10 level reached!

damn, i’m so glad and all! I received a letter of congratulations and it’s cool! I read a couple of posts by people who also reached level 10. I myself am a person who dreams, but rarely keeps doing the same thing for so long, so I am very proud of myself that I have reached this point. I have a variety of feelings about how I feel the Japanese language right now. it became somehow simpler or something … I learn a lot of kanji, words, I guess what reading is used in this or that word - in short, I began to understand Japanese better! I understand that this is far from the end and I still have a long way to go, but the realization that I have already gone so far gives me endless strength to go further without looking back - deeper and deeper! I’m thinking about taking grammar seriously now, because not so long ago I received two wonderful textbooks - try n5 and minna no nihongo in the original and a translation book! I used to do genki, but I didn’t like it and decided to find something more suitable for me. I also took a poster for myself, I will attach a photo to the post - it’s cool! to all who have already completed their journey, or just started, or continue - thank you and good luck. you (we all) are cool!

By the way, it’s a joke, CDs are attached to the textbooks, but I don’t have a disk drive in my laptop, I had to download audio from the Internet :frowning:


Congratulations! :blush:


Congrats!! I feel the same way as you in where I’ve never been good at sticking to anything. It’s nice to see someone else going through it and achieving. It gives me hope in my own success! I wish you luck in the next 50 levels!





Congratulations! I have recently hit level 5 and I hope to make it to 10 by mid April.

Also might I ask Where you got that poster from? I have been looking around for a poster like that but I can’t find one with a aesthetic I like.


I ordered both a poster and textbooks from this site. It’s in Russian, but I read that they can also deliver abroad, but due to the current political situation, I don’t even know if this still works. You can probably email them and find out everything you need.


having come so far, I do recommend looking back sometimes, just to be proud of every step you’ve taken so far!

Good luck with the textbooks!

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