1,000 reviews in one day

I don’t really like bragging or anything, but I’m actually really proud of myself. I’ve been unmotivated and on level 21 for four months. Yesterday I started my day with about 960 reviews and I ground through them ALL. About half were burn candidates so I put a huge dent in my stack. It took about 14 hours with breaks for work meetings, laundry, and other housework.

I thought I’d never get out of review purgatory. Of course I can’t relax since I now have almost 300 apprentice items, but I’m feeling good about this again! Now I just need to catch up on my Bunpro and maybe even press on to take N3 in December.

I hope this is motivating to anyone else who’s been stuck for a while.


What a power move?!


I wish I had that kind of determination (and time) to slay reviews in bulk like that. I had over 2000 reviews piled up at level 27, and after a while of being put off of trying to really dig into the pile by just the sheer size of it and the fact that it kept growing every day, combined with the fact that I was failing a majority of the reviews I was doing, I just said “screw it” and reset back to the start. At that point I felt like it was the better move to make.

I’m taking it more slowly this time and I’ve gotten into a groove of when I normally have reviews due so I’m more consistent about doing them ASAP. Since I’m not binging lessons I’ve also found that my average daily review count is around 100 as opposed to like 200-300.


Oh damn congratz


What a pro-gamer move. I’ve been in that situation before and chose to reset a couple of levels (the latest iteration being resetting from the level 30s after taking an extended absence from the language).

Good on you! Good luck in getting those apprentice items down to a manageable level (sub-100s) – You can do it!


What a true power move :grin: I remember doing 500-600 ish reviews in one sitting while travelling. It’s so satisfying to finish it.


Omg congrats! I could never do reviews for 14 hours, the most I’ve done was like 3-4 hours when I had ~500 reviews stacked up end even by then I was getting super tired :sob: so props to you! And good luck if you decide to take the N3 :slight_smile:


I’m definitely getting smacked sideways by some leeches, so I’m going to have to watch that. I think your approach sounds really solid. At 100 a day, that’s fairly doable even if life happens and you can’t get them all in one day. I’m definitely hoping these next couple weeks aren’t nuts at work, otherwise I could very easily end up right back where I was.

Congrats, that must have taken an incredible level of persistence!

That’s impressive. Most I’ve done in a sitting is 550ish. But I don’t really take days off.

I was able to binge lessons and cram reviews when I first started WK because I wasn’t working a full time job back then and so had a bit too much free time on my hands, lol. Things are different now. So I think resetting was also a good idea to help “recalibrate” my rate of doing lessons and therefore how fast reviews would pile up.

I also have my third party app (Tsurukame) and a script for WK set up to halt new lessons if I go over 100 apprentice items. That way if I ever end up with a lot of items tumbling around in apprentice purgatory, I can’t do any new items until I have those ironed out.

Are you the future me? I’m level 20 now and I swear I (unfortunately) do this every level the last few levels… Been a few months since I’ve made progress. I’ve done 900 before but my reviews just hit 1050. I know it’s best and kind of necessary to keep at it every day, if not at least most days. But it’s like as soon as you miss a day, then you miss a second, and then… four months later you’re sitting on 1k reviews wondering where it all went wrong and thinking you’ll never be fluent.

However, I am eagerly awaiting the day to sign up for the N4 this December. Never taken the test before so while I think by then I should be able to pass the N3’s written material, I’d like to be more confident my $100 will be used for a passing grade lol. Without prior JLPT experience I wonder if it’s too ambitious to jump to N3, so N4 feels safer. Plus, I’m still scared of the listening section. I just found out you only need a 30% or so on that part so I think I got this. But any more than that, especially at higher levels, would probably not be feasible for me this year. Still have a lot of listening work to do.

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