume 8, and it’s exciting to be back into it! So far I’ve only read the prologue and half of the first chapter, but I can already see some interesting developments for the story (and I’d guess a large portion of this arc). I did feel a little bad for マイン when 神官長 was trying to “examine” her, but seeing it from カルステッド’s perspective was priceless. His reaction when he thought 神官長 had bathed with マイン and actually seeing 神官長 flustered in response was hilarious!

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Do you happen to have a link to the one the art you posted is from? It’s really pretty so I want to look it up and see if it’s something I might be able to read, but I’m not having much luck finding it. :sweat_smile:

Sure, gladly!

Ryoko Kui / 九井諒子 is my favorite contemporary manga artist!

That particular illustration is of characters from Delicious In Dungeon / ダンジョン飯 (made a bit cuter and Halloween-y) and can be found pretty much where ever manga can be found (e.g.). I recommend it a lot!

The illustration itself is from her sketchbooks which are regrettably rarer - I took that as a screenshot from the back of this issue of Harta. I don’t know of another good way to track down specifically her sketches or general art, unfortunately, as I don’t think she has an art book yet (although there is a Dungeon Meshi world guide). They’re called デイドリームアワー / Daydream Hour, and there’s four of them, but they seem to only come as bonuses with issues of Harta. I have to imagine they’ll be collected someday.
I’ve seen screenshots sometimes passed around on Twitter, for whatever that’s worth.

Another good entry point would be her short story collection, Seven Little Sons of the Dragon / 竜のかわいい七つの子. There’s a couple other JP-only collections of hers as well, but I haven’t read them. (Why haven’t I read them?? I should read them!!)

Hope that helps?

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Thank you so much! I’ve heard of the series but haven’t read it yet. After looking them up (thank you for the links :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) they unfortunately seem a bit too difficult for me right now, but I have them saved in bookwalker so I can check them out when I learn some more kanji! Also yes you should read them!

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They definitely are on the trickier side, for better or for worse. I first got into the series in English, and the transitions from following it idly from the public library, to picking up new volumes at kinokuniya, to rereading the whole series, to now not even waiting for the volumes and just going straight to the magazines, have all been really satisfying milestones!
I’d be happy to hear your reactions if/when you do read them!

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Hopefully I can add them to my reading challenge for next year! Also, those are great milestones I’m excited to reach that point in the future.

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I have sunk too many hours into that already :sweat_smile:
Definitely not playing it right either and being generally a terrible person, murdering people and idly watching as someone gets sacrificed to summon ultimate evil (also performing unspeakable experiments on my doggo to make it a much superior demon doggo) and said I believed demon should keep on rampaging through the city :stuck_out_tongue:
Good guys: we’d love to recruit you among our ranks. We know you are a hero.


I’m doing one page of Kiki a day, and am now a bit through Chapter 2. On every page I’m finding like 20 words/phrases I need to look up :sweat: since I’m not doing any other vocabulary study other than Wanikani, I put them all in Anki.
I’m actually enjoying this more than the Doggy Detectives book (and look forward to reading it more than からかい上手の高木さん). It leaves my brain more exhausted, but is worth it. In English I’ve always liked novels more than picture books, so maybe it’s the same here??
I’m going to keep doing this and see how many words I look up per page by the end of the book!


@Ditto20 how did you like わたしが恋人になれるわけないじゃん?

I be lookin for more yuri, so if you have any other recs douzo


I thought it was kind of fun, though it’s very much not the place to go for anyone looking for literary merit in their books(which I’m usually not anyway though). It’s written a bit weirdly(as noted in several of the amazon reviews), but as a consequence of that is also had some slangier words I didn’t know before reading it and also some of the(in my opinion) most amazing attempts at similies I’ve ever seen. So, it’s not exactly fine literature or anything but it was a somewhat fun read.

If you liked the yagakimi light novels then it could be worth checking out 安達としまむら since the same person wrote it, though be warned that any romantic development is very slow for the first few volumes(more precisely, things start happening faster around volumes 5 and 6 and onwards) if you read it.