1,000 Word Club

I finally broke the 1,000-word barrier. (Barrier? Is there a barrier?) Sorry if the picture is too big. I don’t know how to make it smaller.


I’ve never known this many words, even at the end of my undergrad. I guess this is the new peak. At some point, I need to jump back into grammar so I can use these words, but I’m pretty excited to be at this point. I’ll probably take up grammar at level 16. Koichi recommends 20 is better, but at 95% of N4, I think 16 is fine. I think that will cover any words I’d come across in Genki1.


Congrats! Soon you’ll be able to read NHK Web Easy!

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Now try to recall them spontaneously, without looking at the japanese first, and despair :smirk:


Personally, I think it’s never too early for grammar. :joy:

Weird thing I noticed with recall: if I spend a couple hours listening and reading in Japanese I have a hard time switching my brain back to English. But not just WaniKani flash cards. I don’t switch thinking language with flash cards at all. But running across the language spontaneously in reading or music or whatever where complete thoughts are expressed will flip the switch and I find I have a lot more recall than I expected.

Anyone try reading a book aloud before translating it? I got a new Curious George Japanese book and just started reading it to my daughter with no preparation and I no joke sound just like her trying to read English. :rofl:

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This same concept can be used to your advantage. Before speaking in Japanese, it’s a good idea to read a text out loud to get your brain/mouth used to the different sounds/language :grin: It works like a warm-up.


No, never too early to hit grammar, but with my background I didn’t feel it was necessary to start it back up just yet. When I hit 16 I’ll go into maintenance mode with WK. I actually have to do a warmup first because otherwise my brain goes to Spanish. The only time I can recall Spanish is when I’m trying to use Japanese. Phonemes are too similar. As for recall, I need to start using KameSame. It’s not too bad.

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