1yr Studying Japanese - Resources Used and A Love Letter to Japan

Thanks :blush:
Although I feel that if I was more experienced in language learning, I could’ve done much better. I used to wonder how some people get to N1 in one year, but after studying that long, I know it’s possible. You just have to make the most out of your time and resources. Also, a good tutor might be a great help, but I’m more of a self-study guy. 仕方ない。

Whoa thanks for the tips.
I also have the JFZ books but didn’t read all of them yet. So far I prefered to watch the youtube channel but I am begining to study them. The author is fun and I like his mindset. Also I discovered Wanikani because he promoted Tofugu once.
Since i got N5 with a minimum score because I was too slow to read the questions I decided to study more seriously the grammar. with kanzen master.
I also got the 500 Mondai and if I have some money left I will check the other books from your list.
I am impressed by your dedication !

So far the only thing I did better than you is going to Japan several times. You must go too :slight_smile:


Thank you very much :wink:

Yes, Japan has been calling me, and I must answer soon. In the past year I consumed more Japanese media than my native tongue and English. Even my TV time has been shifted from mostly American TV to maybe 80/20%. I feel like Japan has been my second home for a while without ever being there :laughing:

Good luck with your studies. 頑張ってね!

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