172 days in and now the durtles shall burn

Hello everyone!

I have been rather quiet, with the pandemic in full rage I had to deal with my own private and mental health problems. Despite those, I really enjoyed doing my reviews even tho I had two hiatuses in between from which I made a comeback.

But now, 172 days after being curious about this weird WaniKani thing I had heard so much about, it is official that I burned my first durtle.

(Yes, I used a user script to turn the burned items golden.)

In the meantime, I tried other things that helped me on my journey, I joined several other communities focused on learning Japanese, such as Bunpro and Kamesame, and have learned a lot!

Being near the end of level 13 as of now, I also discovered that I could actually start reading a lot of Japanese after completing the first 10 levels of the course, which was amazing.

Thank you to everyone!

PS: Shoutout to calculus who took just as long as me.


I’m not sure the implication of slowness is entirely justified here, hehe, 172 days is close to minimum possible time for burning a level one item; 2hrs + 4hrs + 8hrs + 24hrs + 1 Week + 2 Weeks + 1 month + 4 months.


I joined just four days before you and I’ll burn my first durtles in two days. Guess I didn’t do my reviews every day ^^;


You are doing great tho! :smiley:

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Hey there - appreciate the mention, it’s very nice to see. Unfortunately, university work has gotten the best of me and I haven’t done WK in a long long while - maybe one day I’ll come back.

Take it slow and steady :slight_smile:

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