10 Minute Biographies Home Thread (Absolute Beginner Book Club) - Finished!

That is an excellent tip, thank you! I was wondering how easy it was to search for the exact grammar point across all three. Though BunPro at least usually references where they’re located in their ‘Readings’ section, so I was holding onto that as a salvation, hehe

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Here’s another link for a place to get it for around $15 in the United States.


You weren’t wrong! It said October 2 as an estimate, but it’s already at the Osaka shipping location of DHL and due to arrive with me on Tuesday, so only four days for shipping! Daaamnnn, beats anything I’ve ever ordered from the US, haha.


That’s pretty awesome, can take over 2 weeks to get something from one side of Australia to the other :roll_eyes:.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the DHL tracking page would show you it’s already in Europe / the UK at some point tomorrow, with Monday being the new estimated delivery day :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha, well it just cleared customs in Hong Kong, so I’d be extremely impressed if that were the case.

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I know it’s pretty off-topic but this was from my last delivery

clickity click

It’s in German but it says that it arrived in Hong Kong at 01:13 and arrived in Leipzig, Germany at 20:17 on the same day ^^

Damn that’s fast!


I find that DHL to the UK usually, at least for me, goes via Germany, so that’s probably why you get it faster than I would. I order a lot of my keyboard stuff from CandyKeys who are based in Munich and I always opt for DPD, because DHL stuff they send always sends up sitting in customs for ages, haha.

Stuff I get from China always gets here faster because it’s cleared customs in Hong Kong, so gets waved through in Germany without having to wait, I guess.

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Just bought 10分 and the first two volumes of レンタルおにいちゃん from amazon.jp – here’s to hoping it will become a spin-off book club after the current one ends, since it is my first native Japanese reading material and I’m growing very attached to it :heart:

The shipping was a whopping ¥2,048 to Brazil, but the idea of having the physical copies made me so happy I think it is worth it – so I thought I would share it here that (hopefully) soon enough I will be a proud owner of physical Japanese reading material. :smile:


I bought the same except for レンタルおにいちゃん Vol. 2. I got ハイキュー!! Vol. 1 instead because I love it and I will try to join the Beginner Book Club too in November.
I paid almost the same and it arrived in 5 weekdays (I’m from Brazil too :brazil:).


Wow, that’s blazingly fast! Cheers my dude, hope to see you around :hugs:

Shipping to Germany is over 2000¥. I really want a physical copy but the shipping cost is killing me. T_T
At least I can look forward to a fast delivery.

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Yeah, next time I’d recommend you to just buy more stuff at once since the shipping costs don’t increase a lot by adding more items to your order. And once you order a even just a few manga at once you’re already saving a lot compared to buying the translated versions here in Germany (I saw that each Demon Slayer manga costs 10€ in Germany compared to 440 Yen in Japan)


I did add a few things when I saw the shipping cost but it still feels very expensive.

I added the other rental oniisan manga so I hope there will be a book club for them.


Ordered my copy along with some other study material from cdJapan, excited to join my first book club! :smiley:


My copy arrived a few days ago.
Had a quick flip through.
Now feeling out of my depth.



What’s your level of Japanese learning at the moment?

The book has N5/N4 level grammar and I’m only at 54/111 N5 grammar points myself, so some stuff is still a bit unclear. The kanji are mostly found in the first 10 levels of WaniKani, with the rest coming in by level 18.

Hi Joeni

I’m not sure how to quantify it, really, and don’t know how I would determine how many “grammar points” I’m at. :confused:
What I can say is that I’ve got up to level 4 on WK, and have just crossed from Beginner A1 to Elementary A2 on Busuu (although I’m growing to dislike Busuu).

I guess the less I know, the more there is to learn.
So that’s…good? :man_shrugging:t3:

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If you want an idea of how far you are with grammar, you can always look at the list of N5 grammar and see how much looks familiar?

That’s a useful reference! :+1:t3:
I’d say I’m probably familiar with about 25 - 30% of the grammar, 70% or so of the kanji, and I’m not even sure with the vocab.

Though how that translates to actual reading, I dunno.

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