[2021] 多読/extensive reading challenge

I just finished reading 忘れえぬ魔女の物語 :slight_smile: It’s a yuri light novel about a girl who repeats every single day mulitple, on average five, times(so a time loop, basically). However, other people end up acting differently on each repeat and because of this and how she remembers a lot of stuff other people don’t, she hasn’t been able to make any friends. That is, until she one day meets a girl that consistently keeps approaching her on every single repeat of the same day, completely without fail.

I’d say it kind of feels like a mix of Adachi and Shimamura and Steins gate, with both the romance and yuri but also the weird time loop stuff. I also feel like I should say that the romance isn’t really the main focus, even if it’s there and also basically what makes the plot happen. The book focuses more on the main character and how she differs from other people due to having experienced five times as much stuff as them even though they’re the same age, and also some of the time loop stuff. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who at least somewhat likes both yuri and stuff with time loops :slight_smile:

And… overall I really liked the book!

Now it’s time for spoilers:


There were actually three things that bothered me a bit during the first half of the story, namely that Yuuka seemed really childish when she talked about how Ayaka should use her ability better, even though it seemed to be portrayed as the more reasonable position of the two, that Yuuka somehow just luckily survived even without Ayaka saving her, and that Yuuka claims she fell in love at first sight… but I mean, as pointed out by the book itself too Ayaka was ten years old at the time so that would have been super creepy.

The second half solved all of those pretty nicely though with the reveal that Yuuka actually has a bit of influence over which version of the day actually ends up being “chosen”, and that she actually must be pretty immature since she didn’t try to help Ayaka until the three-thousandth loop, and seemingly only was willing to go through with it after realising that she has no chance because Ayaka will probably never stop trying to save Michiru otherwise and literally just keep dying over and over for all of eternity until someone else intervenes or until she can’t even think anymore.

I also feel like I have to say this book probably has one of the most stubborn protagonists I’ve ever come across :laughing: Major spoiler: I mean, she died literally thousands of time so Michiru’s death wouldn’t be made permanent. Though, I guess she basically already realised it was impossible to actually save her after the first few hundred and mostly just kept doing it because she didn’t want Michiru’s death to become fact… but on the other hand, what is that if not stubbornness? But I guess it also seemed to be more compulsion than actual willpower that made her keep doing it the last few hundred times, especially since it seemed like she didn’t actually have the mental strength for much more than the actual “reset” after the 2000nth time or so. And hey, she was actually rewarded for it in the end too.

Returning to less spoilery stuff, I can safely say that the author of this book probably reads a lot because there’s references to both various pieces of more classic literature(most of which I didn’t get because I haven’t read them), as well as a few to other light novels and more modern works, some of which I’ve read.

Apparently there’s also a second book coming up, and while I’m a bit puzzled about what it’ll even be about I’ll definitely read it.

Anyway, now that I’ve finished that it’s time to actually catch up to the two book clubs I am in :slight_smile: (re:zero and 本好きの下剋上. Funnily enough I’m pretty sure the author of this light novel must have read both of those too, which I guess might not be that weird since they’re pretty popular)


with the moses reference and her talking about not brainwashing children, does she become a religious leader at some point?

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No idea, but only read up to volume 10. Considering how much she tries to hide everything she is doing, I guess not?

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Since you said romance really isn’t the main focus, I’m curious: Does the relationship between the two characters actually go anywhere? It seems pretty interesting so I kinda wanna give it a read after bakemonogatari.


I’ll just say that one of the colour illustrations at the start of the book shows the two of them kissing


And would that be something to happen at the end or more towards the middle? I feel like its hard to come across series where the relationship reaches that point earlier on.

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That was… way harder to answer without spoiling too much than I thought it would be :laughing: Let’s just say it’s complicated, but if I recall correctly it’s a bit closer to the end.


Also since you seem to be a pretty big yuri fan, have you read/heard of 〆切前には百合が捗る? I was checking it out the other day and it seemed like something I might end up reading. The author is kinda popular for two other series he did but I haven’t read either of those so idk.

