"13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese"

Hey folks! Did anyone here read the book “13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese”? If so what are your thoughts? Worth buying or just lots of common sense? The title seems to be a bit of hype but from what I read in the reviews on Amazon it could be useful or interesting. I was hoping that @anon20839864 would have a review on Tofugu since she reviewed other work by the same author.


The title seemed familiar and indeed, it’s on my shelf, never read :slight_smile:
I just skimmed through it and yes it’s basically just “13 short lessons about Japanese”.
For “$10 short book about random bits of Japanese” it seems decent enough.
I can see that some bits might be useful but it also doesn’t really strike me as essential.
It looks fun enough to read through in any case.


I also have it on my shelf and remember nothing about it.
But I also just pulled it out. Seems alright? I randomly flipped to a manga inside where basically every line is a conditional statement. Kind of fun, and decent practice?
If it really is just $10 somewhere, I’d recommend it.


I was just about to say that the book is on my shelf, too! My friend gave it to me and she certainly wasn’t fluent in Japanese. :sweat_smile:

Looking at it, it’s a book from the 90s, written by the author of Japanese for Busy People. I’m sure that there are a bunch of useful tips in there but I personally wouldn’t pay $10 for it. Besides, I think the material is too easy for your level.

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Thanks for the pictures!

This I’m not so sure, you probably mean “Instant business japanese”? On Giles Murray page on Amazon, I don’t see the “Japanese for Busy People”. Another book I got from him was “Breaking into Japanese Literature” which has been reviewed by Kristen on Tofugu.

You’re right, I meant to say Breaking Into Japanese Literature and must have gotten cross-eyed glancing at my shelf.

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Additionally, if you get a free trial on Scribd you can check the entire book out.


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