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I’ve both heard of and own it, but I haven’t read it myself yet :slight_smile:

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Well if you read it before I do, @ me if you give it a little review on here. It seems pretty cute which is really…basically my entire criteria.

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could have been an interesting twist. i wonder who the general audience of the books is tho. the imprint, pash books, only has one popular book.

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That being said, they have been releasing a bunch of new series in the past few months. They have 88 entries on BookLive… ah, but half of those are free “long preview” versions of their other books.
So, くま4 is registered as “男性向け” on BookLive and so is another of their series, but everything else is 女性向け, which makes me believe that it’s their main target? Since くま4 has no romance whatsoever and some action, I guess it got classified that way, but it might not be what they originally had in mind.


Finished 伯爵と妖精 1. I had very low expectations (given I mostly chose it because 1. completed, 2. acquirable, 3. no fan-service), but found myself unexpectedly interested in the characters and plot. I thought it would be fluffier, and maybe that preconception is why, but the story surprised me a fair amount before it was over. Started the next one.


but she’s always commenting on people breast size… but who cares.

i also had no idea that the illustrator is the same guy person as 働く魔王様

Screenshot_2021-02-25 029 - Anime News Network

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I’m guessing you can’t change your timezone on bookmeter? I just made an account today and I’m undecided whether to recording reading days by my time or Japan time :thinking:

The site works on Japan time (I think we can’t change that, unfortunately), but I’ve been recording by my time, whichever that may be at that time. This way I only have to adjust the date some of the time instead of calculating every time, so that works for me.


I’m confused by what Amazon considers “Literary Criticism & Theory”. :thinking:


Whoops, forgot to update here after finishing 神様! I really enjoyed it, the variety in all the stories meant I never knew what to expect. Every time I finished a chapter I had that weird feeling where I just wanted to lie down and think about it for awhile, which is always a sign of a good story to me.

Now I’ve just started reading ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖, and although I haven’t even finished the first chapter yet, I get the feeling I’m going to love this one too. It’s hard for me to put down; I was actually late to a class this week because I got too wrapped up in reading it! Somehow I think this is the first time reading a book in Japanese has actually felt like what I think of when I imagine reading a book… I’m not quite sure what that means but I’ll take it as a good sign :sweat_smile:


I finished 本好き book 6 earlier today (well, not the extra chapters yet, but whatever). Maybe my favorite so far, but everything kind of blurs together in a series like this, so it’s really hard to say. If I finish tomorrow I’ll have read the book in 14 days, which I think would be my fastest yet. That comes out to an average of 26 pages per day, though one day when I wasn’t working I did read 60 pages.

本好き 6 comments

It’s funny that book 6 was basically the opposite of book 5. Much of book 5 was slow, but the ending was action packed. On the other hand, book 6 was action packed throughout, with a more relaxed ending. Not slow, just back to normal. The ending was uneventful, but nothing really wrong with that since it’s the penultimate volume in the arc. Plus there was that ominous epilogue.

Next week’s a long week for the 狐笛のかなた book club, and I still haven’t gone through all the vocab from 本好き book 5 yet, so I think breaking for the weekend at least is a good idea. I’ll read the extra chapters from book 5 tomorrow, then take the weekend off for 狐笛のかなた and vocab studying, and then I’ll start book 7 sometime next week.



much of the same, but i’m getting tired of the lack of plot. the cuteness and interesting writing can’t make up for lack of originality and interesting event.

reading these five volume was really fun. i had no idea that reading easy[er] material could help this much.


also i had no idea that タケノコ are like that. i thought they were this big

i thought that when she passed the letter of ミレーヌ to the guild master of the capital, she mentioned that it was from a fellow guildmaster.

this rehashing of the facts or assuming that the reader has no memory is bit annoying

なに、宗教の教祖みたいになっているんだけど。わたし、そんなものになるつもりはないよ。 could have been a really fun plot line :stuck_out_tongue:

「海を見にですか?」 ミリーラの住人にとって、海を見に来る感覚がいまいち、分からないようだ。
people who live next to the sea have really no idea how cool the see is.

also are you fucking kidding me.
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